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Natalie's story

Tell us about your weight loss successes and experiences.

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Postby Guest » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:18 pm

HI Dolly
i may just do that!! :lol: hee hhe

Postby natalie » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:36 pm

Hiya sis!

I was supprised to see yr message here! Thankyou for your nice words.I know you know how hard this is and it means alot to me that you are proud of me.

thanks again sis.x. :D

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So Proud

Postby Livy » Thu Apr 20, 2006 12:56 pm

Hi Nat,
Just read your story, and you are truly amazing! CONGRATULATIONS on that HUGE weightloss, that is quite incredible. You must be so proud of yourself. You must be seeing parts of your body you haven't seen in sometime! ( I am looking foreward to shaving my bikini line).
Everyone focuses on what everyone else thinks. We all do, and even those who say they don't care do too! We all want to be respected and approved of by others. However, all that truly matters is what YOU think of YOU.
Unfortunately people do try and discourage you for their own selfish reasons. For example many husbands worry their wives will be prettier and won't love, or want them anymore. Freinds worry that they won't be the 'best looking' anymore, if you lose weight and look fantastic. Lots of people have their own selfish reasons why they discourage you.
I know myself, my whole family is skinny except me. It has always been that way, and I think they like it that way, it makes them feel superior somehow.
What you have acheived so far is absolutely STAGGERING. Another 7kgs will be a walk in the park!!
How sexy do you feel now? Betcha they all check you out now, for all the RIGHT reasons!!!
Love Liv
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Postby KimE » Thu Apr 20, 2006 8:41 pm

Hi Nat and well done you truly are an inspiration. Your attitude is excellent and can certainly make all the difference and it sounds like you don't let other people get you down with their own problems or negative talk. I haven't come across any of that yet but strangely enough my husband has! One of the ladies where he works asks about my 'diet' quite a bit and then gets put out when he says how well I am doing. Strange, I don't even know her very well. :?

Anyway congrats to you and keep up the great work.

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Postby Hayleyd » Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:35 pm

Hi Natalie,
Thank you for sharing your story..I only discovered this website a couple of days ago and will begin my journey tomorrow.Hopefully I can be as inspiring as you.As for your sister posting on this site and for her words about you-how special is she.Good on you Natalie.Your story will hopefully keep me on the right track.
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