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For those who have reached their target weight and want to stay there.

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Postby admin » Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:35 pm

Do you dream of being held in the highest of esteem and helping others to achieve their very best?

Why not become a Member of the prestigious "Maintenance Crew".

There's no money in it but you'll go to bed each night with a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that today you made the world a better place.

To qualify to become a member of the Maintenance Crew, all you need to do is reach your target weight and be committed to maintaining it, and help others do likewise by giving them support, tips, advice and being a role model.

As a member of the Maintenance Crew, you'll also get to display one of the official Maintenance Crew member Badges (examples of current members badges are below) in place of your weight loss tracking ticker (or in addition to if you wish).

We can also personalise your Maintenance Crew Badge by adding in the total amount of weight you lost.

Being a member of the Maintenance Crew is a rewarding pursuit and is something positive to aspire to.

If you would like to join this elite club, simply achieve your weight loss goal (in your own time of course), replace your ticker with the official badge below and get to work helping others while you continue to maintain the new improved you.

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Good luck.

Scott. :D
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