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Don't Know Where To Start

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Don't Know Where To Start

Postby FordFalcon1993 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:03 am

Hey guys, I'm new on here and as being apart of many forums I know you probably get this quite a lot, but it's worth a try.

I'm 18 and graduated year 12 last year, and have since put on a couple kilo's.

Throughout my life I wasn't exactly skinny nor fat, I was just alright, in fact I was rather skinny until about 8 years old when a friend of the family insisted I take protein shakes because I didn't eat a lot of meat, which is where I believe a lot of the fat came from and since have had.

Up until about 13 or 14 I was slightly chubby and then I grew taller and became rather decent, not skinny but I didn't look fat, this was after parents divorced and we moved and I took up skating, now skating gave me a huge amount of Stamina which I have since lost but it never seemed to drop any weight, I also took up inline hockey, that didn't do much for me either, but I was at a steady 60-65 Kilos around then, I'm about 5feet 10inches, I've since gained about 10 kilos and I'm now 75 Kilo's, It's starting to show as I have started to get man boobs(One thing I really didn't want) and a couple rolls here and there, it's not so great, I'm planning to go back to skating soon as my cardio, I only realize now how much it actually did for me, I used to be able to skate for 4 hours non-stop, now I can't even skate for 3 laps without needing a break.

Anyway away with all the sort of back history, my fat all goes to my torso and stomach area, not on my legs or my arms or my face, oddly enough barely on my shoulders either, would be nice if it spreaded a bit more evenly.

I have tried a few times to take up gym, as I have a home gym but I get de-motivated, I've also tried to take up diets and good food plans, but just the same with gym I get de-motivated, and I believe the real reason is because I don't know what I am doing, and how to go about things, I also plan to sign up to a gym with a friend to attempt to get motivated, as I believe my prime weight is between 55-65, or if some of this weight turned to muscle then it'd be nice to be around 65-70 with low fat.

So I suppose what I am asking is, can anyone help me?

What should I do in terms of exercise, also I know this is a weight loss forum, but does anyone know about gaining muscle on the body all over.
I have a treadmill and other weight lifting equipment to get me started.

What should I eat to help me out, breakfast, lunch, dinner?
I drink one iced coffee a day, I was told it's not a total bad thing, but I'd hope I wouldn't need to scrap drinking them at all.
I am not allergic to any foods, but I don't eat Tomato's or Pumpkin.

And any other advice you could offer, I'd really like to turn this fat into muscle and look and be impressed with myself, I feel like I'm failing to keep up with all the other guys in school who have all become really fit and muscular.
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Re: Don't Know Where To Start

Postby Retire_The_Fat » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:59 am

If you enjoy skating, skate!

The main thing is to get started. Once you've started you'll feel better and will look forward to the challenge.

Diet? Dont!
Swap and cut portion sizes. The last thing you want to do is starve yourself.

You dont need to cut out your iced coffee but you may find you give it up voluntarily after you've started to lose weight and feel good.

Take it easy, be good to yourself and the weight will come off.
I cant talk about muscle build up because I know nothing about it except that I'm happy to see some definition in my arms now! LOL

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Re: Don't Know Where To Start

Postby FordFalcon1993 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:33 pm

Yeah mate, I went this Sunday just gone and I still skate like I used to with the lack of stamina and cardio of course, unfortunately the lack of jobs in this town makes it hard to afford these things.

Ahh yes by diet I don't mean no eating, it's hard to use that word loosely, I just mean my current diet isn't anything to be proud off, however I try, personally I think I have a high metabolism as I've managed to keep a lot of weight of compared to others who eat like I do.

With the Iced Coffee that's fair enough, I suppose everyone has their own little favorite badie, that would be mine.

And cheers for that, I'm still a little lost however, I plan on hitting the gym this afternoon, hopefully find some determination to build muscle not fat.
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