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My Binge Cycle

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My Binge Cycle

Postby Scarlett1 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:45 pm

So I'm new to this forum and was looking for a bit of advice on how to break my binge cycle.

It began after my first major weight loss. I had been exercising intensely and eating just enough to keep me going and lost about ten kilos in a month or two. Anyway after that I thought it was okay to treat myself and did, only to begin a binge cycle. Now I tend to eat healthily for a couple of days to weeks before bingeing and gaining a couple of kilos in a day and restarting the cycle, with guilt and annoyance.

Now I have regained three of the kilos that I lost and I was really looking for advice on how to stop myself from bingeing and how to motivate myself to remain focused.

Any response would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Re: My Binge Cycle

Postby Blitz » Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:10 pm

Bingeing is about "forbidden" foods and not letting go. What goes on in your mind is you say that you can't have something so that becomes a bug bear and you feel sorry for yourself. You are then tempted and when you finally give in; your mind says how wrong it is and this will be the last you had better pig out on this and make it worthwhile. :roll:

You've got to came at food from a different direction. All things are permissible however not all foods are helpful for weight loss.

If something is especially wanted then develop stragedies that will work in your lifestyle so that it can be included somewhere. Most times it is a question of portion control. For example a piece of quality dark chocolate vs a box of rubbishy fatty sugary cheap chocolate.

You could goal it as a treat. Make a deal with yourself. If I lose 10 kilos that cream bun has got my name on it...because I earnt it. No guilt...just reward. You can also take responsiblity for it. If you eat extra - then you burn the same amount of calories that you ate extra. Pretty soon you may decide that the treat isn't worth all the extra work.

Find healthy options instead of the full throttle killer foods that you pick. Minimialise them in your home. If you don't buy them in the first place, then the attack at midnight becomes easier to resist...especially on a cold night!

You'll find that the more healthier you eat, the less attractive fatty and sugary foods will became to your palate. Indeed some stuff that you crave now will revolt you in a very short while. :shock:

Develop a mind set...I told myself that I shouldn't have something because I've eaten more than my fair share before (that's how I got so fat). I wasn't missing out - I had eaten it. Life's bag of lollies is nearly empty for me because I'd scoffed them already!

Hope this is helps
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