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On cooking

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On cooking

Postby fortyfour » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:08 am

Learn how to cook, forget about baking.

You can't seriously lose weight if you insist on continuing to bake. You've got to get real about that. Being honest with yourself, do you really think that you can cook a whole batch of biscuits and eat only one a day or less?

You can't seriously lose weight if you refuse to learn how to prepare your own decent nutritious and delicious food. Why try to learn one or two new recipes a week.

Its true, there are times, long periods, when i don't want to cook at all. Its in those periods that i stop eating properly and start putting on weight. Its not necessarily the case that bad eating is a result of poor cooking but in my case the two always go together. It seems to be mood related.

If you don't know how to cook, use recipe books. Go to the basics (traditional recipes) of mediterranean cooking for quite easy and healthy meals. Of course all the other cuisines have lots of good things too but do you want to eat them every day. Its easy for caucasians to eat european dishes every day so learn how to cook those first. Avoid fancy recipe books. Go for basic traditional fair with easy to find ingredients.

Learn how to cook lasagne and pasta dishes properly so that you will really know what a good yummy healthy pasta meal is like. You don't have to get fat on pasta if you keep your portion size modest and bulk out with salads and some vegies on the side, followed by fruit.
Learn how to prepare some basic delicious salads. Skip the bottled dressing. A basic dressing of quality extra virgin olive oil and a good wine vinegar will take you further. But salad vegies don't even need dressing. Just chop them up onto a side plate and taste the flavour of each individual piece one by one.
Learn those vegetable dishes that the mediterranean people do so well.

There seem to be so many dieters who think they can exist for the rest of their life on a boring tasteless chicken breast and steam vegetables. I despair when i read people eating that day after day. Don't be afraid of using a little oil to cook with. Just avoid deep frying.

When you know how to cook, you will find you don't need to gorge on large amounts of cheese, or icecream or anything else thats totally saturated in fats.

If you find yourself hungry in between meals and you don't think one piece of fruit will get you there. Chop up three pieces into a bowl and enjoy a filling but low calorie fruit salad.

And learn about good quality ingredients. extra virgin olive oil, not light olive oil for salads. Parmesan that you have to grate yourself, not pre-grated mozzarella for your pasta. And then you only need a little bit because its a strong cheese.
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