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Postby Dolly » Wed Oct 19, 2005 11:47 pm

Anytime you feel you've had enough and can't go on, just read what some dieting women have written. You Can Do This!
Please feel free to add to the list.


1. To not have to think up some excuse for not doing something because you are too fat.
2. To buy clothing in the "regular" section of the store.
3. To not get stuck in a turnstyle.
4. So you won't look the other way when you see yourself in a mirror.
5. So you don't feel like you're not worthy to be around other people.
6. So your bra doesn't constantly cut into you.
7. So you fit behind the wheel of your car without your belly pressing on the wheel.
8. So that you feel great and as healthy as you can be!
9. So that you can live your life without denying yourself the things you love to do because of your weight.
10. To be the best you can be, because you deserve it!
11. So you wont have to cringe when the ski tech asks your weight to adjust your bindings.
12. So you tuck your shirt into your pants.
13. One word - swimsuit!
14. So you can finally see your feet!
15. So you can tie your shoes just by bending over.
16. So you won't feel like a heart attack is coming on when you climb one flight of steps.
17. so you won't be discriminated against!!!
18. So you can do the sports you would love to do.
19. so you can feel in control of yourself!
20. So you don't have to buy clothes with sequins and round necks.
21. So your feet don't throb with pain at night from supporting all that weight for hours.
22. So you can run around with your kids or grandkids.
23. So you don't have to worry if the seats in a restaurant or theatre will be big enough for you.
24. so your life doesn't revolve around your weight!
25. so you don't always feel like the fattest person everywhere you go!
26. See only ONE chin when you look in the mirror.
27. So you never have to hear the statement "She would be such a pretty girl if only she weren't so fat"
28. To witness the reappearance of something called a belly button.
29. To stop saying, "When I lose weight, I'll ..."
30. To never see yourself in a picture and wonder who that fat woman is.
31. To be able to ride a horse without everybody staring and feeling sorry for the poor creature.
32. to be able to walk on sand and not be completely out of breathe.
33. to take part in a walkathon and not have to make excuses.
34. to sit in any chair and not worry if it will hold you!
35. To Never have to worry about flap rash
36. To wear panty hose comfortably!
37. To feel like I move with grace and not a lumbering gait.
38. To feel sexy again.
39. To be here when the kids are grown.
40. To be recognizable to the people you grew up with.
41. To not need an extention belt to sit in an airplane seat.
42. To say, I'd prefer a table to a booth..and make excuses why.
43. To be able to take on a terrorist single handidly while fellow travelers look on...LOL
44. To be able to say "No, thank you I'm full" and mean it.
45. To throw out all the Lane Bryant, Silhouette, and Roamans catalog.
46. To wear a smaller pair of jeans than my husband.
47. To be able to play catch with my nephew and not collapse from exhaustion.
48. To be able to wear a tight fitting skirt, and have a butt curve, not a butt flap.
49. To be able to sit down without trying to arrange your belly into a comfortable roll.
50. To be able to eat what you want without people looking at you like "should you really be eating that?"
51. To never hear again- "it's really not healthy to be carrying around that kind of weight" from "sympathetic family"... (as if i didn't know this!!).
52. Wear a two-piece bathing suit
53. Have a sexy photo shoot and nobody thinks this is a joke.
54. Have the sales clerk, ask you if you wear a size 8.
55. To have to choose between the zillions of clothes the ones you like the most, because they all look great on you.
56. To get whistled at again, just one more time.
57. To not have so much weight on painful knees.
58. To get back into all of my pretty clothes that are hanging in my closets.
59. To wear my smaller nurses uniforms and look good.
60. To not be the biggest nurse in the place.
61. To feel and look sexy again and to want censored again.
62. To be able to ride a roller coaster again with my husband.
63. To be able to wear sexy lingerie.
64. To not feel self-conscious when I meet new people or end up in a new situation.
65. To be judges by accomplishments and not on appearance.
66. To be able to tie my shoes with ease and have the bow in the middle, not on the side.
67. To look forward to going to a class reunion.
68. To feel proud to be on my husband's arm at a party.
69. To have a man flirt with me just one more time.
70. To shop in a glassware store without fear of knocking things off the shelf with my hips.
71. To take a bath and fit in the bathtub with water swirling AROUND me!
72. To take a bath and have water collect in places like collar bone indentations!
73. To be able to undress in the light.
74. To not jiggle when you walk.
75. To not hate what you have become physically.
76. To love yourself.
77. So that I don't wear all my pants out between the legs from what I call "Chub rub"
78. So I can wake up each morning and not worry about what I'm going to put on the hides the most amount of fat
79. To be able to cross my legs like a normal person.
80. To not have little kids giggle or stare at me anymore.
81. To hear the term "morbidly obese" and know it does not pertain to me.
82. To have a lap again.
83. To not have to look for stores or catalogues that carry plus, queen, XXL, and misses sizes and buy anywhere I want.
84. to wear a thong ,if I want to.
85. buy sexy underthings and not have the 'cute' sales girl look at you like "why bother?"
87. be able to paint my toenails without breaking into a sweat or having to ask for help.
88. To look in the mirror and know that the outside is as pretty as the inside.
89. To not be too embaressed to discuss a healthy diet with my cardiac patients.
90. to not just look happy but to also look good at my children's weddings.
91. To see my doctor and be proud instead of embaressed.
92. Get better Tips from my customers.
93. Fit in ALL the rides at Cedar Point.
94. Be able to go running or biking for more than 10 minutes without running out of breathe or having to stop.
95. to be able to run again
96. to never again have a rash between my thighs from them rubbing together
97. to not feel that awful ache in my lower back when I walk for more than a few blocks
98. To not be embarrassed to say the real number when someone ask you how much you weigh
99. To actually be the weight that it says you are on your drivers lincense
100. To be able to look at photos of yourself without thinking that the camera really does put on twenty pounds.
101. To not have breast the size of watermelons.
102. To never again get "THAT LOOK" from the people you are crammed in next to on the airplane.
103. To enjoy, really enjoy, the taste of food again.
104. Owning a piece of clothing that shows all the curves is a good thing instead of a scary thing.
105. Call Lane Bryant, Avenue, Romaans, etc. and ask them to remove your name from their mailing list.
106. In a group not to be referred to as the "fat one".
107. To not assume that I am not going to be respected or liked because of my size.
108. To not get that funny look in a restaurant when you are eating something healthy.
109. to no longer need a bra that can double as a water balloon launcher!
110. To walk confidently across the pool deck, remove your cover-up without shame, and dive gracefully into the pool.
111. To just be a face in the crowd
112. Not to be ask if your ok on a long walk
113. To be able to get up graciously from the floor after playing with my grandchildren.
114. To have my husband get speechitis (speechlessness) again! LOL
115. To be able to get out of the waterbed with ease instead of rollllllin' out.
116. To be able to say "I AM WORTH IT!"
117. Not to have my underwear catch on fire while exercising.....thigh rubbing! hehe
118. To try on three sizes of the same item of clothing, and the SMALLEST one fits!
119. To quit having family talk about my weight behind my back.
120. To have my husband ask for another picture of me for his desk. (current one is six years old when I was skinny)
121. To be healthy and not the poster girl for risk for any diseases.
122. To have a friend try to set you up and not have it fail on the "well, what does she look like?"
123. To feel confident that a guy talking to you is actually interested in you and not your friend.
124. To stop wondering what your life would be like if you were thin.
125. To wear blue jeans again.
126. To not have to buy clothes with a "W" or "X" on the tag.
127. To be able to bend over and tie my shoes and breath all at the same time!
128. To not have people call you two chins!
129. To buy something, anything off the rack and have it look great on you... and not pay twice what a thin person would pay for clothes.
130. To look in the mirror and think "Oh! Thats me! :-)" and not "Oh Gawd! Hide the mirrors"
131. So I can walk past a group of giggling teenagers and not feel like they are laughing at me
132. So that nasty acid reflux heartburn problem resolves itself
133. So next Halloween I'm a "Belly Dancer" instead of "Nun-Plus Size"
134. So I could have a healthy pregnancy (and everything from 1-129!)
135. So your bathroom floor isn't constantly covered with the medicated powder you slather everywhere that flaps.
136. So your husband doesn't worry about your breathing and snoring at night.
137. So the lady at the license bureau doesn't roll her eyes when you say nothing has changed and your weight on the license is what you weighed in high school.
138. So you can run as fast as the little kids in your life, without gasping for air.
139. So you can read a book comfortably in a recliner and not have to "look over a mountain."
140. So you can take care of your feet without strange acrobatic moves or a visit to the doctor.
141. So I can wear high heels again.
142. So I can bey shoes that aren't double wide.
143. So the 70 & 80-year-olds don't pass me in the local charity run.
144. So my kids won't be embarassed to admit I am their mom.
145. To be able to live long enough & be healthy enough to enjoy my grandchildren!
146. To be able to see the indentations from my collarbone! (Do I have one?)
147. So I can sit at a booth in a resturant
148. To not be embarrassed to walk through a shopping center with my slim and petite friend.
149. To be able to sit comfortably in an auditorium seat
150. To be able to shave my legs comfortably in a shower stall ( I don't have a bathtub)
151. To be able to wear "one size fits all" clothing and belts
152. To stop taking medications for conditions directly related to my weight
153. To know that if I fail at something, or someone dislikes me, it is not due to a prejudice against "fat people"
154. Not to be embarrassed when walking with friends about the size of my shadow compared to their's
155. To not be able to rest my plate on my "Top Roll" when eating at tableless meals.
156. To not be afraid to rise from an armed chair for fear of ripping side pants pockets open.
157. To be able to ride a bicycle without looking like a caricature.
158. To put the same amount of food on my plate as others and not have people frown.
159. Get rid of my diabetes.
160. Be able to find pretty clothes.
161. Be able to get into a booth at a restaurant.
162. Have people stop asking not only "when are you due" but also "how many are you having"
163. To have my best friend (who is a guy) tell me how hot I look just like he does with all the skinny girls that we see.
164. To not care anymore how much I weigh because I look and feel good.
165. To not cry out of jealousy when I see beautiful thin girls on TV and in magazines.
166. To get into shape for the new man I just met in an internet personals site.
167. Go to your 10 year class reunion and not sit in the corner looking to see who has gained more weight that you.
168. To know that when you husband says "You still look good to me" that he really means it.
169. To not be the fattest one at the office and have the skinny ones constantly talk about dieting in front of you.
170. So you dont have to keep buying bigger underwear every 6 months
171. So people dont keep saying, you have a pretty face, (what about the rest of my body)
172. So your children wont sit under you for shade
173. Need to lose weight so the nurse will not write obese on your chart for all medical personnel to see. Now that sucks
174. So I can sit at a table and not have to lean so far to keep my shirt clean.
175. So my short dont ride up between my thighs
176. So I dont have to reach so far to type on my keyboard
177. To be able to wear my chaps and leather jacket and look good
178. To be able to get on my motorcycle a little gracefully
179. to be able to participate in the biker women fashion show
180. To be able to wear a leather thong and halter
181. to walk into Victoria's Secret with confidence as if it is something I've always done;
182. to clean house naked;
183. to cook naked;
184. to not bother getting dressed at all on Saturday morning . . .or afternoon . . .or night . . .;
185. to sleep naked;
186. to stay naked until the alarm goes off Monday morning and I have to shower and dress for work . . . (I'm really not a perv, I promise!)
187. So I don't need my CPAP machine anymore.
188. So I can walk 50 miles on the coast of Washington.
189. To set a good example with my boyfriend, who while not as heavy as I am has a history of diabetes and early heart attacks in his family. His father had his first heart attack at age 36 and died at 57.
190. To show some gratitude to my dh who has always stuck with me.
191. To support my wonderful Ultimate Challenge team.
192. Because I'm already doing lots better with my asthma since losing 23 pounds.
193. Because I know it will be good for my career.
194. So clothes in the vintage shops will fit me.
195. Because I hate weighing more than my 80 yr old grandmother ever has.
196. To recapture some of the fun of being young for both myself and my husband.
197. To inspire my son to always make goals and achieve them.
198. To look like the kind of class act--sophisticated and confident--that I really am.
199. So people will stop noticing my weight and start paying attention to my brains.
200. Because all this walking is starting to be fun.
201. I feel so much better when I don't overeat.
202. Because I want to get thin while I am still (somewhat) (relatively) young.
203. Because I have some really cool clothes hiding in the back of my closet.
204. Because I want to be an inspiration for my mother and sister.
205. Because I want to "own" my accomplishments, not always feel that because I am fat I will never measure up no matter how many of them I chalk up.
206. Because I'm frightened to death of breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. etc. etc.
207. For the look on my dh's face every time he notices I've lost more weight.
208. Because when I catch my dh checking out my shape I can be proud not nervous.
209. I've never wanted to yo-yo, but I've always wondered what it would be like to yo.
210. So when I finally get to Paris and NY, everyone won't stare because of my weight.
211. So I could wear thong underwear and not look like a sumo wrestler.
212. So when I get attention from men, I don't think- What does he really want?
213. To have my son's friends refer to me as "hot" like they do for the other moms
214. To prove to my son-in-laws that I really was thin and sexy once and can be again.
215. To think of myself as a woman not a fat person.
216. So my butt doesn't knock my purse off my shoulder all the time.
217. To wear leather pants or a leather dress and not feel like I'm wearing the whole cow!
218. To be checked out in the rear view mirror, by the driver in front of you, and not be immediately dismissed as fat.
219. To be able to concieve and have a healthy baby and pregnancy.
220. To be able to wear an off the rack wet suit and less than 20 lbs on my weight belt when I dive.
221. For my husband and me to be able to fit in a canoe without exceeding the weight capacity.
222. To be able to hike down to the creek behind the house and back with the dogs on a pretty spring day.
223. To have my parents stop clipping articles for me on weight loss and weight related health issues . . .because the article made them think of me.
224. To go back to that hotel and to be able to fit the negligee (sp?) I wore the first night my dh and I were together for the first time and see that look on his face again.
225. To go skinny dipping in the moonlight.
226. To not be afraid to learn to hang glide or parashute (sp?) because I think the harness will brake.
227. So I don't have to take high blood pressure medicine or Diuretics anymore!
228. So I can go for a LONG walk without my knees or ankles or hip aching!
229. SO I can STOP taking Ibuprofen!!!
230. SO I can be alive when I have grandchildren.
231. I want to STOP wearing PLUS SIZE clothing!
232. SO, won't feel self-conscious eating in front of other people at a social event...always thinking they are watching HOW MUCH THE FAT LADY EATS!!!
233. Mostly...just to be healthy...and be a good example for my children!
234. So I can flaunt myself in front of ex's
235. So I can watch myself in video's with my 3-year old
236. So I can have my wedding dress taken in and re-do all of my wedding pictures-a size 9!
237. So that people will stop wondering what my husband is doing with someone like me.
238. So that I won't be afraid to meet my husband's co-workers.
239. So that my kids will stop poking me in the belly like the Pillsbury Doughboy.
240. So that my kids won't tell me that the new (heavy and unattractive) teacher in school, looks just like me.
241. So my daughter will stop asking why my belly is not flat like hers and daddys
242. So I do not feel bad about how I look when clients meet me in person at our annual meetings. Especially those who think I should do voice over work or tell me how sexy my voice is.
243. To be able to go to the hairdresser and genuinely say "That looks Good" and like the slim face in the mirror.
244. To fall and not see the look of horror in the faces of the nice people who come to help me up.
245. To be able to creep up behind my kids to surprize them, right now they can hear me from a mile away!
246. To go to the dentist or hair dresser and pray that when they start to move the chair up, that the chair will actually move up instead of just sitting at its lowest hight with the gears whirring.
247. To go to my kids school and not have some kid say "Is that YOUR mother?" to my children and then whisper something to another child and have them laugh as my children stand there looking sad.
248. To be able to zip up my winter coat without having to suck in my stomach.
249. To be albe to get in a churh pew without having to stand on my tippy toes so my stomach, hips, and butt are above the opening.
250. To be able to do a front roll in Tae Kwon Do class.
251. Not to hear that rattle when you walk. I especially hate walking anywhere where there is glassware!
252. To be able to go into a non-handicapped bathroom stall and not have to do that sidestep-slide move!
253. To be able to get out of a deep, cushy chair/couch with out having to roll out.
254. to not stare into the mirror transfixed, horrified and disgusted at how fat i am.
255. to stop thinkin that i might as well become asexual because no guy in his right mind would want somethin that's as fat as me.
256. to not have to sneak under the covers so my husband can't see how fat I am
257. to stop having to go to the "specialty" stores to find clothes that fit
258. to be able to pull a bra off the rack and have it fit!
259. To not feel embrassed to get undressed infront of MYSELF.
260. To stop looking around when I go someplace new to see if I am the fattest person in sight.
261. To leave the candy dish on my desk and not in my desk.
262. To wear a swimsuit that fits well.
263. To be able to buy pantyhose in the supermarket if I want.
264. To not get that *look* from my hubby when I walk into the kitchen.
265. To have my mom stop asking how much bigger can I get?
266. To feel like a normal person, not that fat women.
267. To not face the embarrasement.... of waiting for a larger size wheelchair at the airport.
268. To not grab something to drape over my body to hide it , after having censored.
269. To not look at a picture and wonder why my head looks so small!
270. To not go bankrupt buying every diet book that is sold.
271. To not buy New Woman magazine everyweek and thinking this is the diet that will work.
272. To NEVER have to diet again.
273. To not think about food every waking hour.
274. To love myself just the way I am.
275. To stop showing people my "skinny" picture which is 20 yrs old!!
276. To be able to move comfortably without the aid of my walker.
277. To be able to reach my toes to clip my nails without asking for help.
278. To get looks from men that say"I'd like to get to know you" instead of "You're so fat you disgust me."
279. So that people will accept me for who I am - not necessarily what I look like
280. So that I'm not embarrassed to meet someone in person after having met them online
281. So that I don't have "friends" asking me about having the surgery for weight loss
282. So I feel better about myself.
283. To get on a amusement ride at the fair and not have to suck in just to close the safty bar.
284. Not having to explain to my little girl why mommy can't buy those pretty matching dresses for mother and daughter from THAT catalog.
285. To not have people offer me their seat thinking that I am pregnant and I'm not!
286. To not struggle to try and buckle my seatbelt.
287. To not worry every time I ride in a friend's car that the seat belt won't fit.
288. To not dread getting on an elevator with others on there knowing that it will bounce a little lower when I step on and raise when I step off.
289. To feel like a sexual being. A woman. An ATTRACTIVE woman.
290. To not feel like everytime my boyfriend and I argue, that he just doesn't like me because I weigh so much.
291. Because, as mentioned before, it's getting harder and harder to tie my shoes or fit into a booth.
292. To exert my control over my own health; it would be nice to prove I could do it.
293. So when I visit my family, I don't think they comment to themselves that "this is the largest she's ever been."
294. So that when I walk into a department store, the sales clerk doesn't automatically send me to the plus size racks.
295. So that my pantyhose and my thighs don't announce to the world that I am walking down the hall!
296. Being able to drive my husband's truck and not have to move the seat all the way back from his position.
297. To not have sleep apnea anymore and get rid of the CPAP machine.
298. Not have to take medication anymore for Type II Diabetes because I've got my glucose under control with my meal change alone.
299.Get off of High Blood Pressure pills.
300. Be able to climb up and down hills with my husband to go fishing without fear of tripping and "rolling" down the hill.
301. Be able to walk "up" hill at Cripple Creek or Black Hawk to different censored without thinking I'll have a heart attack because I'm worn out in less than a 1/3 of a block.
302. To have my husband feel bothered when other men stare at me instead of how I feel when he stares or comments about other slim women in revealing clothes.
303. Not to be seen from the sides when standing behind my husband.
302. For my husband to be able to "wrap" his arms around me for a hug and not clutching his fingers barely.
304. To not feel embarrassed to go in our hot tub naked with my husband and my boobs float on top of the water like buoys.
305. Not to feel bad for husband when having censored wodering if he can find anything with the belly flap in the way.
306. So that when I go into Victoria's Secret looking for a bra (even after losing over 40 lbs.), the sales clerk won't be able to look at me with disgust and promptly tell me that Lane Bryant is their sister store...and that maybe, just maybe, I should be trying that store instead.
307. So I can keep up with my kids.
308. I won't be tired all the time
309. I can feel pretty again
310. Because I'm tired of starting and restarting diets, only to have them peter out after a while. I want to see what it looks like when you finally REACH GOAL.
312. to Be able to see the light of day through my thighs.
313. to be able to have my purse in the the seat next me when i drive.(my skinny friend does this amazing thing!)
314. To not sweat profusly in hot weather.
315. To be able to wonder if that woman over there is heavier than me..right now they never are!
316. To not look pregnant. My youngest is 9!
317. To be able to critise the supermodels for being too thin and have people take me seriously!
318. To not feel like I am letting my life pass me by.
319. To not feel like I can't do something because of my weight.
320. To be able to jump on my daughter's big trampoline (with a weight limit of 200 per person) and not have to make excuses why I can't.
321. To actually be able to take my daughters to Water Country or a friends pool...and quit making excuses EVERY TIME they offer for our family to join them...I think they are on to me.
322. To start loving myself again...I think I have officially forgotten how to do this.
323. So that I can walk up to people my husband works with and smile and introduce myself..instead of trying to hide in the corner and wonder if everyone notices that I'm the fatest person there (they DO notice).
324. So that I can set a healthy lifestyle example for my two daughters. They are only 4 and 1 and will get their body image from me. I don't want them to think THIS is normal.
325. So I can stop passing up class reunions
326. So my 6 year old doesn't ask "mommy why is your butt so big?'
327. So I can feel comfortable in my own body again
328. So my 8 year old will have memories of skinny Mom. When I first announced I was doing this, he said, I never remember you being any other size. Only my 17 y o has memories of me in a size 8...just want the other two to know...their mom used to be and will be thin again!
329. So my husband will guard me again, like he used to, when I would get dressed up, fit to kill...when we were going know, that old look, "This one belongs to me, keep away"...I want to see that look again...
330. I want to reach behind my knees and not feel "ANY" extra curricular fat activity going on should feel like the back of a normal knee...
331. I want someone to be able to bounce a quarter off my butt, it's so tight!!!
332. To not need meds for depression.
333. To not have my blouse be a bib.
334. To be able to wash a cup without leaning on the counter and getting my belly wet.
335. To take my dog on a long walk.
336. And most of all get up in morning without grabbing the wall afraid my legs won't hold me.
337. Are you ready for this one? I am serious... to be able to get on top when we are making love. I am tired of telling my husband that I am too tired to get on top. I lie. I am too self conscious to get on top..LOL
338.To be able to get up after sitting on the floor, without the huge struggle it is now.
339. To wear high heels again.
340. To eat normally.
341. To look in a mirror or at a phot of me without crying.
342. So my feet won't hurt.
343. So I can be proud of me again.
344. So my boss will take me seriously.
345. So I can go skiing again.
346. So I can get pregnant, not just look pregnant.
347. Because my weight is something that I can change if I want to & try hard enough.
348. because I need to be POSITIVE that my husband enjoys making love to me
349. because I never want to be an embarassment to my kids
350. because I'm tired of constantly thinking about food & having my weight be the focus of my almost every waking thought
351. so when I meet people, I'm not afraid that they won't be my friend just because I'm fat.
352. because I wanna be as healthy as I can
353. because I'm way too young for "grandma" dresses (no offense meant to anyone)
354. because I just want to - more than I want to eat a box of cookies or an entire loaf of bread.
355. To wake up and not feel like everything on my body hurts.
356. To not have to wear those *tummy tightner panties* - (Pregnancy gave me an outie. I am hoping less weight and more exercise will fix this)
357. To not think my hubby deserves better.
358. To have more self-esteem.
359. To have a better reaction to my flirting.(I am a BIG flirt,I still want to be a big flirt but not as a description of my size, just my attitude!)
360.To be able to walk with my kids and not have them look back to see if I am OK.
361.To be able to blend in.
362.To feel normal.
363. When in a group of 5 to not have everyone vote you to ride shotgun in the car becuase the others will fit better in the back seat.
364. To be able to use the tray table on airplane & have it truly flat not tilted becuase it's resting on my tummy.
365. To be thin while I & my wonderful husband are still young enough to really enjoy it!
366. To learn to swim because I am not embarrassed by the bathing suit.
367. To experience once in my life, what I can now only imagine.
368. I want to lose weight so that I can live to be 105 years old
369. so that I can travel the world with my husband
370. so that my young adult children won't lose their mother at an early age
371. so that I can get my beautiful face back.
372. to be able to go swimming without the T-shirt over the suit
373. to be able to be athletic again
374. refer to 339:)
375. so when my kids start school they won't have the "fat mom"
376. to buy clothes i like instead of old granny clothes(i'm only 30)
377. to go to Cedar Point again and not have to worry about fitting in the seats
378. to wear shorts and a tank top in the summer and not have to worry about what people think
379. So I can wear short sleeves in the summertime
380. So I will never hear another kid say "Look Mommie, she's fat!"
381. So my husband won't be embarrased to introduce me to business colleges
382. So I can have a baby.
383. To be able wear pantyhose that don't roll down my belly!
384. To be able to ride "all" rides at DisneyWorld or any theme park, because the bar CAN close on the safety latch.
385. To stop sewing up the seams in my pants, because I wear them out by the famous thunder thigh walk.
386. To stop seeing the fatty deposits on my leggs! Looks like cottage cheese.
387. To have censored without my belly getting in the way!
388. To have a massage and not be uncomfortable about my weight!
389. To always fit in a booth, and not have the table touch my tummy.
390. To get rid of my FLAPPING people don't think I can take off and fly away!
391. To fit my wedding gown without having to add extra material to cover up my arms.
392. To be able to dance with future husband without getting out of breath!
393. To live long enough to make an impact on my granddaughter (turns 1 in March)
394. So I can wear sleeveless dresses or blouses again.
395. So I can weigh less than my husband.
396. So I can keep up with my puppy!
397. So I can get on a plane and actually get the seat belt around me and even sit in a middle seat!!
398. So my doctor will never have to refer to me as MORBIDLY OBESE.
399. So I never have to cry again when I can't sit in a seat at the theater/sporting event.
400. So I can wear high heels, sexy nighties, pantyhose, leather pants, etc.
401. So I will be able to happily pose for photos.
402. So I can walk proudly down the street, with my head held high and a smile on my face.
403. So I can wipe my rearend without worrying that if I get much bigger, I won't be able to do even that.
404. So I can sit any where, any time, any way and not worry about fitting in the seat.
405. So I can not worry about other people hearing my heavy breathing just from walking a short (I mean short) distance.
406. So I can know what it feels like to be thin -- because I never have.
407. To be able to shave your legs without holding your stomach up and out of the way.
408. To just feel like shaving anything again.
409. To do a sexy striptease for my husband.
410. To be able to wear a short crop top.
411. To want to have my picture taken again.
412. To get into those little torn jeans, undershirt, and high heels again and know I look good.
413. To not have to wear a man's uniform shirt at work.
414. To never have to hear "but you have such a great sense of humor".
415. To have my husband not be able to keep his hands off me and not feel like he just being kind.
416. To get back the "attatood" I used to have and know I can back it up.
417. To just find that sassy, sexy, fun girl again, that I liked to be around.
418. To have to cinch my jeans around my waist with a belt.
419. To be able to buy a belt.
420. To quit saying that I like my shirts baggy.
421. To simply look into a full length mirror and smile back at the reflection.
422. So the treadmill at the gym doesn't shake so much when I walk on it.
423. So I don't always feel so "in the way" around other people.
424. So I can look at pictures of myself and not marvel at the size of my face or how much my stomach actually sits on my lap when I sit.
425. Because I am just sick and tired of all these reasons being part of my daily life.
426. So I can wear a pair of shorts again without them cutting into my legs and leaving a line, it's been so long.
427. To be able to attend a baseball game and fit in the seat.
428. My husbands job will be moving us to Virginia in July and I want my husband to proud and not embarrassed to introduce me to his new business friends.
429. I want my kids to want to play basketball with me again in our front yard and not worry Mom is going to have a heart attack.
430. I want to be able to walk up a flight of steps with laundry and not be out of breathe.
431. To be able to see my c-section scar, from which I have a 4 year old.
432. To weigh less than the foot ball players on TV.
433. To not be "just like my Grandma" and die at 54.
434. To not always be the one left behind holding the purses.
435. So the wonderful person I am on the inside can match the wonderful person on the outside too.
436. So I never have to remotely consider my weight and self consciousness before making decisions about anything and everything ever again.
437. Not have to open my legs as far as they go just to bend down, then when I straighted up, have to sit down because I'm light-headed.
438. To feel pleasantly surprised when I look in the mirror - not sickeningly shocked
439. To be able to register for a night course without first having to check out the chair I will have to sit in to make sure it fits
440. To feel like a woman instead of some neutered being
441. To break into a run just for fun (and not have a heart attack)
442. To not have to feel apologetic about the amount of space and air I take up
443. To get rid of the food shelf that my chest has become. All of my tops & shirts have food stains on the chest, where my shelf is.
444. So I don't have to buy "granny" underwear anymore.
445. So I could sign up for a swing-dancing class.
446. So when my husband tells me that I am beautiful, I'll believe it.
447. So I can wear the black velvet bodysuit I wore the night I met my husband.
448. So I won't be afraid the bed might break everytime I get in it.
449. So my husband and I can take a bath together.
450. To be able to fasten my sports bra all the way.
451. To not have the little indentions in my skin whenever I take off my socks or sweats.
452. To have my picture RETAKEN in my beautiful wedding dress and not have to try and hide my stomach roll with my bouquet.
453. To have my picture RETAKEN in my beautiful wedding dress and look as good or better than most of my bridesmaids.
454. To never have some well meaning person tell me that they cooked extra because I was coming to dinner.
455. To show my 12 year old captain of the cheerleading daughter the moves I did when I was captain instead of talking about it.
456. To walk into a party and not have men and women dismiss me because I am fat.
457. To allow the flirt in me that once was to resurface again.
458. To look down at my feet without having to push my breast and stomach out of the way.
459. To be confident enough to walk into a party by myself without feeling uncomfortable.
460. To truly realize how worth living my life really is.
461. to not map out the shortest routes that exclude stairs in my college.
462. to not have to be the only one waiting for the elevator while others take the stairs.
463. To buy a plane ticket home at a normal time instead of flying odd hours hoping the seat next to me will be empty so I can spill over in it.
464. So my fiance of 4 years won't "wait" anymore.
465. So I never have to hear "you have such a beautiful face only if you could lose the weight"
466. To not have to make love in the dark.
467. To not stand out everywhere I go and everything I do.
468. To never put off another PAP
469. To feel my hip bones without laying flat and sucking it in.
470. To have only one size in my closet.
471. To shop at Victorias for more than perfume.
472. To have censored without feeling like i'm going to code!
473. To sit "Indian" style.
474. To have my best feature be a body part.
475. To be able to think about my next ....whatever, instead of my next meal.
476. To buy a pair of Levi's & have my butt look REALLY good in them.
477. To have that stupid paper gown at the doctor's actually close in the back.
478. To have a space between my thighs when I'm standing with my legs together.
479. To have my long legs be thin enough to look long.
480. To wear stilleto heals & not leave little dents in my hardwood floors.
481. To wear horizontal stripes.
482. To not have to change treadmills at the gym because "barbie" got on the one next to me & the view in the mirror is more than I can stand.
483. To be "barbie" at the gym.
484. To be concerned over whether a new dress flatters my figure, is a good color, & is well made, not just if it fits.
485. To have a figure to flatter.
486. To not have kids whisper "kaboom" when I walk.
487. To order a salad just because I like the taste.
488. To only buy diaper rash powder for the baby and not my belly.
489. To not have rolls on my stomach to name like: "the chocolate zone" and "the pizza zone".
490. To be able to be on top during censored without the fear of hurting my husband.
491. To not take terms like "wide load" personally.
492. To find my belly button again.
493. When my husband says I'm beautiful and sexy, to believe him and not think he's just being nice.
494. To love life and accept the love of others without hesitation for fear of "what they really think".
495. To be able to quailify for health and life insurance. To know my family will be taken care finacially if I do end up eating myself to death.
496. To not have 5 year olds ask me why I have a big belly or ask if I am pregnant.
497. Not to have my sweet husband be angry at me when I am so sad about the above. Not to have to ask him to understand.
498. So I won't hate myself or hurt so much.
499. To never worry God might run out of patience with me. Set a good example.
500. So people can see what I have really accomplished with my life.
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501. That the outside would match the inside. I am not a joke. I am a person.
502. So when I fall down people will actually stop to help me up instead of laughing.
503. So my mom can stop telling me I dont have a man because Im so fat and realize that I dont have one because I have no desire for one now.
504. So I can wear spandex
505. There are lots of great reasons to lose weight, but the most important one I think is because you want to. And I do. Hope I can get there.
506. So if the airlines lose my luggage, I won't have to worry if there is a Lane Bryant in the area.
507. So I can walk down the street, eating an ice cream cone, and no one gives me a funny look.
508. So I can willingly pose for photos.
509. So my bra straps stop falling down
510. So the inner thigh portion of my jeans don't wear out before the rest of the pants
511. So that I can buy groceries for my very large family and not have the checkout girl look at me and think "No wonder she's fat!" (this actually happened today!)
512. So that I can talk to my teenagers about healthy eating and weight loss and be taken seriously.
513. To not have your co-workers trying to guess your bra size because you have the biggest boobs.
514. To be able to wear a strapless bra.
515. To actually be able to wear matching bras and panties.
516. Not waiting for everyone to go to bed so you can pig out and eat what you want without everyone watching you.
517. To be able to go to the beach without someone calling you a beached whale.
518. to be able to run and not jiggle or sound like a whole crowd of people clapping.
519. To be able to cross my legs again!!
520. To wear all of the cute and still in style clothes from my closet again...and permanently, not just until I gain weight again. I have so many cute Eddie Bauer shorts, tops, skirts, that I'd love to wear this summer...and I will, dangit. :)
521. Even though someone has already said this, to finally know what getting to goal weight feels many diets and it's never happened to me.
522. so I can go snow tubing with my kids without being afraid that my tube is going to take flight because of how FAST I take off....right now, I won't do it at all.... :(
523. To be able to sit in a booth and not have my stomach touch the table.
524. To be able to buy "just" a dress and not have to look for a top to go over it to hide the "butt"!
525. To know that when I dance with my husband he will be able to get his arms "all" the way around me.
526. So I will never have to "hike" up my pantyhose 'cause they "really" don't fit over the "butt"
527. To be able to wear my husband's suit coat around my shoulders if I get cold when we are out.
528. To look & feel graceful.
529. To once again be described as sophisticated.
530. To be able to buy the newest styles, designer clothes (besides Liz Claiborne) & in the color that is "hot" that season.
531. To buy a bathing suit that doesn't have a bullet-proof bra sewn in.
532. To make my husband realize I could have chosen anyone, but I will always choose him.
533. To have knuckles & not dimples on the back of my hands.
534. Feeling like I can accomplish anything I want and to not let my weight get in the way.
535. to be healthy again so that I can keep up with my husband who is 18 years my junior :-)
536. so i can look good in a swimsuit again
537. so i can by a swimsuit again that doesnt look like you could make a sail out of it
538. to make my ex realize what he gave up
539. so i can be proud of me
540. shorts and summer--need i say more
541. so i can have only one chin and see hips,ribs,collarbones
542. so i can play with my kids instead of just watching
543. For me to feel good about myself.
544. To get rid of the spare tire for the drs volswegan! (this has haunted me since teen years)
545. To have my husband able to put his arms around me without me sucking in my breathe!
546. Not to be asked when the baby is due!
547. And to keep the support and this list going. Love all, Keep up the good work. This is a great inspriation to me.
548. To be able to buy decent looking workout clothes.
549. Be able to sky dive with my boyfriend
550. To be able play volleyball again and not worry about the thud you hear when I hit the floor diving for the ball.
551. To be able to shop in Victoria's Secret for the first time for MYSELF and not my best friend.
552. To watch my 2 beautiful god-sons grown up and be able to play what they want to play now that I finally can fit into their forts and keep up in their games.
553. To really believe my boyfriend when he says "You are a goddess!" :-D
554. To go clubbing with my best friend and know that the boys are staring at me too
555. So my Dad will finally stop making comments about how loosing wieght is easier now than it is 10 years from now.
556. So Dad will stop clipping stories and taping them to my door or places where I will see them
557. So my brother will finally say "My sister is cute!" rather than "My sister is fat!"
558. To not to automatically given the front seat of the car when going out with friends.
559. To belive my boyfriend when he tells me I'm beautiful.
560. To feel more adventurous when having censored.
561. To not have people say how nice and 'motherly' I am! I'm 25yrs old for heaven's sake! I want to be sexy not motherly!!!
562. To be able to wear a garter belt and thigh high stockings
563. Have my husband pick me up and carry me.
564. To be able to go down the slide with my daughter.
565. To be able to order dessert on the rare occasion out without wondering how many calories or feeling guilty about breaking my diet.
566. So your shirts, jackets, and dresses will stay on the hanger. I either need smaller clothes or bigger hangers. LOL!
567. When someone says I saw a pretty dress today but they didn't have one in your size they mean not small enough instead of not big enough.
568. So I can buy clothes that actually fit.
569. So I don’t always have to order the “grilled chickenâ€￾ when I go out.
570. To not have to stay home just to eat with no one watching.
571. When I see Celine Dion or Britney Spears on T.V. instead of saying, “I want to look like that.â€￾ I can say, “Yeah I look like that.â€￾
572. (To use a great quote) So you can “live like there’s no tomorrow, love like it’s never going to hurt, and dance like no one is watching.â€￾
573. So I can use my energy for other things, instead of being preoccupied with my weight.
574. So I don’t have think, “ I bet that they would like me more if I was thinner.â€￾
575. So i don't always fall asleep from exhaustion before my hubby and my kids!
576. So I'll finallly stop playing "spot a person fatter than me" everytime I go out, and Always lose!
577. So people won't think I'm just being bitter when I say that I really don't think Callista Flockhart is pretty
578. To wear my husband's shirt and have it be too big.
579. To stop always being the photographer to avoid being in the photos.
580. To know that my outself really is a reflection of my innerself.
581. To be comfortable climbing the cliff paths on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.
582. To know that no matter what goes wrong in my life it is in no way related to my weight
583. To feel attractive again.
584. To be a good role model for my 3 yr old daughter, in regards to showing her healthy eating habits.
585. To honestly love drinking water in place of any other beverage.
586. To not have swollen feet and ankles anymore!!
587. To not worry about having a heart attack.
588. To catch a glimps of myself in the mirror and say wow thats me not bad.
589. To live the rest of my life in a slim state of mind.
590. So I don't have to shop at any store that has the word plus after its name. (like fashion bug plus)
591. To be able to hop in and out of sportscar effortlessly.
592. Ah! To wear a tank top again!
593. So I don't have to wear tshirts and jeans for the rest of my life.
594. To get rid of back pain.
595. So I can get into all yoga positions with out my belly being in the way.
596. To be able to FIND work out clothes.
597. To make the most of my 20s.
598. So that I'm not the "biggest mom" in my son's kindergarten class.
599. So I can stop spending extra money on clothes that are plus sizes.
600. So I can shave my legs comfortably again.
601. to stop being always so sick and tired.
602. How may good designers do you know that make a size 24?
603. To stop secretly thinking about my weight 24-7 and then telling all my friends "it's not really an issue with me"
604. To wear a sexy swimsuit
605. Look like I fit in with all my city friends
606. To not have my butt, hips and back ache at work because I'm too fat (I have a desk job)
607. To have my boyfriend try to pick me up and not worry about his nuts hitting the floor!!!
608. To not have ANYONE recognize me at my next high school reunion.
609. To not look like I've given birth 7 or 8 times when I don't even have kids yet!!!!
610. To be healthy when I finally do!!!
611. To be able to take a shower without getting out of breath washing my butt!
612. To not have my dad look at me like he's scared I'm going to die way before him anymore... (He was heavy too when he was younger, that changed later on in life and much more after his heart attack)
613. To not be put on a restrictive diet by force AFTER a heart attack
614. To not wind up diabetic like everyone else on my dad's side of the family (including my dad)
615. To be able to play softball/baseball with my boyfriend and not be sweaty and out of breath just playing catch.
616. To be able to squat and not lose my balance playing catcher!!!!
617. To no longer have food be my waking, sleeping and just about every other thought
618. To not have to give excuses like I hurt my back or knee when I move (I'm moving soon) because I'm just too fat and get out of breath all the time.
619. To be able to wipe from front to back like they say you're supposed to.
620. To be able to squeeze into small spaces to get out of the rain really quick :o)
621. To see my wristbones and collarbones
622. To not wake up with my feet hurting
623. To NEVER have to come up with another reason WHY I WANT TO WEIGHT!!!!
624. To be able to wear something sexy for my boyfriend and not think he's lying to me when he says he likes it
625. To have my boobs be the only thing that sticks out from my body besides my feet!
626. To not just look like a really fat guy anymore cuz I don't have the typical fat chick boob overload (C cup only!!! barely!)
627. To not have the chafing *under* my boobs because I can't find a bra that fits right anymore!
628. To not have to go "safari bra hunting" for a DDD and above!
629. To actually *enjoy* being seen in a swimsuit, instead of psyching myself out to think I don't look that bad.
630. To not have to feel I need to avoid the internet personal ads where I guy specifically mentions he wants a slim/slender/fit/athletic woman (about 95% of all of them do, btw).
631. To not feel as though I must *settle* for a man who also has a weight problem, when what I need is someone who will help motivate me to do better (not threaten to leave if I don't succeeed).
632. So that I can feel energized, and do all of the things I want everyday, including house chores, rather than finding myself lying like a slug and watching TV every evening.
633. So that when I ask friends if they know any nice single guys, they won't always say "no".
634. So that people will start to take me seriously about things other than computers and quilting.
635. So that I won't fall prey to the curse of becoming the "crazy lady with the cats"!
636. So that I can go back into Tae Kwon Do, not feel embarrassed, and actually do the jumps, leaps, etc. for the higher ranking belt lessons
637. So that I'm more concerned about what *I* think rather than worrying about what others think of me.
638. So that I don't constantly feel like I have to fall all over myself doing things for others, just to give them a reason to like me.
639. So that I can wear jeans again, instead of stretch pants with stirrups!
640. So that I can wear shorts/pants without a drawstring!
641. So I never have to hear again...."You're a beautiful woman, BUT....."
642. So I don't take it personally anymore when I hear radio morning shows and comedians making fun of Rosie O'Donnell, Oprah Winfrey, etc.
643. So that I can one day have children, and not worry about getting gestational diabetes, etc.
644. So that I can accept an invitation to go skiing and not be afraid I'll kill myself on the way down.
645. So that I actually *enjoy* going clothes shopping!
646. So that when I go out with my thinner girlfriends, I actually meet more men than they do!
647. So that I can really audition as the singer for a local band and feel like they're really listening to me!
648. So my feet don't bulge out of all the cute shoes, especially sandals.
649. So the emergency personnel could actually lift me without effort should the need every arise (hopefully it won't!).
650. So that when I take the stairs at work with a coworker, I don't have to return quickly to my office so I can pant a lot and catch my breath.
651. so I will look as good from the back and sides as I think I look from the front.
652. So I can wear jeans again without the crotch cutting off circulation.
653. So I won't feel so defensive and personally insulted when others ridicule "fatties" in my presence. To be able to voice my disapproval of their shallowness, without fearing that they'll attribute my views to my own weight problem.
654. To be able to actually run again.
655. To be able to climb hills without needing a hand-up or being out of breath when all around me seem to have no trouble doing it.
656. Most of all, to feel sexy again! To enjoy admiring glances from the opposite censored again, especially the ones from my dear husband.
657. To feel free and proud to walk to or from my bed naked while hubby is watching with a look of approval or excitement on his face! (not to have to drape myself in a towel or robe so he doesn't get a really good look from all directions.)
658. To be able to enjoy travelling to the tropical locations I'd love to visit, instead of postponing it "until I'm in shape" because I dread the body exposure and inevitable comparisons that entails.
659. To know that I am doing something to substantially improve my health so I will have the best chance at being active and productive in my later years, instead of dealing with a series of health issues and regrets.
660. To be able to fulfill my part of the vow hubby and I have repeatedly made to keep up the great censored until we're at least 95!!!
661. To quit asking my husband, "Am I fatter than her?"
662. This has been said before, but to quit thinking about my weight and food all the time.
663. To be able to order dessert without feeling like people are looking at me and saying to themselves, "she doesn't need that"
664. To be able to eat breakfast in the car when I'm stuck in traffic without feeling like the person in the car next to me is disgusted by the fat lady in the car next to them that can't even go one second without cramming something in her mouth.
665. To be able to get into a seat on a plane or amusement ride without having to worry if the belt is going to fit me.
666. To have your accomplishments and life looked at, and stop just being "the fat sister"
667. To not hear that SLAPPING sound when you have censored. UGH!
668. To live in a college town and not feel woefully undervalued everytime you try to go anywhere.
669. To pick out a t-shirt for someone else and NOT have a salesperson tell you that you need a bigger size!
670. To never, ever, hear again, "Your pretty. In your own way."
671. to be able to go to a job interview and not have them think I'm lazy just because I'm fat
672. To be able to go to my husband's Marine funstions without feeling awful because everybody else there is so in shape.
673. To actually weigh less than my husband!!!
674. To not FEAR the "Little Black Dress"
675. To get my Tae Kwon Do black belt one day
676. To stop thinking every minute about my big body and what people are thinking of it.
677. To stop avoiding events, because I might run into someone I know who will be shocked at how much weight I've gained.
678. To be willing to look at my body in a mirror.
679. To be able to run without my stomach flapping and making that gross noise.
680. To have nothing stop me from my true love.
681. To share a (special dance in Ireland) when I have lost all my weight.
682. To win my mother in a race who is 26 years older than I am .
683. I want to get my belly button pierced.
684. I want to make love and feel just my man not all my rolls it's not very intimate.
685. I want my daughter to say my mommy has a litte tummy.
686. To wearing a form fitting wedding dress and sleveless.
687. To be a example to my daughter that I can do it and accomplish my hardest goal in my life
688. To be carried by a guy just once in a piggy back ride.
689. To Dance and not be ashamed of what I look like.
690. to be daring and adventurous , bungee jumping, cliff diving parachuting. hell I would settle for being able to go white water rafting or hiking for a day and not fear and antcipate knowing ur going to be gasping for air and ur feet are goingto be on fire in the first 5 min.
691. To actually be littler than my big brother.
692. To turning 27, 200pounds less than I am at 25
693. To be asked to dance .
694. To have censored appeal
695. To be able to be who I am truly inside that know one know besides me , because she is covered in 345+ body . I want out !!!!
696. So my husband can pick me up and carry me when if I twist my ankle, or lose a heel.
697. So people won't say "Are you expecting?" when I'm not and "I couldn't even tell you were pregnant!" when I'm in my 9th month.
698. So I don't have to pay $39 for thong!
699. So I can shave my legs in my cubicle shower, instead of having to do it in the tub.
700. So I can play softball again.
701. So I can look like someone in The Matrix, not The Nutty Professor 2 (the Klumps)!
702. To do all the things I am afraid to do now.
703. To exercise because it is fun.
704. To feel attractive and condfident when I meet a man.
705. To not look for shirts big enough to cover my butt(and knowing IT DOESN"T WORK!)
706. So I don't have to walk with my feet pointed out for balance.
707. So I don't WADDLE when I walk.
708. To not feel the need to find friends who are bigger than I am so I feel smaller.
709. To not be afraid that my DH will leave for someone skinnier.
710. To not hear cracks about Alaska Tent and Tarp.
711. To be skinnier than my little brother who used to make fun of me(he is now a tubby himself).
712. To not quote "Dang these are huge" when folding the laundry.
713. To get my next tattoo(on my belly)
714. To wear belly shirts.
715. to let my DH see what the scale says when I get on it.
716. To not be told that I have a pretty face.
717. To wear my watch again.
718. to run a 10 minute mile!
719. to KEEP shopping (finally) in the "normal side of the store"
720. when I lost 20 more lbs my dad is buying me a 500$ wardrobe!!!! That is REASON ENOUGH!!!
721. Because we all know what it takes to dig down deep and find what it takes to lose an entire person...and it is something that is DARN admirable!!!!
722. So my 6 year old daughter will not keep looking at all the diet comercials on TV and turn to me and say " Mom you should try that diet" "or that pill" or " Look mommy it works, dont you want to be thin?"
726. To know that I am healthy.
727. To have higher self esteem.
728. To know that I can out work and out last all the young adults that I work with.
729. To know I don't have to settel for grany clothes and pick out the clothes I like.
730. To go on a bicycle vacation and really see the countryside.
731. So my DD sees my example and does likewise and gives me grandchildren.
732. So I can spend money on clothes instead of drugs and doctors.
733. So I look good at my DS wedding.
734. So people will talk to me and not to my thinner companion.
735. So my co-workers will socialize with me.
736. So I won't always feel like I can't keep up because of my weight.
737. So my husband can wrap his arms around me and give me a big hug.
738. So my husband and I can dance closely- cheek to cheek.
739. To take the "pretty scarf" off the full length mirror.
740. Undress with the lights ON.
741. To be able to wear sexy short skirts not just long flowing skirts.
742. To wear those sexy short skirts without super control top panty hose. ;-)
743. To be able to do my yoga postures without straining and grasping to push the fat out of the way.
744. So I don't have to wear stretchy pants so that when I sit down I can breathe.
745. That the nurse can use the regular size cuff when taking my blood pressure.
746. No more underwire bras
747. No more rash underneath my breasts.
748. So I can wear clothes that don't have big ugly flowers, or something like that on it.
749. So I can wear horizontal stripes again.
750. When I lay down my breasts don't fall sideways off my chest.
751. So when I go out for a walk in the woods with my husband, he doesn't worry I'll lose my balance and hurt myself.
752. So people can buy me clothes at christmas again and not worry if it will fit.
753. When people buy me clothes at christmas its not some huge tent with some animal print on it.
754. To be able to wear rings again that don't cut into my fingers.
755. To be able to buy clothes that look good on my body, and aren't gigantic. Heaven knows the Lane Bryant has been good to many of us... but some of their "fashionable" clothes still are cut "fashionably" but not necessarily with regard to a larger person... like... ruffles? Makes me personally seem about 2x as big!
756. To not worry about having to wear my jeans a few times around the house before I can wear them in public so I can stretch the waist -- 'cause I refuse to buy them at size greater than a 16.
757. To not have to worry about my linen work shirts wrinkling around the tummy when I sit down and my rolls crinkle stuff.
758. To not have to buy shirts two or three sizes bigger than the bottoms 'cause my chest/back is so thick.
759. To not have to worry whether the XXL is going to fit.
760. To be able to buy a nice looking business suit at an actual store. (Most of which stop at size 18)
761. To not feel like it's hopeless to have romantic interest in [whoever], 'cause I've decided there's absolutely no frikkin way that someone like that would like someone as grotesque as me.
762. To not feel like I have no control over my life.
763. To not have my button up shirts pucker at the chest.
764. To not look like a giant marshmallow when I wear all white.
765. To not bump into walls and doorways every now and then 'cause for some reason I walk as though I were a thinner person, and think I take less clearance than I do!
766. To not have my feet hurt when I wear those sexy stiletto boots to work because there's so much weight on my toes/pad of my feet.
767. To not have to get drunk in order to go to a club or bar, let alone flirt, because I have such low self esteem and know that no one will be looking at me.
768. To not have to strategically place my arms/folder/pad/whatever when I sit (or sometimes even walk!) to make a futile attempt at hiding my tummy rolls.
769. To have nipples that point out not down.
770. To be able to wax my bikini area without pulling my lard out of the way and getting a full cardio workout. To have a reason to wax it!
771. To know that I'm better. Because I'm an emotional eater, and I know that if/when I weigh less -- not even to my goal, but to 170, say -- I'm there because I've managed to get a handle on my emotions and my life, not because I've starved myself.
772. To once and for all not have weight or size be an ever-present issue.
773. To not think twice before putting on a pair of short shorts and a sleeveless blouse in the summer.
774. To wear my hair the way I'd like to, not worrying about whether or not it makes my face look rounder.
775. To not be the "woman on the street, below the neck shots" local tv uses for their segments on obesity.
776. To run with my children, and enjoy it.
777. To fulfill my obligations, instead of making excuses because I feel too fat today.
778. To walk by teenage or college age boys and have them giggle because they are a bit intimidated by a nice looking 30-something gal, than giggling at the fat girl.
779. To be good model of fitness for my 2 children.
780. To cross my legs with ease again
781. To be able to get out of my SUV without having to put the seat back. (and before I wear out the seat motor!)
782. To be able to wear my old ski suit.
783. To see the cracked heals naturally go away with the extra weight.
784. To no longer feel my stomach resting on my thighs!
785. To see how proud my husband is when I take care of myself.
786. To be able to KNEEL in church instead of "resting" my butt on the pew in back so I don't get a compound fracture from all the weight on my knees(makes it hard to concentrate on prayers when all I can think of are the people behind me thinking There but for the grace of God go I!)
787. So that people I am arguing with have to come up with a more clever line than "Yeah, well you're FAT so there!"
788. To be able to walk down the street without STRANGERS yelling "souie souie here pig pig pig"
789. To be able to have my niece quit telling me (Nicely) But you look GOOD big!
790. To have my nieces and nephews quit using my stomach for a pillow while watching TV.
791. To have the courage to actually MEET a guy I have been e-mailing when he writes "You are so funny and bright When do I get to actually SEE you?" instead of telling (lying to) him I am moving to another state-wow what could have been
792. to wear real clothes
793. to have a boyfriend
794. to change jobs without fear
795. to have a life...period.
796. To act like I don't mind getting wet when everyone else in running to their cars when it rains.
797. Knowing that if something bad happens (like 9/11) I could run to safety.
798. To not have 20 shirts with food stains on the front.
799. To put all of the hours that I spend thinking out weight and food into some other activity.
800. To not be labeled as mobidly obese by my physician (I do have a real name ya know).
801. To not have to debate over every piece of food I eat.
802. To not feel as if my mind and my body were always fighting with eachother.
803. To have a social life.
804. To not be afraid to try new hobbies.
805. To not have my daughter ask, "Mom am I going to look like you when I grow up?" (meaning big and overweight)
806. To not have my daughter ask me why all the other girls can put their arms all the way around THEIR moms and she can't.
807. To not have my brother ask me not to lean on his car because I might dent it.
808. To not snore.
809. To not have cars and beds lean to one side when I get in.
810. To not have to ache and cry inside when a conversation turns to weight. (I always know exactly who they're talking to.)
811. To not feel angry when someone (who is too skinny already) says they really need to lose 10 lbs. because they are SOOOO fat!
812. To truly enjoy life and not just pretend all the time.
813. To have the energy to get all my housework done.
814. To enjoy shopping (for clothes) instead of dread it.
815. To be able to know that I could finally conquer this problem.
816. To buy clothes because I like them and they actually look good on me, not because they fit and they'll "do".
817. So that my less than one year old son never has to be embarrassed because he has a fat Mom.
818. So that I don't have to worry about losing another man because I am so heavy.
819. So that I can relax in knowing that my boyfriend loves me and not keep wondering how a good-looking, thin guy could possibly want to be with someone so huge.
820. So I can swim again. I LOVE THE WATER!!!
821. So that I can be at the beach and at the pool with my son.
822. To not have to worry whether or not I can fit between chairs of people at the restaurant or in a meeting and then be embarrassed when I have to ask them to get up so that I can get through.
823. So that my parents, my boyfriend, and my other loved ones can stop worrying so much about my health.
824. So that I can get pregnant again and not be so terrified because I am so overweight the entire time.
825. So that my asthma/breathing improves.
826. So that I no longer snore or at least not so loudly.
827. So that I don't have bulges everywhere.
828. So that when I lounge around the house in a long T-Shirt and undies, it is because I want to and not because my pants are too uncomfortable.
829. So that when I lounge around the house in a long T-Shirt and undies, I look GOOD!!!
830. So that once and for all, I am an in-shape, fit person; not a fat person!
831. Need to lose weight to get into a Fushia Bridesmaids dress on July 19, 2003
832. To be able to buy souveniers from places you've traveled to
833. To carry someone on my motorcyle without overloading the shocks
834. To use the diving board again!
835. Water slides!
836. Learn to water ski
837. So people will quit looking at you like you're stupid when you offer diet or excercise advice
838. So doctors have to find some other excuse to tell you go away every time you're in ("You know if you'd just lose 50 pounds this would go away")
839. Roller Skating! (I went last night and I felt so free! But I could never have done that when I started 5 months and 68 pounds ago!)
840. My number one reason to lose weight, to raise a healthy happy daughter who has a REALISTIC and wonderful body image!
841. So I won't *have to* wear pantyhose (or bike shorts) underneath skirts to prevent rashes where my legs rub together.
842. So I won't feel evious of everyone who weighs less than me or attribute "skinny" people with anti-fat prejudice when it's just me imagining they care. (Yes, I know many times they do care and are staring at the fat woman eating the pizza, but sometimes they aren't)
843. So I can buy sexy instead of practical underwear.
844. So my fat does not get in the way of fully bending my knees.
845. So my ankles don't hurt after a long walk.
846. So I don't have to wear an ace bandage on my calf when I fly.
847. So I am comfortable in an airplane seat.
848. So I can buy cute workout clothes in a store rather than mail order.
849. AMEN TO 306!!!!!!!!! But I just want to flaunt my new size and tell them that I will never shop at their store again in life!!!
850. To be able to go to a funtion and dance and not worry about everything jiggling
851. To be able to ride the rides with my 1 and 5 year old and not have to size up the sit to see if I will fit.
852. To be able to go to a funtion with my husband and not have to worry about people thinking WOW his wife is fat.
853. To not have other women look at my husband and think why is he with a fat girl
854. So I can win a T-shirt in some giveaway and actually wear it.
855. So I can ride in an airplane seat w/out the fear & embarrassment that the seatbelt won't fit.
856. So I can walk through an aisle of any sort w/out hitting people w/my butt or hips.
857. So I can swap clothes with my close friends.
858. So I can go shopping with my close friends & fit in. (Every female I am friends with is under 160...I am over 300pds.)
859. So that when I meet people, they take me seriously.
860. So that people I am acquaintances with won't pretend they don't see me in a random, public place...even when they walk right in front of me!!!
861. So that I can run.
862. So I can have a healthy pregnancy sometime soon.
863. So I will never again have to hear my husband tell a horseback riding company never mind & watch him try & pretend it doesn't disappoint him. (This happened recently...I finally said I'd try horseback riding & when my hubby called to make an appointment they asked our weights & told him that they did not carry anyone over 250. My hubby is 165...I am over 300.)
864. So I can go to other countries & fit into the culture without having people think me indulgent, and lazy.
865. So I can fit into the accomodations in other cultures!
866. Regardless of the shallowness of this one...I never want people to respect my husband less b/c his wife is fat. My hubby loves me tremendously but I want him to look good in every way!
867. So I can rest my hands in my lap. Currently my belly is so big that this is not possible.
868. So that I can cut my hair short if I want to, and not try to 'lengthen' my face by wearing it long and trying to hide under it.
869. To not be embarassed to tell anyone how much I weigh
870. To not cut out the size labels in my clothes because I'm afraid someone in my office will see the tag when jacket is on the back of my chair.
871. To not feel like every piece of food that goes in my mouth is a guilty thing, whether its a carrot stick or a piece of chocolate.
872. To not look at other people jogging in a public place, and think how wonderful it would be to do that.
873. To not have my face go beetroot red when I do aerobics.
874. To not have to wear long sleeves and long pants in the summer to 'cover' up, and because I can't find anything to fit.
875. To wear a bikini.
876. To know that I'm not the fattest person on my floor of the office building.
877. To not have support underwear in my closet anywhere. And to not have to change into different underwear at the end of a party so that my boyfriend doesn't see me in it.
878. To have a regular bath towel fit all the way around me when I come out of the shower, not a bath 'sheet'.
879. To never feel the anxiety I felt traveling on South West right after they announced charging larger people for two seats and worring about the mortification I would face if they singled out me while I was traveling to FL with 8 of my 125 pound girl friends.
880. To never having to worry about wearing a skirt two days in a row because I know I won't be able to walk at the end of the day due to two days of chaffing
881. To be able to share with my friends my feelings because you know they will understand and not just feel sorry for you which is the last thing you want
882. To not be embaressed when a thin person commpilments me on my outfit and asks where I got it so they can get one to and I know they couldn't find anything in that store to fit them.
883. To find a pair of tall boots that fit around my calf and stay up.
884. To never again be the one the bride has to accomidate when picking out outfits for her bridesmaids
885. to never have my cloths pill from excessive rubbing.
886. to never have back pain at the end of everyday from sitting at my desk
887. to not have my weight be the elephant in the room that people don't talk about for fear of hurting my feelings
888. to actually be excited when my friend tells me of all the cute single grooms men that will be in the wedding party I'm in and knowing I might actually have a chance with one them.
889. To not have to talk myself into getting up at 5:30 to go to the gym but instead be excited to go
890. To be able to ride a bike and rollerblade without fear of being uncomfortable or hurting.
891. To ski again and find ski pants and boots that fit me
892. To actually visit my brother at work at MTV without feeling I might embaress him in such a trendy environment
893. To not feel scared to make a right career move for fear of being discriminated against because of my size or not being able to do my job because of my size.
894. To never hear someone tell me agin, I remind them of someone they know...she is also a large girl....but that is the only thing they can think of that reminds them of me
895. To never fail at another diet again
896. To never have to think about dieting again, healthy choices will be instinctive
897. To meet up with an ex and let THEM think of "what could have been"
898. Never ever have stomach rolls again the size of tires
899. Live the rumour that I can see my feet when standing straight
900. Live by example. I have family members and friends that could lose weight too.
901. Have men interested in me for more than my brain.
902. Have men interested. I would like to think I will get married someday and have kids!
903. Could actually wear lowrider pants that dont show 2 rolls of stomach above them.
904. Wear pants that dont have extra tummy space. Many places I could pull up the pants almost to my chest!
905. To have a man want to carry me in other situations than emergencies!
906. To wear a swimsuit without a skirt!
907. Only a hundred to go! Be able to get up in the morning, and look in the mirror, smile and say "YOU GO GIRL!"
908. To give up "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen as my theme song.
909. So my boss and her 92 year old mother will quit hounding me about working out.
910. To actually enjoy wearing all the lingerie my husband swears looks good, "no matter how big you are"
911. To have a portrait taken with my sister and not take up twice as much of the frame as she does.
912. To be at the beach and have somebody think "there's goes a sexy chick" - not "will that board keep her afloat?"
913. To ride two-up on a crotch rocket without a "wide load" sign.
914. To not worry about tipping the camper over if we both sleep in the same end.
915. To not look like the michelin tire guy in a parka.
916. To sit in the seat of a 1979 Triumph Spitfire without spilling over into the passenger seat.
917. To never ever look like that woman in the christmas videos - you know - the biggest one at the party, never again fat and jolly.
918. So if I ever see that guy from college, he'll regret the day he gave me up!
919. So I don't feel like a right tackle, even in my wedding dress.
920. That pair of levi's I've had at the bottom of the pile in my closet since 1987.
921. So that I don't always have to sit in the back of the classroom on an outside aisle b/c I'm worried I'll knock people w/my hips when going to a desk in the middle of a classroom!
922. So I can stop scoping all of the chairs out to see which one looks the strongest.
923. So I can quit using the excuse "my back hurts" when avoiding the rickety chairs that everyone else sits in.
924. To see what my cheekbones look like (and if I have any!!)
925. To be able to have the man in my life buy me sexy lingerie and not have to guess at my size etc...
926. To not compare how much I weigh with football player stats etc and worry if I weigh more than they do etc.
927. To not have charley horses from lack of exercise.
928. To never have to shop at August Maxx again (they are way too expensive).
929. To not have my boobs be a place that my cat can fit her entire body on.
930. To not have people treat me like I am invisible (you would think with all this weight that I wouldn't be invisible!!).
931. To be thought of as a girl again instead of "one of the guys".
932. To never be yelled at by a passing redneck in a truck and called "fat [email protected]@" again.
933. To make my doctor's mouth fall open over all the weight I have lost.
934. To not stick to vinyl furniture in the summer and hear that loud tearing sound when I get up.
935. To not be sick all the time.
936. To go back to Europe and really enjoy it this time instead of huffing and puffing my way across it.
937. To be able to wrap a towel all the way around me.
938. So that the doctors will not tell me that I have high blood pressure due to the fact that they have used the wrong size blood pressure cuff on me.
939. To never have to ask a salesperson where the plus sizes are located.
940. To never have to find out that a department store actually doesn't have plus sizes (I kid you not!)
941. To never again have to shop in the basement or near the maternity section because that is where they put the plus sizes.
942. To never have to look at another Lane Bryant v-neck again. (Do they think all fat women wear v-necks?).
943. No more Just My Size
944. To be able to shave my armpits without missing spots and without turning it into an aerobic activity.
945. To be able to wear my boyfriend's clothes and have them be too big on me rather than too small.
946. So I will feel younger and stronger.
947. To not feel like a freak when I am supporting a friend at a marathon.
948. To never avoid my family again because I have gained so much weight.
949. To not be the one that everyone comes to when they are looking for advice on a great place to eat.
950. To sit down hard on a bed or chair and not feel that it will break.
951. To not be afraid I will have a stroke and REALLY be incapable of moving
952. To not end up bed ridden like my mom
953. To NEVER again hear someone say "you want to sit next to the fat lady"
954. To fit into a life jacket
955. Not to worry about fitting into anything (chairs, seat belts, booths, etc.)
956. To be able to shop in a "normal" store for the first time ever
957. So I don't feel like I need to hide myself away
958. so my ring sizes do not equal my foot size or larger.
959. so I can quit ignoring everyone else in the gym so I don't have to know if they are watching my fat jiggle as I work out.
960. to not worry about that little "pouch" that hangs between the sweatshirt and the jeans.
961. to be able to sit up straight and hold that pose for longer than 3 minutes.
963. to run in public again without the worry of a comment.
964. to finally quit saying "no" to my special friend because I can't stand the thought of him seeing me naked.
965. to buy a ten dollar t-shirt intead of a twenty dollar one that's plus and still doesn't fit right.
966. to not be the fully clad person on the beach.
967. to not have it be my fault(in others eyes) that the floor creaks when I walk across it. It's the damn house I tell you!
968. to get a full body massage or a seaweed wrap without the fear of giving the person permanent charleyhorses in their hands :)
969. To not have a fetish for stylish shoes even when they kill my feet, 'cause my feet are the only parts of me that can fit into anything the rest of the world would buy and think of as "stylish"
970. To not have my entire family be subtly obsessed with my weight.
971. To not have everyone's first impression of me be "fat and lazy" when I'm actually very funny, quite intelligent, hugely ambitious, and utterly sweet and generous.
972. To not casually look all around me when I'm about to walk into Lane Bryant to make sure no one I know is around to see me do it. (It's a little like I'm buying crack. Only it's just clothes. But I'm ashamed.)
973. To not think that a bikini is a pipe dream.
974. To be able to buy bras at the Vicki's semi annual sale, not just if they have a 38D that I think is stretchy enough that it'll fit me (a 40C).
975. To not not be embarassed for my friend when she makes some fat-person-is-disgusting joke and then later realizes what she said and apologizes a million times. (To be frank, I kind of took that as a compliment, 'cause it means that in her head, I'm not a fat person, or she would never ever ever have said something like that in front of me. But it was awkward to have to accept her apologies!!!)
976. Not not have my mom sound so surprised whenever she sees me in business clothes or a "nice" outfit looking cute.
977. To not turn into my aunt (I'll just leave it at that. this one is huge motivation for me.).
978. To be able and willing to wear a bathingsuit at the beach instead of shorts and a t-shirt, both of which produce such LOVELY farmers tans...
979. So I can quit paying extra at some stores if I get an XXL for the extra material.
980. To not have to wear a bra 24/7
981. To not avoid my reflection in the mirror perpetually.
982. To not be afraid to be photographed, 'cause I don't want to be immortalized looking as repulsive as I am.
983. To not feel like my face has been swallowed and my eyes are peeking out from the bottom of a well.
984. When people say "you remind me so much of drew barrymore", to have them not have the addendum in their head of "but much heavier".
985. To not cry literally all the way through a book liek Good In Bed 'cause it's so very me. (So many people said it was funny. I actually didn't laugh that much. Just cried.)
986. To not have to have a list like this, 'cause I'm THERE!!! :-)
987. To step out of a car gracefully.
988. To be hugged by my man without him touching a lot of rolls!
989. So I won't feel invisible.
990. to wear my pants belted
991. to not test every single pair of pants I hold up for "stretchy-ness" to see if they will fit
992. to not have people in the Gap and Limited look at me sympathetically like... oh honey, there's nothing here for you
993. to not be embarassed to say, Hello! I'm the Health Educator here!" Ugh
994. to be able to cross my arms! without looking angry!
995. to not cringe when someone says.. oh! You look just like your Mom! when I haven't seen them in years.
996. to not feel like a horrible 5th wheel when I'm out with all of my friends (all young, gorgeous creatures)
997. to not be referred to as Ma'am by people older than ME!
998. to not have women who are heavier than me make jokes about their own weight and nudge me to include me as if to say.. you know what I mean, don't ya?!
999. to finally set free that girl who is a big ball of energy on the inside
1000. So I don't have to live in fear of being in an accident and having the rescue squad crew call for major reinforcements to get me in the ambulance.
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Postby jodestar » Wed Oct 26, 2005 12:37 pm

1001. To be able to run on the beach in a bikini
1002. To feel healthy and sexy
1003. To look as beautiful as i am in the inside
1004. To feel confident
1005. To walk up the hill to our place with out hardly any effort

Postby Dolly » Tue Apr 04, 2006 6:20 pm

1006. So I can finally throw out my huge pile of diet books and magazines.
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Postby roxy » Mon Jun 19, 2006 12:06 pm

1007. so i don't end up like my mother who is grossly overweight and has high blood pressure or to be like her mother who died in August 2004 when she was only 60 something because she never looked after herself. :( still miss her and i really don't want to do that to the people around me...

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Postby Dxenion » Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:16 am

1009 - So I dont have to buy plus sized mens jeans (and say they're for a friend) when actually they're the only ones I can find that are cut for my body shape.
1010 - So I don't have to make excuses to avoid visiting family interstate 'cause I'm too embarrased about how I look.
1011 - So both my dog and I can fit through the door at the same time.
1012 - So I don't have to adjust the fat on my legs to fit into the office chair.
1013 - So my hubby doesn't have to make excuses why we can't have a bath together.
1014 - So that when I let the water out of the bath, I don't have to get up so that the water can get out past my thighs.
1015 - So that I don't organise to do extra shift work just so I've got an excuse why I cant have dinner with Hubby's boss (too embarrassed to be seen).
1016 - So that when my Hubby offers to push me on the swing, I dont have to worry if the chain will break.
1017 - So people don't say how it's good that I'm big and strong to be able to walk three Shepherds. They never seem to notice how well behaved the dogs are....
1018 - So that I don't have to hide what I'm eating (even though it's healthy) when I pull up at the lights. Fat people can run late and eat breaky on the way to work too, you know!
1019 - So I don't have to swap the single couches around because I've flatten the cushions beyond refluffing in the chair I normally sit in. This way they'll both look like an elephant's moved in...
1020 - So I can paddle my kayak and not leave all the saftey gear (and dog) behind because it's at it's maximum weight capacity with just me sitting in it.
1021 - So that I need to buy thigh braces for my kayak to help hold me in it when I eskimo roll, not relying on my inbuilt cushioning in my hips and thighs.
1022 - So that I don't have to tell people that Inuits 'wear' their kayaks for more control, as an excuse for why I have to squeeze into mine.
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Postby Mandie » Mon Nov 13, 2006 12:48 pm

1023 - To have a healthy BMI
1024 - To inspire my future patients
1025 - To inspire my parents to get healthier
1026 - To be fit enough to RUN the City to Surf, not walk it
1027 - To wear a bikini, and be proud
1028 - To wear a miniskirt
1029 - To not have to look at weight limits for ride
1030 - To fit comfortably in an airplane seat
1031 - To not get those "looks" from people when I eat something unhealthy
1032 - To look like the girl I feel on the inside
1033 - To make my new boyfriend proud to be with me
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Postby Dee » Mon Jan 08, 2007 7:07 am

1034. To prove to myself that I can achieve anything if I want it bad enough.
1035. To stop crying everytime I read this list!
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Postby Lols » Fri Jan 12, 2007 1:26 pm

1036: To be able to drive my boyfriends race car comfortabley (at the moment i am barely able to squeeze into the bucket seat n harness.
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Postby EmilyP » Fri Jan 12, 2007 2:32 pm

1037: to say goodbye to backboobs, fat aprons and love handles!
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Postby Bella214 » Fri Jan 12, 2007 9:18 pm

this thread is priceless!

thanks everyone!
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Postby Chunkster » Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:41 pm

Wow...what a great thread!!! I read every one of those points and was smiling at them all cause I know what they all mean. Here's some points I'm gonna add to help me keep motivated!!!

1038 To walk into mainstream clothes stores and look at the clothes rather than the sunglasses, shoes and jewellery.
1039 To not be worried that everyone who meets my husband and I are thinking "How can they possibly have censored?".
1040 To be able to eat in public like everyone else and not feel ashamed.
1041 To not be so worried about the possibility of falling pregnant when diabetes is knocking so loudly.
1042 To know that I have done everything I can to help us fall pregnant when the time is right.
1043 To be confident in the knowledge that people accept my abilities and professionalism without feeling sorry or disgusted for me.
1044 To get healthy and stay healthy for my wonderful husband.

There we go...very similar to so many other points...but then we are all going through the same struggle hey? :D
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Postby holly80 » Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:40 am

935. To not be sick all the time.

Thats me through and through

what a fanatsic thread.... LOVE IT. Its a huge motivation.


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Postby madgicsh » Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:59 pm

1045 So that when I get to Hawaii on August 8 :lol: and have a swim, large groups of volunteers don't try to push me back out to sea! :oops:
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Postby Fireball » Fri Apr 25, 2008 7:32 am

You are soo hilarious. But it is not worth taking the risk.! :lol:

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