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Competition with Ex-Bestie

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Competition with Ex-Bestie

Postby Wobbles34 » Sat Jun 08, 2013 7:33 pm

Well..... the title says it all. Completely fell out with my Bestie... (her fault not mine - back stabbing cow)... and we have both been on the 'over-weight' wagon for many years, encouraging each other and giving support and both yo-yoing....Until recently she stabbed me in the back and we no longer talk.

Anyway.. the good thing is she has always been bigger than me, and its now becoming a little bit of a competition who can loose more weight than the other.

(I know this sounds like I'm 16 or something.. but I'm in my 30's)... and maybe a little bit juvenile... but a very big incentive for me. I'm certainly not going to run into her, with all her 'new' group, and for her to be smaller than me, and I know she will be thinking the same.

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Re: Competition with Ex-Bestie

Postby Blitz » Mon Jun 10, 2013 4:01 pm

I guess whatever it takes for you to get off your butt and do it. :shock:

When I was losing weight I tried to compete with the contestants of 'The Biggest Loser'. I always wanted to post a weekly 5 to 7 kilo number like some of them did. I never managed it - the best I did was a 3.4kg. At the time my ignorance of all things about weight loss meant I didn't stand a chance of getting such a number. Nevertheless, it was a great carrot to keep me working hard. If I was to do it now, with the knowledge I now have - I reckon I could have gone on that show and get close to winning it. To quote Brando from 'On the Waterfront'..."I could have been a contender". :lol:

Go for "a contender"!
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