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Kylie's story so far

Tell us about your weight loss successes and experiences.

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Kylie's story so far

Postby Kylie » Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:43 am

Hi guys, I thought I would share my story so far with you all. It will also help me reflect on my thoughts, motivation and struggles when I am down or need some perspective.

I started to lose weight at the beginning of last year (2005). I was 105kg. I tried to do Aerobics Oz style most mornings before work and I used to do a set of lunges, squats, pushups and weights. I used to go for a walk most nights (for about 20-30min) but not all the time.
I then got serious about it this year. I started walking 5km each day to a milkbar to buy the paper. I was awesome. I was loving it. I really enjoyed my weightloss (I had lost 16kg) and I was happy!! I then started doing a little bit more. I joined the gym and began body pump and cycling class (once or twice a week) and I even went swimming (me? in bathers??? It was so hard at first) and I swam, maybe once a week too, on top of my 5km daily walk.

I got down to 77kg and I loved myself!!! Then I hit a wall. My weight had plateued. I felt like I had stepped it up as much as I could (time and energy wise) and I couldn't budge anymore fat! I don't know where my enthusiasm went, I don't know how I lost my motivation and discipline but it just faded away. And here I am. I am back up to 82kg.

I am still struggling mentally and trying to gain back that strong will I once had. I am trying to remember how great I felt and I am trying to focus on being healthy and thin. But it is hard. I remember it was this hard at the beginning of my weightloss. However I just need to remind myself that back then, I was 105kg, and now I am only 82kg so it is much better than before and I don't need to be that hard on myself.
I think I get disappointed with myself because I tell myself I should be going back to my healthy ways immediately (walking 5km, swimming, aerobics etc) however, I guess I just need to ease myself back into it gently, like I did in the beginning.
Its very hard to comvince myself that this is a new beginning and requires baby steps because another part of my brain says "C'mon! You used to be able to do this and that, so get to it!"

I am at my new beginning. I am going to try and forget what I "used" to do and how I "used" to be. I need to find a new way of thinking and not be expected to jump into the deepend just because "I used to be able to do it"

I am starting now.

Here are my guidelines for myself:

~ I am going to try and stick to a calorie controlled diet. I will try to eat no more than 1500 calories a day.
~ I will try to eat a small dinner
~ I will not eat anything after 7pm
~ I will cut back immensely on alcohol
~ I will try to drink 2L of water a day
~ I will exercise every single day (and start off slowly)
~ I will walk daily (30mins minimum) and I will lift weights and do sit ups
~ I will tell myself daily that I am good enough and deserve this and that I am worth it dammit!
~ When dining out, I will order a salad, grilled fish or other healthy alternatives -even though these are more expensive than pizza/pata etc
~ I will try to have 1 or more pieces of fruit and vegetables each day
~ I will try to cut out snacks at work (minimal or NO biscuits, cakes etc). I will bring my own healthy snacks instead (sultanas, fruit, rice cakes).
~ I will keep a food diary and I'll be honest
~ I will weigh myself once a week ONLY. I am becomming obsessed with the scales so once a week is enough from now on!

Any advice or concerns would be welcome. I feel much better about getting that off my chest. I am sick of feeling like a failure and ashamed of who I am but this is it. I am starting it now!

Wish me luck, guys!
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Sun Nov 12, 2006 11:01 am


Hi kylie :)

thanks for sharing that with us. my tip is that drinking at least 2 litres of water will work wonders! i agree, you have done well in the past but this is the start of something new. you need to not be disheartened by your weight gain but think of it as a learning curve. we all reach plateaus, and when you get to that stage we are all here to support you and offer advice as to how to kick things along again. reading what you wrote gave me the impression that you feel like a failure because you have put on that weight and because you cant immediately jump back into the regime you were in previously. i just want to give you a big hug!! i have no doubt that you can reach your goal :) all your plans on your list sound good, ease yourself back into it and your body will start absorbing it all and you will run like clockwork again. kudos to you for doing something about your weight kylie.
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Postby Mandie » Sun Nov 12, 2006 11:05 am

Good on you Kylie!

You can do it - we will do our best to motivate and support you along the way!

Try to remember how fantastic you felt when you first lost weight, and aim for that feeling again!
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Postby desert_me » Sun Nov 12, 2006 11:55 am

Congrats for not putting it all back on!
That in itself is a major achievement.

As for the plateau - it's better to tread water than go back to bad habits.

I went crazy on exercise, got obsessed with the scales, and stopped losing weight. Exhausted, I stopped most exercise, except for walking 5km most days, and the odd bit of home renovation work. I also stopped counting calories, relying on newer healthier habits to keep me going. Still weighed myself every day, though.

After weeks of plateau, and the occasional binge, I am starting to lose weight again. Sometimes the body just needs a rest...
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Postby KimE » Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:37 pm

Thanks Kylie for sharing that with us.

I am very interested in why people put weight back on after loosing it...purely selfish of course, it was too damn hard the first time around I don't want to repeat it! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and am gaining a few insights from it.

I think your plan is excellent!! Realistic and it's not all about pushing yourself to ridiculous levels but moving back into your healthy ways. Well done for not putting all of the weight back on a great achievement in itself.
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