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New here

Postby skinny2bshell » Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:06 pm

Hello everyone, name is Rochelle and I'm 33 yrs old happily married to wonderful hubby. I'm from Perth, Australia. I weigh 115.5kg and want to get down to 80/75kg. I basically want to do it slowly. I just started seeing a dietition and we doing the cut back method. I also have diabetes and want to get my blood glusous levels down to normal and also got high cholestrol which I need to get down as well. I suffer from MS which means exercising can be difficult and doesn't help I got a dog that won't go for walks :lol: . Weird I know!

Lately I been doing shakes and juicing when I'm not hungry. Looking forward to advice and getting to know everyone while I go on this weightloss journey!
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Re: New here

Postby admin » Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:44 pm

Welcome Rochelle,
Its sounds like you have everything in hand by seeing a dietitian and taking it slowly.....very sensible.
My usual advice to all
1. Cut out all soft drinks including diet ones. Water and herbal teas are the way to go.
2. Portion control.....reducing the amount on your plate , you really dont need that much.
3. Eat slowly, put down your fork between each mouthful.
4. Have a good breakfast as this will keep you going until lunch. This should include protien like baked beans, milk, yoghurt, grains. Dont forget you still need lots of calcium .
5. Make one small change each day.Walk to the shops, if you drive to a shopping center park outside the centre so you are force to walk.
6. Keep a food diary, we have these to download on the site. You need to understand what you are consumimg each week.
7.Make small weekly goals, say 500g per week and track this. Many usenthe forum for this to record against the target.
8. Start eating more natural foods and start eleminating processed or packaged foods, this can be done slowly.
9. Start can still eat great tasty food....if you cook it yourself you know what is in it. We have hundreds of recipes on our site all with nutritionals.
10. Eat a wide variety of foods. Expand your pallet. Many cultures around the world dont seem to have the issues us westerns have. Many cultures tend to include a lot more fresher foods than us so be adventurous.

Look forward to reading your posts.

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Re: New here

Postby Blitz » Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:12 pm

Welcome to the forum Rochelle. Use this board and it will greatly aid you on your journey.

Taking it slowly is the sensible way to go. Permanent weight loss is about developing a healthy lifestyle that works for you in the real world. Getting that lifestyle takes practice and learning new healthy habits needs time to be established. So you are starting on the right foot...well done. :D

With the weight loss you will find that many of your health problems will disappear or became easier to manage as you progress. So hang in there and get ready for a better future. Sounds like your dog needs to develop a healthier lifestyle too :lol:...time to move that mutt's butt! :shock:

Exercise will get easier as your fitness increases. Start very slowly at first. My first guide rule of weight loss is: do no harm. If you hurt yourself you do yourself no favours. Try a short walk at first. Swimming for you might also be the way to go. Just walking laps in the water could help. The water will support your weight and minimalise the stress on your joints.

Wishing you all the best
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