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My Journey to the forbidden Side....LIPOWRAP

Tell us about your weight loss successes and experiences.

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Re: My Journey to the forbidden Side....LIPOWRAP

Postby GoddessInside » Sat May 24, 2008 10:20 am

Now now ladies, Im sure that it reallllyyyyyyy does work :twisted: :wink:
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Re: My Journey to the forbidden Side....LIPOWRAP

Postby Jisgone » Sat May 24, 2008 5:12 pm

of course it works :P just like all the other magic creams that dissolve fat!
at the end of the day cellulite is just fat, and if there was something that could dissolve it we'de all be at our goal weights minus the effort!
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Re: My Journey to the forbidden Side....LIPOWRAP

Postby [email protected]@T » Mon May 26, 2008 11:32 am

Well I hate to be the bearer of possibly inaccurate news :) but hey these are my latest results....

On Friday last week I posted that the Lipowrap had done nothing for me and that the so claimed inches off your waist line was possibly just a lie, or words to that effect...

I also stated I would use my wraps on the one area but changed my mind on Saturday.

On Saturday I cut one of the wraps in half and slapped them on and around my love handles.

I measured my waist this morning and to my surprise I have gone from 94cm(Fridays Measurement) to 91cm(This mornings measurement).....?

I have been doing a 30 minute workout now for 2 weeks (every second night) so it is hard to say if it is the exercise, the wraps or a combination of both....? It is a little coincidental though…?

I have 2 wraps left and will be using them again this week. I will post back once I have results for my next lipowrap session.

This time I'm going to have a warm bath and exfoliate like they recommend, it is claimed better results are achieved when you follow these instructions.

If the wraps did take an inch off my waistline then how long will it last? I can't imagine it would be possible for them to do any more than remove some fluid from your body and if this is the case and the size comes back once you stop using then I am not really interested in this product. But if by some miracle a combination of exercise and lipowrap achieves results I could not otherwise achieve by exercise alone, well then I might just say…..

Time will tell….
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