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Play it again Sam ...

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Re: Play it again Sam ...

Postby feebeejay » Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:06 pm

it's been a while since I posted anything - have been so flat out it's been crazy - AND I haven't been as vigilant as I was being ... AND I've put on about 2-3 kilo's - can't tell for sure because my scales don't seem to be giving me consistent readings of late ... probably my fault, not theirs ... I've not dropped the ball, but it hasn't been held firmly in my hands if you like. I am totally to blame - and I have crept back to reaching for comfort foods!! I have gone back to studying - not really sure what i'm thinking - I am finding it a real challenge to squeeze everything in while still working full time ... anyway, I have been doing all sorts of procrastinating!!! such as I am doing right now (I have an assignment to do, lol!!) anyway, I just wanted to 'fess up - I know what I am doing wrong, and I've given myself a talking to ... and here I am again. Take control Fiona!!!!!
So, back on the wagon I go ...

Oh, and I had the flight a couple of weeks ago - and the seat belt was just fine - but I hadn't quite lost as much as I had originally planned - so a bit of a fail on that - but I'm owning it, and am ready to get back to doing the right thing ... hope everyone else is staying on track and doing better than me ...
trying to stop the yo-yo!!!
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Re: Play it again Sam ...

Postby Blitz » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:33 am

Scales may fluctuate in readings that is why I only record a weight number if I get it three times in a row.
Some days it is just getting on the scales three times but most days can see me getting on several times
...and some days I can be seen to be acting like a kangaroo!

Other scales have an inbuilt weight tolerance and remember your last weigh in and won't shift from that unless a significant amount is gained or lost. This is fine for the general population but for people losing weight - those 100 to 500 grams make all the difference.

If your scales are giving you trouble; try replacing the batteries (if it is that type of scale) or if that fails then it is time to replace your scales.
Your scales are a vital piece of equipment - and well worth the investment for your future success.

Fiona, it is never failure unless you stop trying...and you are still working it. :D
Rather than beat yourself over the past - learn the life's lessons from it instead and move on.
So lay the blame and guilt game aside...there is too much work to be done to wallow in that dead end!
Yesterday is gone and today is what matters for a successful tomorrow. 8)

Re-set your mind. Get back to basics and re-establish those good habits and you will soon start travelling in the right direction again.

Original plans do go awry. Originally when I started losing weight I calculated that it would take me 35 weeks to reach goal (optimistic or what?). This was based on the naive assumption of having lost 2.5 kilos in my first week; that I could continue to lose that amount each and every week. I reached goal at week 60. Only a mere 25 weeks off! :shock: :lol: Ambitious plans are fine spurs to move us forward but don't let not achieving them get you down. Just celebrate in the fact that they have moved you closer to the goal.

Glad to see you back and ready to fight again.
It is this quality in your character that will be the bases of your eventual success! 8)

Was: 153.7kg
Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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