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The Golden Rules of Weight Loss

The Golden Rules of Weight loss

The Golden Rules of Weight loss

The golden rules to leading a healthy lifestyle and successful weight loss are;

  1. Keep it real
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Keep it going

A Simple Guide to Nutrition

When it comes to food, keep it real and simple! We want to eat foods that have not been (highly) processed and have reduced nutritional value. Food and its nutrients should be consumed in its whole complete form, wherever possible, enabling our body to acquire all the available nutrients from the food source.

Nature delivers food raw, not in colourful packaging! As a general rule of thumb, if it looks like it came from the ground or an animal (in its original state, or very close to it) then it’s probably better for you.

Portion control is a crucial element of weight loss and weight management. Aim for smaller portions spaced out over four to six meals per day (dietitians generally recommend three main meals and two snacks each day and we base our diet plans on three main meals and three snacks each day).

Consuming smaller portions over an extended period allows our bodies to stabilise our appetite, helping to reduce cravings. Eating regularly eases the feeling of hunger that can lead to overeating when we skip meals.

Be sure to sip water throughout the day, eat slowly (twenty minutes is a good target to have for a main meal) and remember to enjoy your food. This will improve digestion and your ability to manage portions effectively.

A Simple Guide to Exercise

Keeping it simple with exercise, simply means moving more.

Exercise is essential for optimum health. Regular exercise has been shown to decrease the risk of many serious health conditions including Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Depression & Obesity. Moderate and high intensity exercise sessions are great for burning loads of energy fast, but we should never underestimate the power in simple activities like walking, stretching and lifting. Early morning walks and regular incidental exercise helps to speed up our metabolism, burn continuous energy throughout the day and will add years to our life…literally.

The key to keeping things interesting with a fitness routine is trying new types of exercise. And there are many different types of activities to try, including gym classes, swimming, bike riding, walking, running, Pilates, yoga or even dancing. The secret is to find something you enjoy. This will make it easier to turn an occasional exercise session into a healthy lifestyle built on a foundation of daily exercise.

A Simple Guide to Healthy Behaviour

Finally, good health and weight loss success are simply byproducts of healthy habits.

Our daily habits are the collection of little things that keep everything on track, even when we don’t ‘feel like doing it’. Focusing on two or three simple health tips each week and aiming to make them part of our daily routine before adding new ones is the key to changing our lives.

Lifestyle change comes with its challenges. Bad days are inevitable. Maintaining a positive attitude and consciously changing our mindset will ensure such days occur less frequently and don’t derail our progress.

Essential this requires keeping our thoughts in check. It’s ok to want to push ourselves harder, but not to put ourselves down in the process. Negative self-talk is our enemy and won’t help any of us to achieve a healthy lifestyle balance.

Rather than seeing healthy food choices and exercising as something to be dreaded, instead see it as an opportunity and a necessity to achieving your health & lifestyle goals for a better future.

Good luck with your weight loss and thanks for visiting

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Diet Plans

Our Summer Diet Plan for 2016 incorporates brand new recipes with lighter options for the warmer weather that the whole family can enjoy. The package contains a 4 week diet plan, 100 plus full recipes, an exercise plan, and a printed Summer Salads recipe book.
This is a great four week diet plan for winter because it contains a range of winter warmer dishes, hearty soups, etc. This diet plan has 2-3 dinner choices per day, to offer flexibility and cater for different tastes. This PDF includes over 100 delicious recipes which you can print or save to your tablet or computer.
This is great for summer because it includes plenty of salads & lighter meals that won't keep you tied to the kitchen. This is a 2 week quick kick start diet plan. This PDF includes over 50 delicious recipes which you can print or save to your tablet or computer.
This plan incorporates recipes with everyday ingredients. Pies, Soups, Pastas and even some desserts. We give you a choice of breakfasts & dinners each day. This PDF includes recipe links only.
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