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ohsoDanniella's exercise diary

Tell us what exercises you do and enjoy to keep fit and lose weight.

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ohsoDanniella's exercise diary

Postby ohsoDanniella » Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:45 pm

Hey everyone so I always write my daily exercise in my food diary so thought I may as well start an excercise diary!.
For those of you who havnt ready my other posts I brought a dress for my 21st 6 months ago and I now dont fit into it! I have put on 6 kilos! its disgusting! I weigh 69 currently and would like to get back to 63 and then hopefully to 60 and 58 but 60 would be fantastic!
That means 9 kilos to lose by the end of the year! i'm sticking to a diet of under 1400 cals a day.

Day 1 consisted of:
- 3 minute pilates leg routine,
- 100 situps
-15 lunges
- 15 squats

Day 2 consisted of:
- 5 minute pilates leg routine
- 100 situps
-30 lunges
- 30 squats
- 10 jane fondas

Day 3 consisted of:
woke up with a sore butt and thighs this morning but felt great!
- 5 minute pilates leg routine
- 150 situps
-30 lunges
- 30 squats
- 5 minute tracey anderson leg workout
- half hour cardio session at the gym (cross trainer, running, bike and stair master) and then 15 minutes of weights

Can imagine I'm going to be very sore tommorow but the plan is to stick to it and improve, I have to fit into this dress! and I'm going to Thailand in feb next year! I want to buy a bikini (which I havnt worn in public for several years now!) and feel good in it! I also want to have a body that makes my boyfriend go wow, because he is always so great to me and he really keeps in shape to look good for me so I want to do the same for him! bikini bod here i come :)
starting weight: 72kg
First Goal: 63kg
second goal: 60kg
finishing goal: 58kg
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