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My Story

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My Story

Postby Idyllbub » Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:06 pm

I have a really weird weight loss story...

I've always been somewhat slim to average, but lately ive been overindulging. It happend the first time during the HSC: I'm an emotional eater and I was stressed. After the HSC I wanted to lose the weight for ages, and finally ended up on one meal a day, which worked but just isn't healthy!

Now I've gained what I had plus some, (possibly because I went on the pill), and im beginning to get chubby. I went away for a week (about a month ago) and while away from home I made the effort to only eat healthy,and didnt buy anything which was remotely unhealthy or fattening. But when I came back I discovered I'd gained a kilo! I sort of got into a depressed loop and didnt care, and then now im suddenly the biggest i've ever been and terrified of getting bigger... in just one month. :( really don't want to be bigger, my breasts ache and all my bras are too small now, and I just don't like looking like I do. Just looking for support I guess... need to find the willpower to be able to get back to my goal weight of just below 60.
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Re: My Story

Postby Amethyst » Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:45 pm

Yeah the HSC sucks. It's good your catching the problem so early. I look forward to seeing your progress
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