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Name calling

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Re: Name calling

Postby dietmehappy » Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:43 am

Oh hun, I know exactly what you mean & i am so, so sorry. It cuts like a knife. If only people knew how much stupid ignorant comments effect us eh? I have had this countless times, in the supermarket, out dancing, at work or simply driving around in my car on a sunday afternoon. I hate that feeling so much, and I too have come home in tears and had my partner so 'oh well, he/she is obviously unhappy with themselved, dont worry babe!" but it doesnt help. no one who hasnt experienced this type horrific bullying could ever understand. No matter how i try to justify it, and how we all talk about it, i know it still cuts deep, and im sorry you have to go through that. I have been reading through some of these things we have been posting - and i have to say, we are pretty damn fantastic and you are all right - if i knew who that guy was i would wear his balls as earrings. What a toser! When this happens to me, i want to curl up and die - but i do try to tell myself 'I am freaking fabulous and you are a twat, and look at where i will be in five years, where as that twat will still be getting his/her kicks from abusing people they dont know - in know which one i would rather!' Either way, take time to congratulate yourself and how amazing you are doing - i did notice how much these comments effected me when I was huge, hating myself, feeling guilty etc and not doing anything about it - to now (where i am still big!) but feel so much better about myself. You are changing your life, and that it FREAKING AMAZING! You rock! Good luck and dont let anyone stop you from achieving your goals - you deserve it!
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