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Re: get real....

Postby DD Diva » Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:56 am

Blitz wrote: I would hate to think what they would have made of me...I joined the Forum AFTER I lost my weight!...I can see them now - "obviously insecure with how he perceives himself with regarding to the possibility of failure at losing weight...unable to commit to accountability...comes after weight loss - so that he can rub his clean linen into other people's faces to bolster his low self esteem "...etc etc etc.

I don't think that the purpose of the study is to determine why someone joins a forum (especially a weight loss one) as I guess the nature of it is a dead give-away as to why the signed up. However, the pattern of behaviour ie. your accountability (how you record), the level of your participation (lurker vs frequent visitor) all plays a part in determining your weight loss success (apparently)??!! :shock:

Blitz wrote: IThe real truth is that I never thought about online Forums for weight loss...if only I had - it would have been so much easier! :lol:

I think it helps remove the isolation, not sure if it makes it "easier" per se, unless you're the kind of person that needs validation for your achievements in which case (in these sorts of networks) that need is generally satisfied. Of course it's nice to be recognised for your achievements; it makes you feel all "warm and fuzzy" but the real plus is watching people transform their lives, seeing them grow in confidence, and build on a better and healthier lifestyle (not just work towards a single end point) which all too often leads them back to square one!!

Blitz wrote: Love to hear what the experts think about Forums.

So many questions answered, many of which lead to more being asked!!!

Blitz wrote: To me the greatest value that these Forums have is that it is peopled with those who know the problem from the INSIDE. These last two years since losing weight I've read an awful lot of books on weight loss. Some are fine, others great whilst others aren't worth the paper they are written on (what a waste of a fine tree!). The best of all these books (and they are only a very tiny segment of the market) are those written by those who have lost significant amounts of weight. They aren't just writing about the subject - they are living it.

And therein lies the true benefit of attending forums, they are live accounts of people's weight loss journeys happening as you read, unfolding before your eyes!!! It isn't documented in a book that was written some X number of years ago, but is being shown to you each time you log in!!! It is the interaction, the sharing of ideas as well as fears, hopes and every other emotion that goes hand-in-hand with weight loss struggles that makes the storytelling richer than those shared at more conventional gatherings such as your weekly weigh in at your local scout hall!!
DD Diva

Re: get real....

Postby Blitz » Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:52 am

No I do really think it would have been easier.
I knew absolutely nothing about weight loss...and ended up reinventing the wheel several times over.
You are talking to a man who reluctantly came to the conclusion at the end of his second week of losing weight that just perhaps he would have to do some exercise as well. Not to mention that it was only after a huge set of blisters on his feet that he got the idea that he should buy some quality walking shoes because thongs didn't seem cutting it as good exercise footwear! :shock: :lol:

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