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I need 5 kg gone in 12 weeks!!!HELP EVERYONE

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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I need 5 kg gone in 12 weeks!!!HELP EVERYONE

Postby bianca bride » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:18 am

hi all,
i'm just new to this site, it looks great.
Ok so i'm getting married on nov 12 2011 and i really really want to lose 5kg.
I am 175cm tall and weight right on 70 kg, am i fat?
i really really want to get down to 65kg.
4 years ago i weight 93 kg and lose all that weight by myself no pill or crazy diets.
I am now on lite and easy 1200 and i have been on it for about 1 month i have only lost 1 kg!!!!arrrrrrrrr
i go walking 5 days a week for 30min and i swin and do some classes.
NOTHING is working.
i don't eat bad thats the thing i watch EVERYTHING thats gose in my mouth.
My family keep say i'm getting to thin but i think they are lying.
please help my lose weight, also i have chronic fatigue which i have had for about 1 1/2 years so i get tried really fast.
thanks all xoxox
bianca bride
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Re: I need 5 kg gone in 12 weeks!!!HELP EVERYONE

Postby CronicBadger » Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:31 pm

It might take a few weeks for the weight-loss to kick in.

Different bodies react in different ways to conserve energy, but I suspect it may be that for a short time (a few weeks) fat cells often take up water to replace lost fat in order to maintain volume. So you may have lost fat, but it's been replaced with water.

It won't last though, you will eventually see weight loss as long as you're creating a regular energy deficit that forces the body to source its energy from its fat reserves.
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Re: I need 5 kg gone in 12 weeks!!!HELP EVERYONE

Postby yogibbear » Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:23 am

I think you need to fix / improve the chronic fatigue issue as well to get your body wanting to be fitter and healthier. Otherwise there's probably two constantly inopposition drags in your body. One is your chronic fatigue saying "No. Stop. Can't do anything! RAWRRARA!" the other is your conscious mind saying "I will be fit and healthy and AWESOME! DIE FAT CELLS DIE!"

You want your entire body to be killing those fat cell baddies. So... you need to also fix the chronic fatigue. I'm not a chronic fatigue expert at all but I'd assume you need to make sure you sleep in a consistent patterns, get enough sleep, get enough of every single kind of vitamin and mineral (maybe consider taking vitamin supplements or whatever... I'm sure you already do). Then you need sunlight (which you probably get from all that walking) to both get vitamin D as well as regulate your body clock so that you sleep well. I'm sure there's other things that cause chronic fatigue such as depression and stresses in everyday life. If it's something that you've been dealing with for 18 months then maybe you've already got an action plan to deal with it?

Have you ever considered adding in some light free weight exercises into your routine? I reckon it could help. Will encourage your body to repair your muscles a bit mroe and probably help with the chronic fatigue side of things at the same time.
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Re: I need 5 kg gone in 12 weeks!!!HELP EVERYONE

Postby FatFreeMum2B » Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:54 am

First of all congrats on getting married soon!

As for your weight loss have you tried mixing up your exercise? often your body can get used to the exercise and you won't burn as much if any fat. Maybe try taking a different route (one with a hill or something), on your walk if you come across stairs run up and down them a few times, stop a couple of times and do some star jumps, burpies, mountain climbers etc or even go loner and or do intervals (10minutes walking, 2 minutes jogging - but make sure your walk is as fast as it would be normally)
Personal Trainers or Group Classes may also be helpful to help loose some extra weight you don't want or need.

With your family thinking your getting to thin maybe you need to pop some photo's up so people who don't know you can be the judge and let you know what they think.. You may need to tone more then loose weight.

Good luck and hope you loose those kilo's for your big day :)

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