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Tell us about your weight loss successes and experiences.

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Re: Blog listing

Postby kaithsandy » Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:24 pm

This is my blog [Deleted]
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Reason: Personal blogs are fine. Commercial "blogs" are not. Sorry.
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Re: Blog listing

Postby journeyman » Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:07 am

It's pretty sad to see that most of these blogs haven't been updated in ages.

Anyways, I have a blog. I write in it daily and do my best to make it more then my journey.
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Re: Blog listing

Postby lin.k » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:19 am

With you Journeyman, sad to see not many to be recent...
But i have only just started mine so i will see how i go - love your blog BTW Journeyman very good stuff..

So here is mine everyone, feel free to stop by

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Re: Blog listing

Postby wants2loseWEIGHT » Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:44 am

Yours are all inspiring. Will try to make one this week. I just hope I will have all the time to update it. :lol:
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Facebook weightloss page

Postby Wobbles34 » Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:10 am

Here is my facebook weightloss journey page. xxx ... 161?ref=hl


week ONE 110kgs!!!!!!!!!!!

week ELEVEN - 100.9kgs
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Re: Blog listing

Postby CronicBadger » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:07 pm

My blog, The Badger's Set. It's not updated regularly, and it's not predominantly a weigh-loss blog, since I use the "personal Progress" forum for that.
Striving to improve in every way possible.
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Postby FXST01 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:47 pm

Sarrah wrote:This is my blog: HelloCurves!


Access Denied. :shock: I really meant no trouble. :D
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Re: Blog listing

Postby admin » Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:20 am

Just tried that hello curves as well but im locked out as well.....probably a defunk site.
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Re: Blog listing

Postby Nikole1971 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:57 pm

My Blog :

Happy and Healthy and Me
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Re: Blog listing

Postby Blitz » Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:26 am

Nikole1971 wrote:Anyone who is reading this (if anyone is) and who may be considering a change of lifestyle. I can only say…do it.

Stop making excuses. Stop letting that voice in your head tell you that you’re going to fail. I’m 43 years old and for the first time in my life, I’m feeling what it’s like to be healthy and to have energy. I am constantly wondering what else I can do if I put my mind to it??

For the first time, I’ve believed in myself, and refused to make excuses or give up on myself.

Just finished reading your blog Nikole. Enjoyed the read. 8)
I found the above quoted section particularly excellent.
I like that you are talking in terms of "change of lifestyle", getting real and believing in your self - this is the type of thinking that will give you success. :D

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Blog listing

Postby JP1 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:16 pm

yeah nice read Nikole, hope you have managed to keep up your healthy lifestyle..
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