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Love to Read . . then let me recomment!

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Love to Read . . then let me recomment!

Postby FatTactic » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:14 am

I love books, I find them a fantastic source of daily inspiration (I am what I read) I have two books that I can say have changed my weight loss journey.
David Kessler "An End To Overeating" An informative insightful book into what happens to us from the neuroscience point of view and the food industry of today and its growing contribution to obesity. Great for the Rationalists like myself that just love to know why?
Geneen Roth "Woman Food and God" Geneen Roth’s “Woman Food and God” gets to the underlying nature of the weighty problem of weight. The underlying pain, beliefs, convictions held deep within us that have us so afraid we abuse ourselves with food because why? Because my friends we are operating on the BS belief that we are too small to handle a pain that we were too small to handle at the time it came about.
However we are grown up now and we aren’t too small and by turning towards that pain in a state of kindness (not crappy judgement), we get to feel the miracle we forgot -grown ups can do what little people can’t, we can be our own hero and take on the monster that lies unnecessarily within.

Warm Regards
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Re: Love to Read . . then let me recomment!

Postby Shay » Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:06 am

Just letting you know we crack down on links and spamming ;)
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