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Weightloss Tea Tonic

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Weightloss Tea Tonic

Postby daph123 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:47 pm

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has tried the 'Secret Societea' Weightloss Tea Tonic (admin removed link)
A group of mums at my sons school are all on it and swear by it. They have noticeably lost weight and said it is an all natural product.

I am looking for anyone with experience/feedback on this product before I purchase.

Much appreciated :D
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Re: Weightloss Tea Tonic

Postby CronicBadger » Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:34 am

I ferreted around their web-site, did some searching of medical websites and checked a few paper fact books and the packets of products I have in my own cupboard. Here's my take on it:

First, the product's website was registered on the 13th of November and I could find no other related references to the tea itself. My guess is that it's a new product and the group of mums have not had enough time to test it properly. They may be imagining the results, as people tend to do.

My main concern is that the product is pushed primarily as a weight-loss "tonic" for which results will occur without any other changes to your lifestyle - just like the marketing of so many other similar tea blends. There is no information about how it tastes, or reviews, so tea connoisseurs are left hanging in the wind. I could not find any scientific literature that supported the claims for the herbs attributed to weight-loss effects beyond a few studies on mice and rats.

I perused their "Success Stories" - er, actually, I perused the host of gorgeous bikini-clad swimsuit models on their photo site (mmm, Jenny Hawkins). But I couldn't find much in the way of real stories though, due, I suspect, that it's new on the market. It seems to be more of a user-supported comment area.

The few "Before" and "After" shots look encouraging, but to attribute to the tea an apparent loss of several very noticeable kilograms over the course of less than a month brings out the skeptic in me. The weight-loss they encountered was most likely due to calorific restriction and exercise. In a welcome break with the tradition of such products, the owner of the website and business provided her own Before and After shots! I'm actually quite pleased that a weight-loss product's owner actually has enough faith in their own product to use it, even if I'm skeptical about its efficacy.

The product seems overpriced. Except for the post-fermented tea, I have all the individual components currently sitting in my cupboard (I drink a wide variety of herbal infusions!) and I could simply blend them together for a price far less than (gasp!) $25 per 100 grammes. However, the blend itself does seem to be carefully selected and I suspect the people who formulated it actually do care about the product and have selected herbs which, although unproven, have had some encouraging initial research results.

As with any product that claims to noticeably reduce weight without diet and exercise, I would heed the advice of experts and not treat this one as anything different. Sure, if you enjoy drinking herbal tea, and if your friends say it tastes good, then try it. But if you're looking to lose weight, daph123, then just eat less, eat healthy and get regular exercise.
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