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Another newbie here

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Another newbie here

Postby Chrisy » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:54 pm

Hi everyone. I'm Chrisy and a new member at this site. I live in Perth, WA and I need to lose around 20 kilos. Last week was my first week on a new diet and I weighed in at 92 kilos (groan) I managed to lose 2.4 kilos by my second weigh in, although I know that it will slow down now.
I'm quite excited to be here, as I’m sure that I’ll get the encouragement needed to keep my determination up. Let’s face it, it’s an imperative ingredient to losing weight, and to get rid of it for good!
A few years ago I lost 20 kilos at Jenny Craig. It did work, but it cost a small fortune and over time I put the whole lot back on again. Yes! The old, old story. Bad habits die hard. In my case, very hard. A saying that I remember from those days is "Nothing tastes as good as slim feels" which is very true.
Up until I had my last baby (he's now almost 34) I could eat whatever I liked and didn't put on an ounce. Unfortunately, in many cases that's the way of youth, and builds bad eating habits. Unfortunately, it gives the misguided belief that being able to eat 'whatever, whenever' is going to be for life. Oh, groan!! And by the time I had begun to put the weight on, I was deeply entrenched in eating large sized meals, chocolate and other yummy things. My body didn’t want to give them up…and so I began the vicious cycle of diets and weight gain…diets and weight gain. To be honest…I’m cheesed off!! (oh dear…I love cheese, too)
A couple of weeks ago, I was watching Today Tonight and the ‘Quickstart Diet’ was talked about. It seemed a healthy kind of diet, so I decided to ‘have a go’, but after 3 days of eating nothing but veg soup I began to hate it, and decided to chuck the last of it into the compost…urgh…was I glad to see the back of it. Having said that, it really did give me the ‘kick’ start I needed. I found that eating much smaller meals wasn’t quite as difficult as I thought it would be. I’m getting used to drinking lots of water and eating fruit as snacks to ward off the enemy (hunger)
Having thrown the veg soup out, I decided that I needed to get some low fat, low GI recipes and Googled for them. Up came, so I clicked on the link to check them out. I spent some time reading the recipes that appealed to me, and took the plunge. So far, my husband I (ooo, I sound like the Queen) have enjoyed the food I’ve cooked. Some recipes more than others. What I’m doing is keeping a print out of the recipes and after cooking the food & eating it, I make notes….’great, luscious, not so good' etc. I might add some twists, for example, we had the club sandwich for lunch and decided that we didn't enjoy the toast, so from now on we will use bread untoasted and only 2 slices instead of 3…other than that change, we really liked it.
I have also written down several encouraging statements I’ve read on the site…will keep them somewhere visible to keep going.
We’re all in the same boat here…and I do hope to get to know some of you and travel together as we triumph over this dogged problem, and win!!
All the very best to you :D
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