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My journey up and down the scales

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My journey up and down the scales

Postby Peterpullar » Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:28 pm

When I was young, I wanted to be big.
I did not have a specific goal.
I liked the thought of being more significant and I remember being told that I would not become big and strong unless I ate my meals.
I almost always ate plenty of food.
I usually said yes to any offers of second helpings of food.
Often when there was some food that my sister had on her plate that she did not want to eat, I would often eat it for her. That was wonderful for my sister as our mother did not want us to leave food on our plates.
I had a fairly active lifestyle and I was neither fat nor trim. I did not really want to be trim, though I often thought I would love to be fat.
At 10 years of age I went to boarding school. I enjoyed the food much more there, and was able to eat a lot. I began to enjoy the significance of being the boy who ate more than just about anybody else. One day I emptied the salt shaker into the sugar bowl. I did not realize that the kitchen staff emptied all the sugar bowls into the sugar bin, and the next morning, dozens of boarders complained that their cereal was salty. I had to eat all my meals outside the dining room for the remainder of the year. No second helpings.
I left that boarding school and started at a school in Melbourne. They had no vacancies for boarders so I stayed with my grandmother. I put on so much weight that my trousers split. I did not mind at all as they were mended and altered for me. I just don't like the stretch marks that I got. I lost some of that weight over the school holidays as I was fairly active and ate lots of salads.
The following year I was a boarder and enjoyed being known as one of the two boys who ate the most in the dining room.
One school term I decided to become slim. I ate very little other than a piece of fruit at each meal. Nobody said anything to me about it. I did lose weight and I also got a very bad case of the flu. I remember that term holidays doing a long swim. I felt faint and could hardly stand up at the end of it. I was cold and shivering even though the weather was fairly warm. While it was an interesting experience, I did not want to do it again.
The next term I was back to eating a lot again.
I was not interested in sports such as football or cricket. I did like swimming but never got on the team. I think almost everybody was surprised how I was able to complete the cross-country run. The following year I started to run regularly after school as I enjoyed the challenge, and being able to jog a few miles.
After I left school, I mainly cooked for myself. I liked big meals with plenty of steak and vegetables. I also enjoyed Gym and swimming.
I spent a few months traveling overseas, and to make my money last longer, I spent very little on food. I was doing a lot of walking at the time. I lost a lot of weight yet was healthy.
In later years I have sometimes wanted to become fit and regularly went to the gym. I was putting in a lot of time and effort, yet not getting the results that I wanted. Most of the advice that I was given did not work for me. I either felt tired and weak, became less fit or even injured myself several times.
I purchased Tom Venuto's book and began applying some of what I learned, and began to get more of the results that I really wanted to for for my efforts.
I like having plenty of strength though often have not minded being heavier. Yet I have enjoyed seeing how I look without carrying so much extra fat. I have particularly enjoyed the comments that I have received from other people when I have had less body fat.
This year 2008 being a bit short of money, I began buying cheaper foods. Pasta, grains and free bread may stretch my budget. They also do not give me much energy and they stretch my waistline.
I was up to 90 Kilograms and I decided to reduce my body fat. That meant spending more on delicious fresh organically grown vegetables, kangaroo mince, skinless chicken breast and fish.
I do have a feeling of loss as I see the reading on the scale going down to 88 Kilograms. At times feel impatient as I still see fat around my waist. I do have much more energy and can measure a trend towards a lower waist measurement.
While the Tanita body fat monitor scale at the gym gives weird readings (11.2% is absolute nonsense), the simple cheap Accu-Measure skinfold calipers are indicating a trend towards a lower body fat percentage.

For me it is easy to lose weight.
I can fairly easily lose weight without losing health and strength. when I am committed to achieving that goal.
I feel sad as I see so many people attempting to lose weight and not getting the results that they want despite their effort and self discipline.
I can so often see them make the same mistakes that I made.
Chances are that they would not want to know what I know as much of it conflicts with what their friends believe.
The media and the shelves of bookshops are absolutely full of advice that is either useless or most likely to be incorrectly applied.
I believe that more important than the information is the understanding of yourself. Knowing your own individual body. Your own aspirations and desires.
As you become more aware of your own individual needs, you can begin to set action steps towards the achievement of your goals.
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