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Caved.... at Red Rooster

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Caved.... at Red Rooster

Postby SkinnyBride2B » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:25 pm

So this was my first major loss of will power - i caved driving past red rooster... it was lunch time, i was hungry and normally i ignore it and say something like "Its not worth it....keep driving" but today i didnt

I ate a Rooster Roll with half a regular chips

As soon as i got back to the office i got on Calorie King to see what the damage was

A whooping 3727kj and 30.7g fat

Well that basically confirms i cant eat anything else today.... water it is!!!

Silly silly girl :( :x :oops: :roll:

Never Again - i was right the first time - its so not worth it
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Re: Caved.... at Red Rooster

Postby Danstory » Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:21 pm

I lived off redrooster alot of nights over my weight loss period, because family ate alot of mcdonalds ect i would ask to go to redrooster instead, what i did tho was get a chicken roll and removed the chicken skin and get water or diet coke depending on whatever i felt like at time. It obviously isn't as better as healthy meals but good substitute for when ya wanna just get take away or have cravings, tho i didn't get the chip cravings iv hated potato since i was old enough to talk, so can't help ya there but from what iv read its not rly good to eat a big meal and then skip another meal, best bet is to just eat something like 80 calories or something an apple to keep your metabolism up at dinner, it would prob do more good then skipping it all together, hunger wise and for ya metabolism.
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