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Newbie from WA

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Newbie from WA

Postby faith189 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:39 pm

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tash and I am from WA.......I have been reading your forums for a week or so now and have been so inspired by your stories and your encouragement of each other that I have decided to join, so that I can keep on track with the commencement of my weightloss journey! I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.

I am getting married in September of next year and am using it as the focus to change my life, I want to look at the pictures in years to come and be proud of the person that is in them, I also want to show them off not hide them away because I am embarrassed by them.

So I jumped on the scales, nearly died at the 108kg response and vowed that I would never see that number again, I have started Lite n Easy to help with calorie control and to help to educate me with portion control etc to start with, dumped the sugary drinks (which has been hard, but at the moment I have gone from probably 2-3 cans a day and no water to 1.5l of water a day and maybe a small glass here and there but am weaning myself off them) and bought a treadmill, I also have a horse which means exercise!

I am determined and have faith in myself (hence the username) that I can make these changes for the better and for the long run!

I weighed myself last Thursday which was one week in and had lost 2.5kg whilst I understand that most of that would have been water weight I am over the moon that the number went down and I already have the 90s well within my sights!!

Looking forward to taking this journey one step at a time with you all!

Tash! :D
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Re: Newbie from WA

Postby feebeejay » Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:40 pm

good on you Tash - good luck. I've been on here before, but just posted in the Personal progress thread today, trying to be accountable after dropping the ball for the last 12 months. I got married 3 years ago and wish I'd tried to lose weight before the big day - I have some photos that I am really embarrassed by - I had some serious back fat going on oozing out from the top of my dress YUK!!!! I am hoping that one day I might be a bit smaller and I can have my dress taken in and get a whole new set of pics!!

good on you for giving up sweet drinks - i know its a bit challenging, but after a while it hopefully wont be too difficult. I've found that I can only have a mouthful here and there now, and found that they seem really ultra sweet (and I don't really like the fizziness anymore) so not sure what that says, but i now prefer to drink water than any other drink, and am 'saving' on sugar/calorie intake with each mouthful of water... anyway, hopefully you will find it easier with each new day!!
good luck with your journey :)
trying to stop the yo-yo!!!
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Re: Newbie from WA

Postby admin » Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:51 pm

Welcome Tash,
Good for you taking the first step.
Giving up soft drink is hard and it takes a while to break the habit and cravings but once you break the addiction you will thank yourself for it.
As Fiona says they are really really sweet when you take a sip after a break. Diet soft drinks are no better so don't lull yourself into that false sense of security.
Water, tea, peppermint and green tea are great at night, milo with milk hot or cold (great for calcium intake),smoothies, freshly squeezed juice (i know these contain sugar but it is natural and if you need a bit of pep in your step go for it) and again loads of water.
Good luck with your progress and look forward to your posts.
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Re: Newbie from WA

Postby faith189 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:17 am

Thank you both very much for the warm welcome! :D

& thank you for the tips with regards to drinks Sharrelle, I love Milo but wasn't sure if it would be OK so have been avoiding it!!

Tash :D
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Re: Newbie from WA

Postby Blitz » Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:26 am

You gotta have faith Tash - that is what it is all about. Belief is the key...once the mind is convinced - the body MUST follow! :D

Best wishes on your journey to a better future!

Was: 153.7kg
Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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