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Postby Serena » Mon Jul 18, 2005 7:27 pm

Why do fat people's clothes have to be so damn ugly? My wardrobe is full of some of the ugliest clothes I have ever seen. No wonder fat people focus so much on their weight to feel good about themselves! I mean the clothing industry has, at least, finally woken up to the fact that fat people do exist and shops like 1626 are making some clothes that don't look like they're not made from a recycled circus tent, but they still kind of look like fat people's clothes. Why does it have to be so conspicuous? Yes I'm fat and everyone with eye's can see that, therefore I don't need some kind of fat uniform to identify myself! Sorry all, I'm just venting. I've been to Myers with my sister this afternoon and you've got you're section of really nice funky clothes for all the anorexic grown women with the figures of eight year olds and then there's the fat chicks section full of boring greys and browns and nothing anywhere near worth it's price tag. It makes me so angry. How hard is it to make nice clothes designed for bigger women? Maybe if we were able to dress ourselves in nicer clothes that suited us and look good, we wouldn't obsess about our weight, therefore possibly curing our emotional eating and our weight problem. You know what, if you stripped all the fat off me I still probably would'nt fit into the trendy clothes. Why is there this expectation that women be wafer thin? I really don't want to be skinny, thinner yes, but not skinny. I see 16 year olds with their hip bones poking out from their skin above their latest fashion hipsters and legs that are thinner than my wrist and it just makes me so sad. Fashion isn't worth sacrificing your health for. And don't these girls have mothers? Why is their self-worth dependent upon fitting into a ridiculously small pair of jeans? I've often said to people that I'd rather be as fat as I am now than as skinny as some of these girls. It's just wrong. What's wrong with the world? Why can't we just accept ourselves for who we are?
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Postby Maraver » Mon Jul 18, 2005 7:47 pm

Very very true words Serena thats why I won't go back to weight watchers meeting, they want me to have this unbelieveble target as my goal weight and I do not like want to get that thin, in fact I would give my right arm just to buy a size 14 off the peg
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Postby Serena » Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:24 pm

Wouldn't that be great? To just walk into a shop and say I like that and pick up your size 14 and just know that it's gonna fit? I actually quite enjoy sewing but I hate sewing for myself because not only am I really big, I'm also rather peculiarly proportioned so that my top half is 2-3 times smaller than my bottom and anything I might like to make for myself has to be adjusted and modified so much that it just takes all the enjoyment out of sewing. That's what I should make my goal (s): 1- To be able to go into jeans west and buy a really nice pair of jeans and look good in them (I love jeans and I miss them so much, fat chicks jeans just aren't the same) and 2- to be able to make myself a really nice dress without having to modify the pattern and wear it out to celebrate reaching goal (having everyone look and go wow!she looks great would be an added bonus!)
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