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New Girl Blog!! Apologies in advance... :)

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New Girl Blog!! Apologies in advance... :)

Postby Aims78 » Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:45 pm

Hello :)

Its taken me a while to join a community like this, but I figure better now than never.

Im Aimee, Im 34 yrs old. Im 5'10 and started my weight loss journey weighing in at 127kgs. I want the weight loss journey to be 50kgs down within 18 months. 77 kgs, a weight I am happy with for my height.

I started my weight loss program end of last July.

I joined a gym
I got a Personal Trainer 2 x a week (we vary the programs, a lot of leg weights, and arm weights, starting to see some great muscle!)
I started Cross Fitness classes 2 x a week
I started exercising every day, minimum 60 mins cardio (elliptical or stepper) + the class or PT

12 months on, have lost 35.5kgs to date ! So exciting. And 14.5kgs away from my goal by end of the yr. I know I will get there.

What I most wanted to get out of this community was ways to maintain weight once you get to your goal. I train hard right now, and while Im completely obsessed with exercise, I dont want to train this hard forever! (well..maybe Im kidding myself and I actually do) I never expected to enjoy the thrill of competing with myself so much. In fact, I hate to say it, but seeing how far I can push myself, is one of my favorite parts of this process.

Nobody ever explains the mental game though either, in terms of never feeling like Im never quite good enough, always wanting perfection. This is something I struggle with a lot. People start to tell you that you look fantastic, but I always think 'god, how did i look before'. Ive had some serious plateaus along the way, up 1.5kgs in a week, down 3.5kgs in two weeks, up, down, up, down, but consistency is the key. 12 months ago, I wouldve given up if I had a gain, and gone and eaten a block of chocolate, now, it spurs me on to work even harder.

I also developed plantar fasciitis, which freaked me out, but, I have orthotics, I have a trusty ice pack, I stretch a lot more, and I have patience...I wont let it stop me, and have learnt to manage it.

The diet plan, I eat more frequently than I ever have before :

I started eating Breakfast, now I cant live without my oats, apple and banana to start the day.
I eat Sakata wholegrain rice crackers mid morning
I eat a wholemeal roll with salad and tuna/chicken breast or salmon for lunch
I snack on rice thins and celery sticks in the afternoon
Dinner is red meat/chicken/salmon and salad or vegetables
Snack after dinner is Jelly and mixed berries

Im fairly regimented with this now, but, I also enjoy it. I relax it a little more on the weekends, but, on the whole, its my normal sort of diet.

I realise this is a journey now that I will remain on for the rest of my life. But Im so glad I started it, and every day, is a step in the right direction. I love being able to wear new clothes, and feel like I have endurance. I want to take on new challenges and set new goals. Maybe I will learn how to box at the end of the yr, maybe I will start swimming, maybe yoga, I dont know, but the one thing I have learnt is how amazing this experience is, and the best part is, I control every step of it.

Thanks for having me guys :) I look forward to reading helpful tips and following other peoples journeys.

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Re: New Girl Blog!! Apologies in advance... :)

Postby CronicBadger » Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:30 pm

Hi Aimee

I started at about 127Kg a few years ago and lost over 50. Reaching goal after goal is a nice feeling, and it's even better when you realise you've gained all those good eating habits and knowledge about good nutrition. Keep up the good work!
Striving to improve in every way possible.
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