Weight loss Success Stories

Reading stories about others who have successfully lost weight can help to inspire those of us with weight loss aspirations. With weight loss there's no such thing as a solution that will work for everyone, we're all different and need to find the approach that is right for us. Reading about other people's weight loss journey and what worked and didn't work for them can help us what's right and wrong for us too.

Below you’ll find the weight loss success stories of a range of people with different backgrounds and circumstances which we hope will inspire and possibly help you find the right weight loss course for you.

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Tracey's Weight loss Success Story

From Tragedy to Triumph

Looking at Tracey today, it's hard to believe that such a happy, healthy, attractive and vibrant career woman was once an overweight single mother with low self-esteem who lost her father to preventable lifestyle related illness.

Tracey's weight loss journey is an inspirational one and tells exactly how she successfully turned her life around.

Read all about Tracey's Story here.

Tracey's Weight Loss

Kim Waring's Weight loss Success Story

Take all the Photos you want!

Kim Waring successfully lost 26 kilograms in less than a year.

Kim is an active and supportive member of our very own weight loss forum and attributes some of her weight loss success to her fellow forum members.

We're proud and delighted to bring you Kim's weight loss success story.

Read Kim's Story to see how she did it!

Kim Waring's Weight loss Story

Ian's Weight loss Success Story

Patience and Persistence Pays!

Ian Burch successfully lost 15 kilograms and has kept it off.

His story is an inspirational one that demonstrates that successful weight loss can be achieved without making drastic lifestyle changes.

Ian's story also highlights the importance of persistence and patience in weight loss.

Read Ian's Story to follow his example!

Ian's Weight Loss

Paul's Weight loss Story

A New Zest for Life!

In his late 50's Paul is so fit you'd never believe he suffered a heart attack at the age of 38.

Paul's story is an inspiration to all and demonstrates how dramatically each of us can improve our health and fitness.

If you think you're getting too old to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, read Paul's Story.

Samantha's Weight loss Story

Everyone Should Feel this Good!

What a difference losing 50 kilograms can make!

And that's exactly how much weight loss Samantha achieved.

As well as improving her health, Samantha now has more energy, more confidence, higher self-esteem and you can judge for yourself how great she looks by checking out her before and after shots.

Read Samantha's Story and be inspired!

Samantha's Weight Loss

Two Wedding Weight loss Success Stories

Two Wedding Dreams Fulfilled!

Tahli wanted to lose weight so she could fit into the wedding dress she had deliberately ordered a size too small.

Her weight loss was so successful, she ended up having to have the dress made even smaller!

Loving couple Robyn and Brenton wanted to walk down the aisle looking like the number 11 and not 00.

They achieved their goal.

Read their Stories and find out how!

Two Wedding Weight loss Stories

Kim Phillips' Weight loss success Story

Kim went from weighing 145Kgs to 70Kgs!

Kim Phillips lost an amazing 75kgs naturally on the Ultra Lite Weight Management program.

Here we ask Kim what her weight loss motivation was, the difficulties she encountered, how she lost all the weight, and how losing so much weight has changed her life.

Read Kim's Amazing Story right here and be amazed at her transformation.

Kim's weight loss success story

Meriel's Weight loss Story

A Courageous Example to All!

Most natural, long-term weight loss success stories are encouraging because achieving sustainable weight loss is rarely easy.

But Meriel's story is extra special, not only because she lost a total of 40 kilograms, but also because she lost all that weight while being confined to a wheelchair.

Read all about Meriel's Weight loss journey here.


Sarah's Weight loss Story

Now I love shopping for clothes!

One of the worst things about putting on weight is that it's hard to find clothes that fit and make you look good.

With the help of SureSlim, Sarah Reid lost 40 kilograms and dropped 5 dress sizes in 10 months. Sarah now loves buying new clothes and looking at her after photo it's easy to see why.

Read about Sarah's Weight loss story here.


Robyn's Weight loss Story

I can't stop smiling, life is great!

Robyn turned her life around by losing 24 kilograms in less than 12 months and the smile on her face speaks for itself.

Robyn's success story is an inspirational one and shows that with the right help, this time from the weight loss professionals at At Home and their Rapid Weight Loss Program, anything is possible.

Read about Robyn's Weight loss story here.

Robyn's Before and After Photos

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