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Postby SURVIVOR » Sun Sep 11, 2005 3:01 pm

Wow, about the nightterrors sometimes they are so bad Juanita (16yo) and I end up in tears. they were getting longer, my doc said do not wake him but 8 minutes is a very long time to be screaming in absolute teror and calling mummy help me. Shanes child psych told me to wash his face immediately as the longer he goes the worse the responses (the 8 minute one he wet himself , woke up and was so upset that he had wet himself) so I washed his face last night and he woke in less than a minute, ended up in my bed but at least it was not too traumatic. I think I eat to comfort myself so am going to really have to focus on more positive things to do when I am unhappy, afraid, stressed etc. Its all learning curve I guess. Great to make friends!



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