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Lynsey's Exercise Blog 29/09/2010

Tell us what exercises you do and enjoy to keep fit and lose weight.

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Lynsey's Exercise Blog 29/09/2010

Postby lynseythompson83 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:38 pm

Hello Guys

First blogging sesh for me so here we go! :D

As a few of you may know I've been on this weight loss thing for around a month now and still going. So far I have lost 5 Kgs and a whopping 16cm off of my waist. Awesome right??! I know - I feel so proud of myself but really 5 Kg is only a small drop in the ocean of my long term weight loss goals so I still have a fair way to go until I will be completely happy.

I currently weigh 75 Kg and Im hoping to get between 55-60 Kg by the end of this year. Now I know that 75 Kgs may not sound like heaps to alot of people but on my 5 foot 2 frame I feel heavy sometimes and I know I would be so much happier at my so called "happy weight" of 57 Kgs or even lighter if possible.

So you guys have an understanding of how this weight has crept on over the years I will tell you the story from the very beginning -

All my life I've been a pretty lucky kid as far as weight is concerned. In my childhood I was known for being an athletic kid who could eat whatever she wanted and never gain any weight (one of my nutritional habits would be to eat slices and slices of white bread - Something I can never do anymore as if I even so much as look at a carb I'll gain a trillion Kgs :lol: ) Even in my teens and very early twentiesI had a fairly athletic body type and found it relatively easy to keep my weight down and did barely any exercise to keep my size 8-10 figure. In my teens I averaged around 45-50 Kgs and early twenties weighed around 55-58 Kgs.

In 2005 I decided to get the contraceptive Depo Provera done. The proviso of Depo Provera is that it is an injection in either your arm or your bum which stops your ovulation for around 3 months. Nothing against people who have never had any problems with the injection but it stopped my periods for well over a year (and I only had 1 shot done. I never had any follow ups), I gained 25 Kgs in a matter of months and become quite depressed. Im not blaming the Depo Provera entirely but I feel it was a big contributing factor in me gaining so much weight in a small amount of time. I started to get severe stomach pains in my left hand side and got tested for everything under the sun from Ovarian Cancer to Caeliac (I hope I spelt that right??) Disease. After months of tests it was concluded that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and an intestine which would spasm under stress.

Now years later these side effects that I experienced have been wearing off slowly but surely (which I am so relieved about) and after many failed attempts I have finally gotten a handle on healthy eating and exercising to lose weight the proper way. Im 5 Kgs down, 20 Kgs or more to go!
I am actually really enjoying the gym now and my IBS symptoms have pretty much gone. Some foods still make it flare up sometimes but thats life I suppose :roll:

My favourite classes at the gym include RPM and Body Balance. Im finding Im quite good at martial arts and Pilates. I think their my forte.

Tonight wasnt a big night at the gym for me. After finishing work I did a half hour ab class and an hour of RPM (Spin). Feel so invigorated. 2 hours after exercising and Im still not hungry.

Today my diet consisted of a Chocolate Protein Shake with an Apple for breakfast, 2x Slices of Wholegrain Ryvita with Philadelphia cheese spread and tomato with another apple for lunch and Chicken and Veg for dinner (boring but hey Im losing weight so the positives far outweigh the negatives.)

Ciao Bellas!

Good Luck with your fitness journey and I'll be on here tomorrow to ramble a little more.

Much Love

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