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Your weight loss journey

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Your weight loss journey

Postby namktqs » Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:36 pm

A weight loss journey is an incredibly emotional journey. Once you have set an achievable weight loss goal, you will need to add a healthy dose of self discipline, determination,will power and dedication. Even when you achieve your weight loss goal, it requires the same amount of discipline and will power to maintaining your goal weight. It is a much easier option to be unhealthy and it takes great self control to choose to be healthy.

It is important to remember that the most important person to lose weight for is YOU! You are ultimately responsible for how you live your life and what you feed your body. You need to lose weight for YOU and YOU alone. You can not blame any one else. You need to take responsibility for your own health and take ownership of this weight loss journey. You need to be accountable to YOU!

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I feel uncomfortable?
Do I feel tired and bloated and sluggish?
Do I feel unhealthy?
Do I need more energy?
Do I feel older than I really am?
Do I feel uncomfortable in my own skin?
Am I feeling unattractive?
Do I feel like I have lost my way and no longer feel like me?

What ever the reason is, maybe it is all of the above, pick a reason and remind yourself every day, why you are embarking on this lifestyle change and it must be a lifestyle change. An important first step, when starting a weight loss programme, is to get on the scale, see what you weigh now, and then set yourself an achievable target. Focus on a size rather than a number on the scales. It is important to define the journey before you take on the challenge. Whether it is a large weight loss or just a few extra kilos that you have to lose, face up to your part in how you came to this place. Take full responsibility for your weight and your health. When you have accepted that it is time to make the changes and achieve an acceptable weight loss then you will be ready to get started.

From day one, until you achieve your goal, you need to write and keep a food diary and goal setting journal to record your weight loss journey. Those people who have a goal or plan and journal it or keep a diary, are more successful in reaching and achieving their goal. Those who don’t journal this weight loss journey, often struggle. This is a really important tool and will help you stay focused. You will need to record on a daily basis what you eat and your exercise performance as well as how you feel and what you want to achieve.
Set goals in this diary, and start with small ones that lead to bigger ones.

When you start achieving these goals, take time out to reward yourself for your weight loss achievements. Maybe get a massage when you achieve your first milestone. Maybe get your hair done or buy a new outfit. Maybe take a weekend away at a special resort. Reward yourself for your efforts as this will help you to stay focused and get you closer to your weight loss dream.

Life will always throw curve balls at you and expect plenty of challenges during a health and fitness programme. The secret is to never give up! When you fall or have a bad day, when you give in and eat unhealthy food, the secret in achieving your weight loss goal is to get back up again and again and again! Don’t waste your time beating yourself up for having a bad day, refocus and start again. The sooner the better! There is more success in rising when we fail than never failing. Every day is a new day towards health and well being. Be accountable to yourself and do not blame others for your weight gain. A good healthy eating plan and exercise programme is a journey worth taking. It will change how you feel, how you think and how you live your life as well as how long you live it.
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Re: Your weight loss journey

Postby snappy1 » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:27 pm

Healthy mind and healthy body go hand in hand. Your mind can control your body. Visualize that you have reached your desired optimal weight and enjoying your life. When you keep visualizing, your subconscious mind will be prepared to take up the challenges to achieve the weight loss goal. Try it for yourself. It really works.
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