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Re: Kangaroo

Postby gettnthere » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:16 pm

Hey Kimmie,
I know this thread was posted a while ago and you may not even visit the website now but maybe someone else knows...I asked my doctor and he didn't know.
I have a high uric acid count and was told to not eat much red meat as it increases uric acid due to purines...I was wondering how roo would go?
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Re: Kangaroo

Postby damonwhite1978 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:03 pm

Beef, pork, bacon and lamb have the highest levels of purine in the meat category, although all protein foods contain somewhat high levels of purine. Meat broth, stock and gravy can have high levels of purine as well.

Read more: Which Foods Are High in Purine? ... z21goTgaQl

Kangaroo doesn't appear to have the same Purine levels as other red meats.

Because Kangaroo is so low in fat the smell you get is pure meat. Remember in other meats such as pork, lamb etc, there is a fat content there and the fat gives off that nice smell when cooking which assists with diluting the pure meaty smell when cooking. With Kangaroo you are getting the pure meat smell which originates from the blood in the meat. If you don't like that smell, marinate the meat in Olive Oil, the oil helps to dilute the smell. Avoid overcooking, by having a really hot plate or grill, cooking rare then allow it to sit for a few minutes, it will cook through nicely, the key is letting it rest.

Macro Meats do a great range in the supermarkets, dont be afraid to ask the Meat Department to get some in for you.
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