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Glucose lollies!!

What foods do you crave and how do you keep yourself from eating too much.

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Glucose lollies!!

Postby Tyger » Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:09 pm

I adore lollies. You know, snakes, party mix, etc. I want them all the time. I always want them when watching movies, and I watch movies A LOT.

There happen to be some in the office right now, peeking at me from the corner of my co-worker's desk. I have to admit I had 2 before, but that was it! I'm proud of myself :) Let's hope I can go through the day without reaching for the jar again.

I am considering getting a chupa-chup at lunch time, which I can suck on now and again when I hit a craving. When I'm at home, I find a serving of jelly does the trick!

Does anyone else have a major fetish for lollies?
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Re: Glucose lollies!!

Postby dearne » Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:21 pm

starbursts... they are my guilty pleasure.... i want one now!

i used to be able to eat a whole BAG of starbursts in one sitting and not get sick at all (they have the same affect as chewing gum on most people) but i havent had one in ages!

im still trying to work out how to stop myself having that second treat as i used to, i had a handful of m&ms the other day but i wanted more!
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Re: Glucose lollies!!

Postby Tyger » Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:46 pm

Ohh Starburst :P

Yes it's really hard with lollies... it is SO easy to eat bucketloads of them, because they don't fill you up at all! They just leave you with that oh-so-sweet flavour in your mouth, making you want more.

The only thing that's saved me is my calorie counting... when I look at the amount of calories per lolly I think... WOW... imagine what I could have had instead, and in much greater amounts... then I try to snack on those things.

But somehow a carrot after a lolly is a bit of a disappointment haha.

Good on you for only having a handful of m&m's though Dearne! It's supposed to be hard to stop - the companies make it that way purposefully :twisted:
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