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Belief in Yourself

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Belief in Yourself

Postby Firefly » Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:12 pm

Chocolates, crisps and biscuits
Never stretched my tum
I'd eat all put in front of me
‘Till I became a mum

But as family expanded
My clothes kept getting bigger
Baggy jumpers were my friends
They hid my wobbly figure

Several times I’d tried to slim
Much to everyone’s dismay
I was miserable and grumpy
People kept out of my way

No diet seemed to suit me
As I found out to my cost
I’d lose some pounds, give it up
Put back more than I’d lost

A question from my daughter
Became the final straw
“When is the baby coming?”
My fat could stay no more

Feeling nervous and embarrassed
I turned a brand new leaf
And straight away I felt at ease
with my new self-belief.

I discovered a new eating plan
Everything in moderation
So many different choices
So many healthy combinations

It really was amazing
Such a lot to eat
Based on making healthy choices
There was no need to cheat

The weight began to fall off
I really was impressed
And with friends' encouragement
I never got depressed

With my dress size getting smaller
And my confidence increasing
I found myself looking forward
To weighing each Saturday morning

Now the compliments keep coming
I really do feel great
All you need is belief in yourself
To help you lose that weight!
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