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WestieBarbie's food diary

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Re: WestieBarbie's food diary

Postby dragonfly » Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:45 pm

we all fail from time to time. I fail all the time.
I have failed a 1000 times, but its what keeps me going. pushes me forward.
I am trying to do mind over matter, and even if I have a bad day, tommorow is another day, a different day, and I can make positive changes again.

i just had an arguement with the computer, and in frustration grabbed some food. just crackers, and I am not going to feel guilty. i wil just work those crackers into my food for the day.

stop punishing yoruself for bad mistakes. love yourself and let yourself have those soda floats lol, just make sure the day doesnt keep heading south LOL

keep going!!! :)
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