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Postby ganymede » Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:44 pm

I always find I get really angry when craving bad food because I'm torn between giving in and not giving in but giving in makes me sad but not giving in makes me so cranky because I cannot have what I want.

I really need to tackle this issue as most of the time this happens on weekends (I can handle not caving through the week because I'm busier and just generally more determined AND because I am usually in bed a lot earlier so I have less time to want things and get hungry again) and my partner is with me and I hate getting all moody and cranky around him or taking it out on him. He really doesn't deserve to deal with my emotional rollercoaster every time I want something bad and can't have it LOL.

Is there anything anyone would suggest? I try having healthier options available but sometimes that just doesn't help! But of course I need to overcome it somehow because I can't be snacking every night over the weekend just so I don't get cranky lol!

Thanks :)

- Shelley

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