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Thinkin’ on my road trip…

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Thinkin’ on my road trip…

Postby seo3in1fitness » Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:11 pm

As I was making my way to Washington, DC this past weekend, I was thinking about my business and ways in which I can be a motivational source for my clients. I believe that is truly the role of the coach — to be that “shot in the arm” for a client when they just can’t muster up enough passion on their own to push towards their goal and keep their eyes on the mark.

Making good life-style choices is more than just picking the apple over the apple pie or the multi-grain bread over the “white demon”. These choices are definitely the beginning of your wellness journey; however, I see a wellness journey as more of a “mindset”. It’s viewing our bodies and our minds as gifts… gifts that we need to actively take care of and protect as best we can. It’s not necessarily about perfection. It’s about doing the best with what we have.

Anyone rich enough can pay to have their bodies worked on by plastic surgeons. In fact, some people are motivated enough to save for their special day under the knife. And, I’m not knocking plastic surgery. However, that only takes care of the outside. Watching someone incorporate a healthy eating plan, a sensible cardio and weight training program and daily, mental “time-outs” for soulful rejuvination will have long-lasting and more profitable wellness results. But, it’s not a quick fix. We won’t look and feel fantastic instantaneously. It requires our time. It requires personal investment; not just a monetary investment.

It’s like anything else in life — we appreciate those things we work for. Get passionate about YOU! Whatever it is you decide to do to stay “moving” — do it with gusto and desire. Reaching goals will be empowering.

So…back to my thoughts while driving to DC… I heard a line in a song by Rascal Flatts. The words really sum up my outlook on my life. Maybe it will spur you on, as well: “I wanna be runnin’ when the sand runs out.”
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