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Easter temptations.........

What foods do you crave and how do you keep yourself from eating too much.

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Easter temptations.........

Postby Almostskinny » Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:22 pm

Oh yes all those Easter goodies. Cherry Ripe chocolate eggs, Ferrero Roche, Kinder eggs, chocolate chip hot cross buns, dark chocolate infused with mouth waters just thinking about them.

Anyways, I've been pretty good for the last few months (I have had some slip-ups, but its expected right) and I thought that since I havent touched chocolate in weeks (I used Lent as an exscuse to give it up) I decided on Sunday I'm going to treat myself to some sort of Easter goodie. I'm thinking along the lines of a couple of oreo's or dark chocolate mint......or those kinder suprise eggs.

Anybody else going to treat themselves this Easter? Or want to share tips on how they're going to avoid too much?

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Re: Easter temptations.........

Postby Tarz » Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:02 pm

I don't think i am gonna get any easter eggs this year...
I told H2B that he has to buy me an egg this year because every year i buy him one yet he doesn't buy me on. I told him i want a lindt dark chocolate bunny but i want him to buy it when i'm not there so that i feel like he has gone out of his way to buy me something. but when we went shopping he was asking which one i want so he can buy me one with the groceries. I said don't worry , it came up again today when we were in woolies and i told him i want him to go out and buy me the egg when i am not there so i feel like he makes an effort but he kept asking me to pick one then so he can pay for it now so i told him don't worry again. So now i don't think i am getting one. Good thing i guess :(
Its my own fault i anm to difficult so i guess my tip for if you want one but don't think you should have one is be difficult :P
:x I want my egg :x
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Re: Easter temptations.........

Postby Czarina » Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:28 pm

I bought bags of those little solid easter eggs, that way I can have one or two a day - great for portion control - and I won't be tempted into a chocolate binge, because I won't be deprived.
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