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Skinny Body Care

Skinny Body Care

Would you like to use a product that actually loses weight with skinny body care? 

My name is Steven and today you will start you weight loss with the assistance of skinny body care. At skinny body care we have proven weight loss powder for both daytime and nightime powder…. That’s right lose weight while you sleep. We also have ant- wrinkle cream and general skin care products.  All this with a 30 day money back guarantee on the products. 

Check out the different products on our products page.


We only sell the best - MediBall Pro Swiss Balls

MediBall Pro is recognised as the professionals choice of Swiss Balls. They are used by Fitness First, Virgin Active and The Australian Army.

These are manufactured in Australia, for the needs of the health and fitness industry.

All MediBall Pro Swiss Balls come with a pump, DVD and Exercise Chart. The MediBall Pro is BPA and come in a range of colours and sizes to suit your height.

MediBall Pro is the only university designed and tested Swiss ball in the world with a burst-resistance rating of 500kg.

Nearly ALL imported ball products contain Phthalates - these are harmful to your health and may cause cancer and hormonal imbalance.


MediBall Pro

MediBall Pro

45cm: for people less than 150cm tall - $75.00 plus delivery

55cm: for people 150 - 165cm tall - $82.00 plus delivery

65cm: for people 165 - 180cm tall - $90.00 plus delivery

75cm: for people 180 - 200cm tall - $105.00 plus delivery

Delivery is $15.00 & is included in prices below.

Available in 4 colours - Purple, Blue, Silver and Red - Please add your preferred colour in the message box when you purchase.


Swiss Ball Web

Swiss Ball Web - $65

Swiss-Ball-Web with Resistance Cord (Ball Not Included)

This Swiss Ball Exercise Web fits over 55 to 75 cm Swiss Balls to enable you to do a wider range of exercises and get a total body workout from your Swiss Ball.

TheBallWeb is ideal for all ages and fitness levels no matter what your exercise goals, the BallWeb can help with toning, strengthening and core stability.

This is a God-send for the mobile fitness trainer. Challenging the beginner right through to the elite athlete.

Cost AUD$65 plus $15 delivery.

Pedometer Digi Walker

Pedometer Digi-Walker

Walk yourself fit!

The Japanese made Yamax Pedometers are extremely Accurate & Reliable (University Tested & Recommended), offer the latest in Step Counter Technology & Features (3D Accelerometers). They have won awards with Choice Magazine, About.com & Bestcovery.

Features: Flip screen, step counter, metal clip, 3+ years battery life, 12 month warrenty.

Price: $57 includes delivery

Summer 2016 Diet Plan

2016 Summer Diet Plan

This is a great diet plan to help you lose weight. Our Summer Diet Plan for 2016 incorporates brand new recipes with lighter options for the warmer weather that the whole family can enjoy. Our plan is easy to follow, gives you meal choices and is basically normal food.

The plan covers breakfast (2 options), mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner (2 options).

Option 1 - $25 Plan Only (Aust & World Wide)

This option is the plan with recipe links to our site. The plan is 28 pages (a day to a page) and all you need to do is click on the link of which recipe you would like and it will take you straight the recipe on our site.

Option 2 - $35 (Aust & World Wide)

This option is the 4 Week Diet Plan and 100+ supporting recipes. All recipes are in a seperate attachent with photos and supporting infomation to help you with an exercise plan plus more. Your plan is 28 pages broken down into 4 attachments and the recipe eBooks are 4 ebooks broken down by week.

Option 3 - $50 (Australia Only)

This option is the 4 Week Diet Plan and 100+ supporting recipes. All recipes are in a seperate attachent with photos and supporting infomation to help you with an exercise plan plus more. Your plan is 28 pages broken down into 4 attachments and the recipe eBooks are 4 ebooks broken down by week

Also included is:

3 recipe books - summer salads, healthy soups, 400 calorie dinners

Option 4 - $60 (Australia Only)

This option is the 4 Week Diet Plan and 100+ supporting recipes. All recipes are in a seperate attachent with photos and supporting infomation to help you with an exercise plan plus more. Your plan is 28 pages broken down into 4 attachments and the recipe eBooks are 4 ebooks broken down by week

Also included is:

3 recipe books - summer salads, healthy soups, 400 calorie dinners

Fruit infused water bottle

4 samples Oh-So-Simple Shakes with a shaker

Healthy Chicken eBook

Summer Plan Options

Delicious Diet Shakes

Oh-So-Simple Diet Shakes - Sampler Pack Only $2.49

Losing weight has never been so simple or affordable. Oh-So-Simple diet shakes are great tasting & packed with vitamins, minerals, protein & fibre to help you lose weight fast.

Want to try our shakes? Exclusive to this site only - we are offering single shakes (Chocolate, Coffee, Berry & Vanilla) to try, includes delivery. You can order as many as you like.



Welcome to Slim4life Australia, the trusted HCG brand.
HCG beginner kits starting from $99.00 no prescription required.

We have helped hundreds of Men and Women achieve their weight loss goals and now live healthier and happier lives all by following the Slim4Life HCG diet protocol.

So don’t try another fad diet or a detox its time to lose that weight and enjoy life! Be Slim4Life.


Delicious Diet Shakes

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

What a great way to drink more water!

Give your taste buds a treat with a refreshing zing of fruit in your favourite beverage, wherever you go.

From $10 with Free Delivery!

Spring Special - every bottle purchase recieves a free recipe book - choice of healthy soups, salads or 400 calorie meals, just let us know which one when you order.

More Info

Fruit Infused Water Bottles

Fat Tracker

Digital Body Fat Caliper

Measure and track your body fat%.

Recommended by Men's Journal, Muscular Development, Oxygen, Shape, Ironman, Muscle & Fitness, Max Sports & Fitness magazines. Whether you are in the Body-for-LIFE challenge, an athlete, personal trainer, or just trying to monitor your body fat to maintain great health, the FatTrack gives you the do-it-yourself ease and accuracy expected from expensive medical devices.

The digitally accurate FatTrack II has these essential features:

  • Uses most popular trainer-recommended 3-site measurement system for men and women - upper, midsection, and lower body. Hand held caliper lets users measure body fat by themselves!
  • Incorporates sophisticated mathematical Jackson-Pollock body density equations for determining body fat.
  • Audible BEEP indicates correct pressure & measurement - for accuracy.
  • Self-calibrating for lifetime accurate measurements. Fitness rating indicator based on gender, age & body fat %.
  • Stores 3 personal profiles.
  • Statistical display for max and min readings at each measuring site
  • Uses 3 volt lithium battery.

Price: $77 includes delivery

Gym and Fitness

Treadmills - We Deliver To You

Cardio equipment are as essential as your diet plans and nutritional supplements. Utilise all of these in conjunction with each other and you'll be saying hello to fitter and sexier new you in no time.

Visit Gym and Fitness today and check out our massive treadmill selection. All items available are the most affordable prices possible!



Isagenix - 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program

Whether you are looking to lose kilo's and cms, improve performance and recover or combat the aging process and improve overall health, Isagenix has long-term health and fitness solutions for you.

The 30-Day Program provides the first step to taking control of your life, achieving your peak performance and managing your weight.

Phone Heidi on 0402 472 236 or visit website for more information.


Think Yourself Thin

Think Yourself Thin

You Can Think Yourself Thin Do you wonder why some people eat whatever they like and still remain thin, while others glance sideways at a piece of chocolate and the kilos pile on? Perhaps it comes down to pure genetic luck, after all we are stuck with the bodies we are born with—right? Think again! Science has shown us that our genes are controlled by our perceptions. You literally have the power to Think Yourself Thin!  Discover how in this FREE eBook report.



The Ultimate HypnoSlim Program

Have you tried every weight loss gimmick possible?  Do things go well for the first week or two before old habits slowly creep back in?  Do you pile on all the weight you lost, plus an extra pound or two to spare? There is an easier way!

Hypnotherapy can help you make deep and lasting changes to the way you eat, think and feel. 

Instant access means you can begin creating your dream body right now. Money Back Guarantee.


Marilyn's Plan for Weight loss

Marilyn's Plan for Weight loss Book

Want to lose weight the easiest and most inexpensive way?

I am a Registered Nurse & have developed & written a simple Weight Loss Plan. No more dieting & going to bed hungry. No gimmicks & fads. Just good commonsense eating.

Kick start your healthy living & weight loss goal now.


400 Calorie Dinners

400 Calorie Dinners Recipe Book - $9.95

Free Delivery to Anywhere in Australia

This recipe book has 24 great recipes that you can make for dinner and not feel guilty. We developed this book as a guide to to what 400 calories would look like as many are a little confused with portions. The meals are simple to make, tasty and use most pantry items. This would also make a great present for others who are wanting to be more healthy.

Click here to order your copy Recipe Book.

Slim & Tone Pilates For Beginners

Slim & Tone Pilates For Beginners DVD - $20

This specially designed combination of the two types of pilates provides you with a very complete workout that will slim, tone adn firm your whole body.

This dvd will give you a taste of the studio experience in your own home without purchasing any expensive equipment.

Approx Runnning Time 38 minutes.

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