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Chris Biggest Loser's winning ways

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Chris Biggest Loser's winning ways

Postby Chelle » Fri May 04, 2007 1:15 pm

The second series of reality TV show The Biggest Loser has been run and won, but some questions have been asked about what it takes to win.

The Biggest Loser last night became the biggest winner on the second series of the popular TV programme. But immediately, questions were being asked.

Chris Garling, 23, may have lost almost half his bodyweight, shedding 70kg from his portly 150kg frame, but was it healthy? And did he receive assistance in tipping those scales?

Former Iron Man, Today Tonight's "weight loss warrior" Guy Leech, has criticised the way contestants were subjected to a crash course of diet and exercise over just ten weeks. He believes Chris will suffer the consequences.

"He looked like a pencil, he had no muscle on him whatsoever," Guy said. "He dropped all the fat and had taken all the muscle off as well."

As for the other contestants, Guy said they were in for a big shock.

"They're going to be really sore," he said. "It's going to hurt them like you wouldn't believe, they'll probably get injured as well and they're going to give up."

Guy's warning may well have applied to the first winner of the Biggest Loser, Adro, who lost 60kg in 10 weeks. But a few months down the track, something happened to him.

"I have these boobs, disgusting," Adro said back then.

Devastated by the sagging skin across his entire body, Adro consulted plastic surgeon Dr Mark Kahout for a tummy tuck, a buttock lift and an outside thigh procedure.

Ubi Formica from GNC Nutrition claimed to have supplied Chris Garling with alternative supplements since this year's series of The Biggest Loser began.

"The first one is what we call a super food, maximum greens, its a combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs, great for detoxing," Mr Formica said.

"The second one is green tea. CLA, this is derived from safflower, it helps you burn body fats more effectively. And the final one is fish oil."

Mr Formica believes Chris was smart. If the other contestants had sought the extra help, it might have just made the difference they needed.

"These products just helped his own body with the weight loss he's taken," Mr Formica said. "Nothing that's illegal."
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Fri May 04, 2007 1:24 pm

it makes me laugh how he was able to take the stuff from GNC nutrition because last years biggest loser when the wildcards came into the house some of them were reprimanded due to taking supplements and vitamins on the outside. even though what he has taken isn't illegal according to the biggest loser game last year it may as well have been. funny how things change
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