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New Start Again. First time on Duromine

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New Start Again. First time on Duromine

Postby teddybear17 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:21 pm

Hi everyone, I just posted in the introduction, been here before but not for a long time. I just got my prescription filled for duromine, bit of a shock with the cost, but am hoping it will be a good investment in my future.
Weighing in later, so will be able to put a ticker on, if I can remember how to do it, had one 6 years ago on the sureslim forum, but put on 40 of the 50 kgs I had lost, have only lost about 10 of them
Looking forward to your encouragement and will offer any support I can.

This is my first major goal.
Next one is to get under 80kgs.
Finally, somewhere around 60kgs.
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Re: New Start Again. First time on Duromine

Postby Roblyssa » Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:12 pm

Hey mate, good luck on the Duromine.

I am just about to finish my first month on it, and my doctor is taking me off it. He did give me a script for another month, but left it up to me to fill it or not.

I had some bloods taken 3 weeks ago, and they came back informing me of an underactive thyroid, so the doctor has given me thyroxin to take in it's place, to assist the thyroid function.

I didn't lose that much on the Duromine, and to be honest, I am really disappointed!! But I had NO side effects, I did take mine VERY early in the morning (without food) and was never sick, dizzy, whatever, and I had very light sleeps for 4 days before everything went back to normal.

Good luck, keep us updated!
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