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Really.... not again... please help

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Really.... not again... please help

Postby lindtcrazy » Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:55 pm

Gosh, I think this is one of the most difficult times I'm having. I can actually see what I'm doing to myself.

I am even more stubborn than before, in not wanting to give up flavour and satiety. Thats how I see losing weight. A tasteless regimented routine of deprivation. ARghh, kill me now.

Being fit and slim is a faded memory for me of some years ago now.

It seems I have heightened tasted buds and the thought of counting calories seems damn awful, to be honest. Food and flavour and satiety are way more important than looking slim.

I can see for the first time, that I have become a yo yo, so that is putting me off big time. How do I know, I can commit to long term maintenance of new weight. What keeps me sane on a diet, is the fact that I will taste these unhealthy dreamy flavours again.I'm being pulled one way and then the other.
The only kicker for me is when I see the michelins sneeking up around my middle and the my thighs getting thicker, so there already is the reason why i want to lose weight and that is not sustainable, because I always dream of those yummy flavours and can't wait to treat myself after a diet.
I realised I hit the wall when I found out that to succedd with maintenance, you have to watch calories all your life, once you are at maintnenance calories.

How do I find my swing, but its harder this time, cause I can see, that it all may come back. I dont want to yo yo.
I was so good at this once.
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Re: Really.... not again... please help

Postby CronicBadger » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:20 pm

Try small amounts of unusual foods - such as highly spiced asian. It can take away the blandness of healthy food.

I regularly boil up a pot of low-kilojoule vegetables, such as sweet potato and onion, with lashings of chili flakes. This then gets eaten over the next few days with small servings of lean high protein food such as fish.

Avoid anything fatty or salty since those are "flavour enhancers" rather than being genuine flavours in their own right. If a food has to have fat and salt to make it taste good then there is a problem with that food (hit it with chili, curry or mustard instead!).
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Re: Really.... not again... please help

Postby Blitz » Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:45 pm

For me it seems it's a battle about right thinking. I never use the word diet because that suggests forbidden foods (and we all want that which we can't have) and that it has a beginning and an ending. Unfortunately this is a lifetime thing.

I say have some of the things that you crave BUT you must have them in a controlled moderate way. Use one of them as a reward at the end of the week for keeping your targets. You don't have to have a super sized portion of the thing you want - just enough to get it out of your head space. Incorporate it in your meal plan - rather than as an add on. Always remember that if you ate it, you have an obligation to make sure you burn it off. Extra exercise to pay for you indolence.

One of the key things I say to myself that keeps me on track, "It took a lot of hard work to get it I really want to throw it all away for a moment or two of pleasure and start again?" I'll take the easy way out and keep it off.

Work on your head. Remember all the benefits that weight loss has delivered into your life. Whether small or big each benefit is another reason not to go backwards.
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Re: Really.... not again... please help

Postby admin » Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:08 pm

Great advise Kim. I know it is difficult but you are correct in starting with the head.

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