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Hello, again.

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Hello, again.

Postby cpr » Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:36 pm

Im Cam, im 22 and from WA. I weigh 144kgs and have a goal weight of 95kgs.

The reason this post is titled "Hello, again." is that I have posted here before in April 2012. Since then, my weight has not changed and I did not manage to lose any weight.

Without repeating myself, my history goes something like this. I have always been overweight, but was able to get down to 115kgs and got accepted into the Army in 2010. After sustaining an injury 1 month before enlistment, my plans came to a halt and my weight piled on. it reached a max of about 150kgs. I have had some success in losing about 10kgs by seeing a dietician, but those kilos came back on. I have a goal of getting back into the ADF and enjoying my career.

My sister is not obese like myself, but she carries a couple of extra kilos. It affected her confidence and she had a prior history of depression, so her doctor prescribed her Duromine. She has since lost 10kgs, looks great, she feels great and is happy. After seeing my own doctor (who was incredibly patronising and condescending) I saw her doctor who was fantastic. After explaining that I had not much luck in the past and how badly I wanted to lose weight, he prescribed me one month of Duromine 30mg.

Today is my first day on Duromine and I feel good. It hasnt given me that boost of energy that I have read effected many others. I dont have dry mouth, I dont have headaches and I dont feel jittery. Will be interesting to see how I sleep tonight. I have found to be very focussed today, and have been much more productive than I usually am on my day off. I also have not thought much of food, and when I have, have not acted on that thought. (Dont know if that is the medication working, or me thinking that I shouldn't, as if the Duromine has a placebo effect).

Today I weighed myself and took all my measurements, and will do so again next week.

Reading from other people's experiences on Duromine, I am really excited for what the future may hold. I understand that this is a short term "kick start", helping me to form healthier habits and lead to a better life.

Look forward to hearing from you all, and reading your experiences on Duromine or otherwise.

cpr :)
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Re: Hello, again.

Postby Blitz » Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:32 pm

Welcome back to the forum. :D

Duromine is not a cure all. The important thing is to work at developing a healthy lifestyle that you can live - day in, day out...forever. Start with small changes in you life...turning bad habits and practices into good ones and soon you will have permanent success!

I've been over 150 kilos and know what it takes lose all that weight. Belief in your self is key to success. I kept telling myself, "failure is not an option" until the thought of failure was a total foreign concept. Indeed when a reporter from Today Tonight asked me the question what I would have done if I didn't lose the made me speechless! Failure simply wasn't an option! That's the sort of mind set you have to develop in order to succeed.

I wish you all success - to a better future! 8)

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Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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