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maggiesmays journey

Tell us about your weight loss successes and experiences.

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maggiesmays journey

Postby maggiemay » Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:07 am

Hi I was really encouraged by your journey....
my own journey was that of battling illness, operations ect for many years am now 62yrs old I have yow yowed with trying to loose weight for many years now, used food as a comfort blanket, I got to the point I felt embarased to leave the house, I tryed to look presentable as much as possible, could never find clothing to fit me that were on sale, I went on a weight loss programme on my own and couldn't wait to get down to a size 16 of which I did as that would take me out of the big girls clothing stores to the normal size clothing stores, though I found to my horror that the so called normal clothing stores sizes started at size 14, to me that was a slap in the face... so began to eat again as much as I tried I just couldn't do it anymore, it wasn't just that factor in play there was many other factors in my life at the same time, so over the course of the next few years i piled it all back on again... 2 yrs ago I suffered a life threatening condition called Peracardial effussion and ended up in the coronary care unit I almost died twice, from that my joints began to get very sore in my lower spine, hip and my knee, by that time I could barely move around because of the pain, I was on morphine for the pain which didn't help in the end I came back to NZ with my daughters help, I kept telling the doctors that the pain was really bad they just said take the morphine I said it wasn't helping, os I was refered to a orphopedic specialist who ordered an MRI of my lower spine and they found that I had compression on my nerve endings and was prescribed GABAPENTIN for the pain, I can now walk in october last year I weighed 117.60kg NOW I weigh 105kg weigh in tomorrow, I reside near a park so I walk through it or around it depending on how I am, I have chosen not to eat processed foods at all, suger, margarine, butter.. I am a strict vegetarian so eat alot of veges and fruit, my snacks are a variety of unsalted nuts, dates, and I had a problem at night while watching tv of snacking I keep a jar of pumpkin seeds near my chair I have found a mouth full of them helps alot and they are good for me... I like what you said about taking snacks from the fridge not the pantry, and eating like a slim person, that is encouraging... thankyou maggiemay
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