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Delicious Diet Shakes

Treadmills - We Deliver To You

Cardio equipment are as essential as your diet plans and nutritional supplements. Utilise all of these in conjunction with each other and you'll be saying hello to fitter and sexier new you in no time.

Visit Gym and Fitness today and check out our massive treadmill selection. All items available are the most affordable prices possible!



Isagenix - 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program

Whether you are looking to lose kilo's and cms, improve performance and recover or combat the aging process and improve overall health, Isagenix has long-term health and fitness solutions for you.

The 30-Day Program provides the first step to taking control of your life, achieving your peak performance and managing your weight.

Phone Heidi on 0402 472 236 or visit website for more information.


Delicious Diet Shakes

Oh-So-Simple Diet Shakes - Only Online From $1.89 Each

Losing weight has never been so simple or affordable. Oh-So-Simple diet shakes are great tasting & packed with vitamins, minerals, protein & fibre to help you lose weight fast.

Our free simple diet plans and recipes will show you how to combine Oh-So-Simple shakes with healthy and tasty meals to suit your lifestyle and tastes. And all this from only $1.89 per shake delivered to your door.

We also have SIMPLE exercise plans, SIMPLE diaries to download, SIMPLE weight loss tools and tips which are free to access for everyone who purchases our shakes. So what have you got to lose? Give them a try today!


Think Yourself Thin

Think Yourself Thin

You Can Think Yourself Thin Do you wonder why some people eat whatever they like and still remain thin, while others glance sideways at a piece of chocolate and the kilos pile on? Perhaps it comes down to pure genetic luck, after all we are stuck with the bodies we are born with—right? Think again! Science has shown us that our genes are controlled by our perceptions. You literally have the power to Think Yourself Thin!  Discover how in this FREE eBook report.



The Ultimate HypnoSlim Program

Have you tried every weight loss gimmick possible?  Do things go well for the first week or two before old habits slowly creep back in?  Do you pile on all the weight you lost, plus an extra pound or two to spare? There is an easier way!

Hypnotherapy can help you make deep and lasting changes to the way you eat, think and feel. 

Instant access means you can begin creating your dream body right now. Money Back Guarantee.


Weight Loss with Flowers

Weight Loss with Flower Essences

Working as a Naturopath for over ten years I am aware that it is often the mind that holds us back from weight-loss. As hard as people try to make changes in their lives, if they are still holding onto old patterns and past trauma changes are hard to make.

Weight loss with Flower Essence blends work on clearing old patterns and beliefs, allowing new positive beliefs to be laid down, making weight-loss and maintenance easier.

Blends from $25.60

To find out more, Click Here.

Marilyn's Plan for Weight loss

Marilyn's Plan for Weight loss Book

Want to lose weight the easiest and most inexpensive way?

I am a Registered Nurse & have developed & written a simple Weight Loss Plan. No more dieting & going to bed hungry. No gimmicks & fads. Just good commonsense eating.

Kick start your healthy living & weight loss goal now.


400 Calorie Dinners

400 Calorie Dinners Recipe Book - $9.95

Free Delivery to Anywhere in Australia

This recipe book has 24 great recipes that you can make for dinner and not feel guilty. We developed this book as a guide to to what 400 calories would look like as many are a little confused with portions. The meals are simple to make, tasty and use most pantry items. This would also make a great present for others who are wanting to be more healthy.

Click here to order your copy Recipe Book.

Order your Essential Guide to Pilates DVD now!

Yoga for Beginners DVD - $20

Yoga tones muscles, increases flexiblilty, calms the mind and can improve overall health. This unique beginner yoga sequence will teach you yoga breathing and take you step by step through a full range of yoga poses that will strengthen, stretch and revitalise your body. You will notice results from your very first practice adn as you become familiar with the postures both your goa practice and your body will evolve in an uplifting and truly empowering way.

Click here to order your copy.

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