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Losing belly fat with this simple Exercise plan

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Losing belly fat with this simple Exercise plan

Postby sherley19 » Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:27 am

There is only one answer for those people who want to know how to lose belly fat, and the answer is to exercise. Stomach fat is famously difficult to remove and you cannot expect to get the required results if you do only half measures.

Many of the tips on how to lose belly fat that you read from time to time advise you to change your diet. You are asked to remove extra carbohydrates and fats from your diet in addition to making other changes. What you should realize, however, is that changing your diet is only supplementary to exercising.

You have to follow a rigorous exercise schedule if you wish to trim your belly. There are exercises that focus on specific muscles that comprise your belly and midriff and you should do them regularly. These are specific stomach crunches that focus on your upper abdominal, lower abdominal and oblique muscles.

You have to be very clear about the technique you use while doing these exercises. For example, if you are exercising your upper abdominal muscles, you have to lie on your back on the ground with your feet well grounded and with your knees bent not more than 45 degrees. You have to rise only halfway so that your back, shoulders and head are off the ground. If your knees are bent at the wrong angle or if you rise all the way up, you will not get the full benefit of the exercise and you might injure your back in the bargain.

Get help from a trainer or an exercise video so that you know which stomach exercises to do. You also have to keep increasing the difficulty level of your workout by increasing the repetitions of these exercises.

Your exercise schedule should also consist of an intensive cardio work out. This will burn away the fat layer covering your muscles, which should hopefully have toned up as a result of all the abdominal crunches you have been doing. A daily run on the treadmill will work wonders, although you could vary it with sessions on the exercise cycle or any other cardio routine that you prefer doing.

Only if you follow these tips on how to burn belly fat can you expect to have an enviably flat stomach. You should be able to see results in a short time if you really put in concentrated efforts.
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Re: Losing belly fat with this simple Exercise plan

Postby Dave » Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:25 am

What part of the back has to be off the ground? It's just that sometimes I get confused on all the different ways people either do or explain this one. In the early 80's when doing SIT-UPs, I used to come all the way up almost contacting my bent knees with my chest. To do this I would have to often latch my feet to a chair. I take it this is bad practice now and not good for ones back? Although I now do crunches in much a similar fashion to what you describe, I don't lift my lower back when doing this right?
Although I don't exercise my abbs like the rest of my body, I do complete about 3 sessions with them a week as I was under the impression that running, free weights & a number of other exercises actually helped to worked out or tone those core muscles at the same time, leaving the whole concept of training abdominals with as much time and effort somewhat diminished? That more emphasis should be on cardio (as you you have mentioned)

Is it that with specific abb exercises we are building on more of the supporting muscles groups on the which running and free weights don't do?

please excuse all the questions as I only wish to better understand the concept here as there is SO much conflicting information on the net and my understanding on this subject is somewhat sketchy. I know there is more misconceptions on loosing belly fat than actual useful information.

The best way I can sum it up at this point is the Dedication to using Exercise with both Cardio and Weight Training/Muscle Building are you best methods to improving ones metabolic rate in order to BURN the unwanted fat to reveal what muscle there is underneath........with respect to loosing Belly Fat
I think specific abdominal exercises to more to FLATTEN the mid section and give better muscle balance to upper back, for better posture and overall core strength.

At any-rate..............This is something most people have to deal with when having lost most of their excess fat as the mid section like you one of the last places it likes to hang. I'm just now trying the shock methods, changing my routines in order to burn those last few pounds...I am also changing up my consumption amounts and protein/vitamins and mineral levels as to the timings of both exercise and food. Combining this with more rest days for recovery and higher intensities, I hope to break the cycle my body has come accustomed to and simply trial of few of the said plans listed here and there for these methods.

Just looking for feedback to get a better understanding of how it does indeed all don't know if you don't ask. Good I need to know :wink:
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Re: Losing belly fat with this simple Exercise plan

Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:48 am

My booty instructor (who also instructs pilates) advises abdominal curls rather than sitting up with a straight back, and only coming up to the point that you would have to either grab your legs to come up further, or your feet come off the floor.

It's kinda hard to describe in writing, I'd make a hash of it if I tried, it's best demonstrated, but here goes... :?

Make like you're doing a sit up (on the floor, knees bent), hands behind your head and you should not ever see your elbows. Anchor your pelvis to the floor (pretend like there's a weight holding your belly button to the floor) and kind of roll your shoulders then each vertebra up off the floor. The movement should originate with the abdominals, not your back, it's almost like your pulling your rib cage closer and closer to your pelvis with your guts. Then do the same in reverse to go down.

You can make it harder by picking your feet up off the floor (start with them at right angles, then extend them outwards for increasing difficulty), but your lower back should not arch, keep it anchored to the floor like someone's bolted it down . If you like you can do pulses - come up to that point then contract your abs a teeny bit more a few times at the top so you kind of look like you're bouncing at the top of the "situp".

This one is a killer too - sit with legs bent in front of you like you're at the top of the sit up, have a partner do the same a bit behind you and both lean back to the point that you can hold it without bothering your back, again, no arching the back (adjust so you're just about touching each other's backs). Now take an object (ball, cardboard box, boxing pads, cushion, whatever) and pass it to each other side to side holding the object with both hands (so you're twisting side to side). Gets the oblique muscles, but be VERY cautious of your back.

Then there's planks - off knees or toes and on your elbows or hands (like you're going to do a pushup) make your body like a straight board (bum not up or down) and hold it for as long as you can. If your bum's right you'll feel this in your abs, if your bum's up your arms will hurt, if it's too far down your back will hurt. Make sure your shoulders are away from your ears so you don't get a stiff neck/shoulders and your hands should be under your shoulders. Make it harder by picking one arm or leg off the ground, or when you get really good, an opposite arm and leg.
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