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Postby KaydeeJayde » Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:49 pm

Hey guys!

I was around a little while ago, but not much, and not for long, so I figure that with a new lifestyle, I should come back, because everyone here was so lovely and so encouraging.

My name is Erin and I'm from Melbourne. A recent change in circumstances where my mother and I moved to a different suburb away from a bad situation with my father made me realise how bad my eating habits and (lack of) exercise habits were. My weight crept up a lot more than I would have liked, so now I've realised I need to change my ways. I'm not on a diet, I'm changing my lifestyle! So far I've lost 3kg, which isn't much really, and I haven't noticed a change in how I look yet but I'm getting there. It's a matter of learning to love the good food I'm eating and training myself out of craving greasy, processed or overly sugary foods. It's working so far, I haven't craved too much.

At the moment, I weigh 98.1kg, I started at 101. I've been at 98 for about a week now, so I've upped my exercise, which is especially important now it's school holidays and my dance classes are out for two weeks. I bought a pair of sketchers runners which I LOVE, they're bright coloured and really comfy. I find it hard to exercise because I have plantar fasciitis, which affects every sport I do, except maybe swimming, and I no longer live near a pool, so it's really difficult.

Anyways, I hope I can learn a lot here, and chat to lots of you on here :)
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Re: Re-Introduction

Postby Retire_The_Fat » Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:22 pm

Welcome back, Kaydee :)

Love that you're making lifestyle changes!

Re: not moving...dont forget you're exercising more..adding muscle mass and reducing fat. Wt will be slow coming off for a while which is why it's good to do body measurements

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Re: Re-Introduction

Postby Mayden » Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:10 am

Hi Erin, welcome back, you sound like you have made a good start. I use the calorie counter over at myfitnesspal, that may help you as well.

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