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What works for me to loose weight!

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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What works for me to loose weight!

Postby zamiley » Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:41 am

Hey guys, Been browsing for months and thaught id share my story.

I have always been overweight and since 15 years of age, i was packing on the kilos. I did nothing about it and at 20 years old I was 95-97KG male,
who was strugling with size. On my 20th birthday, i wanted to make a change and i talked with a friend who is very fit and you could say his a bodybuilder, he inspires me alot.
He educated me on what i should try and ways or burning fat and talked about diet. To myself i thaught, yer ive tried this all before, theres just something wrong with me.
How wrong i was!!!

at 98kg, i decided I would fix my diet, I began slowly excluding sugar from tea and coffee. I gave up coke. I eventually stoped eating bread, and if i ever do its the wholegrain type.
In about a month I managed to fix my diet up very slightly, by droping some carbs. I did not loose any weight, but for some reason, now more than ever I was determined to see the diet out.

So I stepped up my game, I started working out with my friend, 1.5hrs 6 days a week, I would do heavy weight lifting excercises. IVe done it before, but not like this. When i worked out before, i planned the work out too much, I would for instance say im going to do 10reps and 3 sets. I NEVER PUSHED MYSELF AND LIMITS.

So, my situation after 2 months was a low carb diet, weight lifting where i push myself to the limits and generally, just sleeping well and drinking lots of water. By the end of the second month i was getting some compliments from people i knew, I couldnt see a cahnge and didnt expect to.

So, in the third month, i decided to change things up a bit. Heres where I think I found something that works for me. Firstly, I baught Optimum Nutrition low carb protein shake, Its only a supplement and i still had to eat very healthy. I reduced carbs to just oats and milk. I would only have carbs for breakfast and sometimes I would cheat and have for lunch. BUT AT NO TIME WOULD I LET MY SELF HAVE CARBS AFTER LUNCH. I would only eat complex carbs, non of those bad carbs from sugars. I started to get alot more protein from my meals. I would eat alot of food, hgh in protein and low in fat. WATER WAS ESSENTIAL, i would drink more than 4L a day. Again people would compliment me, but, in the third month I never checked my weight at all, i was scared to in case i didnt loose or picked up. I decided to buy one of those ketosis sticks to see if my body was in ketosis, it turns out i was partially in ketosis by the end of this month.

So, now we enter the fourth month. I decided to keep my diet the same. That is high protein, so i can build and maintain muscle and help prevent catabolic break down and low carbs (no carbs after lunch). However, I was advised it is good too have carbs pre workout and post workout, so i included preworkout carbs from oats again and post from a bannanna. THis makes sense, because you need energy to workout hard and if you work hard you will gain more muscle, which will sort of so to say burn fat. IF you have no energy, your workouts are going to be slopy and you won't build muscle, instead you will break them down for energy use.

So, still talking about month 4, I have been obsesed with excercise and diet. Always trying to improve. So my carb intake was low, protein intake was high. My workouts were very very high instensity. My workouts now consist of only COMPUND EXCERCISE. I beilieve and I have experinced the most progress from this. After I do a set of any weight lifting excercise, i take a run at slow pace up my friends street, this keeps my heart rate up and in the fat burning zone. IN ADDITION TO THIS, I DRINK ALOT OF GREEN TEA FOR THE THERMOGENIC EFFECT. I don't know how true it is, but I swear it works for me. water intake is high and protein very high.

So this is the end of the fourth month and one week. CURRENT WEIGHT: 85KG. Oh what a feeling, Last time I was this weight was when I was passing it.
It just goes to show, that i thaught there was something wrong with me, but i was not putting in the effort, my deit was out of controll and I was trying what worked for others, not what worked for myself. If i dont loose a single bit of weight more i dont care, this is a lifestyle for me, i feel so much better.

I just thaught id share my story with you guys. As a 20year old it was very hard to contain and constrict my diet, but i have it under control and i think diet is evrything. One last tip, don't hate your workouts, enjoy them, listen to music to pump you up or videos of ppl you admire. I think, running and endurance training help, but weight lifting is defnitley the number one solution to the weight problems, for me anyway.

I dont know how to add links, but id like you guys to go to youtube and type in Zyzz, he was my inspiration aswell, sadly he died of a heart condition. He changed my life.


I will post prgress pics, when i get the time to take one :P
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Re: What works for me to loose weight!

Postby alex19 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:20 pm

I am too on this weightloss journey.
Very inspiring to read!
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