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I'd like some help/insight.

Anything and everything concerning weight loss.

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I'd like some help/insight.

Postby That Guy » Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:10 pm

Hello, so if you want to read a bit about me, here's a link to my intro thread:

This is essentially the reason I joined.
First and foremost, I get that progress can be slow - I'm not expecting an overnight miracle.
It's hard to lose weight.

So, I guess I'm throwing this random thread out there to find some assistance, because I have some questions, and I feel like I could be doing better - I'm probably going to come across as some ignorant ignoramus that's been doing everything wrong, which is cool. I want these things illustrated if need be.

For those who didn't go right through my other thread,
I'm male, 33, 118-120kgs at the moment, about 5foot10. Heavy set. Broad. I'd say a pretty "strong" build. Kind of tanky.
But yeah obviously, overweight.

Gym, well it seems to have increased my muscle mass a little bit largely through whatever they call the weights that aren't free weights like yknow, on wires?, some resistances, a water wheel thing. Yknow like a hand bike.
Those are the things that I do aside from cardio - strength building has not been a huge priority for me, I'm good with it.
Not to mention I can admit it's a little daunting entering the "testosterone brigade" area of the yeah, putting that aside for now.

For cardio, I usually bike ride and use the crosstrainer.
Each session I'll ride just over 10ks within 20 minutes on the bike, and do around 2-3 ks on the cross trainer in 12-13 minutes.
I always make sure to stay throughout the 'cooldown' bit.
I occasionally row, but probably should, more than I do - I just tend to feel a little exhausted after my "other" cardio.
I think I do pretty well in that respect, I had to work up to it, and have constantly been above what my originally recommended RPMs, difficulties and the like.

Sometimes I try to drink a strong coffee before my sessions to see if it'll spike my heart rate. Maybe a dangerous idea.

So, I've had some falls and some gains.
I've made some changes to my diet. I'm not about to go fanatic about that, but bad things have been significantly lessened. Sugars are much less, and nothing fried/deep fried or generally processed.
I am seeing some loss. very gradually. Sometimes barely anything at all.
It's hard to keep heart - it seems like, disproportionate to the amount of effort I've put in.

I decided to do some research.

Apparently a liver detox might be an idea. ThoughtS?

I also checked out ideal heart rate for cardio/fat loss.
I believe the solution I found might be somewhat sound, but perhaps some recalculation is needed.

So I did the "theoritical maximum" heartrate calculation, which I understand is 187. \

Then I looked up some more things.
A few websites indicated that I should be going between 60-70% of this.
I got something like 113bpm to 130.
This seems ridiculously low.
Even after a cool-down, I'm in the late 130's.
I don't know what it's at when I'm stationary but I don't imagine those numbers being attained by anything more than walking very slowly.

When I ride, and crosstrain, my bpm usually sits around 164-170.
Though I admit, I do put the difficulty up and try to retain quite a pace.
I have got to 185 before, but yeah that's like blackout zone almost...only early in my gym days did I do this.

Anyways, the usual, I'd be getting I guess 85-87% of the theoretical maximum at the time.
I do slow down sometimes, and sometimes I stop for 15-20 seconds during these times...

I get why perhaps lower heartrates will allow you to work out longer.
I do not believe the calculated range I should be working within for the "fat burning" zone, is attainable through anything other than near inactivity.

I asked a gym instructor about this.
To be honest I don't feel like his information was all that helpful or really even safe, certainly he wasn't considering my size/shape and current fitness which is at an "ok" level.
But this guy tells me (which I agree with) the figures are certainly too low as I thought.

Though his idea, was to pump it right up around 184 and retain that for at least a minute, then back down to 170 for a half a minute, then do that for 10 minutes.
Perhaps if I was a lot fitter, I could do this.

Right now, it takes at least a minute of going as hard as I can to get it into the 180s, and I get faint, and sore, and can't really maintain that pace at all.
Not to mention - this is 95% of the theoretical maximum - from what I understand, this is actually pretty dangerous if you're not at peak physical fitness?
Like, I don't want to have some kind of embarassing cardiac event in the gym, or hurt myself either.

I'm a bit disappointed in this guy and to be honest I'll probably go to someone else next time I have questions...I could be wrong, but I don't feel like I am incorrect about second guessing this.

Don't get me wrong guys, I'm not some soft-as-f%*# fat guy. I put in work. I leave worn out, shaky and occasionally heachachy. I have yet to see any sign of the reputed endorphins, and I am
simply not happy with the rate my weight is falling at. It's hard to maintain, when you try, just doesn't show for it.

So I guess my main question was to sort out the ideal cardio stuff...because right now I'm in between thinking what I've read in terms of rates is BS, and that the guy at the gym is just
sending me down the wrong path.

Anyhows any advice would be appreciated.
That Guy
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Re: I'd like some help/insight.

Postby Blitz » Fri Mar 28, 2014 7:29 am

Progress may seem so but steady progress will get you there before you know it!

Here are some general principles to get you started...

Firstly, going hard at it without knowing what your resting heart rate is - is just a recipe for disaster. Without that number you are just flying blind.

Weight training will not show weight loss straight away. You will be building lots of muscle which weighs more than fat. The upside is that your metabolism will increase and down the track you will see very good weight loss.

Forget the coffee to spike your heart rate. It will dehydrate you...the last thing you need when you are working out. Drink water - lots of water.

The most important thing you can do food intake wise is watch your portion control. This is where most people fall down especially if they are exercising hard. Learn what a normal serve looks like...and serve that or a little less for yourself.

Forget about liver detox. A load of new age mumbo jumbo. If you are eating healthily, in proper portions and exercising well; your body will respond naturally and balance it's needs without you doing anything.

You can get lost in the sport science of effective heart rates and the like. If you are an elite athlete trying to squeeze an extra tenth of a second then it may be worth while. That is what spiking heart rates are all about. But you are in the weight loss business. This means that you are creating long demands on your body so that it will surrender the fat it has stored. If you like think more marathon than sprint. Spiking heart rates have their place...but they are the icing on the cake - not the cake.

Rather than getting lost in the easier way would be to just listen to your body. Always push it - but never break it. Every day is different, your body will let you know what it can do and what it should or shouldn't do. First rule of weight no harm - listen to your body.
Bottom line...go slower and more steadier.

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Lost: 87kg
Now: keeping it off for life!
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Re: I'd like some help/insight.

Postby JP1 » Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:35 am

Gees all too technical for me but welcome aboard fella and good luck with it!
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