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Fresh Hitting it hard Exercise/Diet diary.

Anything and everything concerning exercise.

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Fresh Hitting it hard Exercise/Diet diary.

Postby Fresh » Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:38 pm

Hey guys, i currently weigh 108kg and ideally i want to get down to 82kg which means i have 26kgs to lose! ive dieted before without exercise and had ok results (lost 10kg without being strict) the heaviest ive ever been was 115kg. I guess i just want to post here to keep myself accountable and get some motivation im aiming to lose 10kg by the 1st of September and im not going to weigh myself until then (ill just be counting calories that i intake and burn) i know its going to be hard as im going to have to lose around 1.65kg per week! anyway im currently 5 days in and my biggest hurdle so far has been diet i seem to be able to push through the pain of exercise. Im going to weigh myself in 52 days (just under 8 weeks) and hope to be 98kg Here are the last 5 days:

2450 = Maintain
day 21 = cheat day eat anything i want + 750ml iced coffe
day 52 = Official Weigh in hoping to be 98kg! ill take anything under 100kg though!

Monday 11/4/2011
2.5 hour walk
= 850 calories burned.
1x Apple - 150 calories
1x KFC Twiser - 600 calories
1x Chicken Kiev + Carrot/Potatoe/Broccolli - 1050 calories
= 1800 calories
= 1500 calories burned

First day of the diet/exercise, Exercise wasnt to hard however i felt it when i got home in the legs :lol:. Not too happy with my diet didn't realise a KFC twiser had 600 calories until i got home shoulda went with a sub..

Tuesday 12/4/2011
1.75 hour walk
= 600 calories burned.
1x 750ml Iced Coffe = 380 calories
1x Mint bubbly Choclate Bar = 220 calories
1x Chicken Schitzel (no oil) + Carrot/Potatoe/Broccolli = 1000 calories
= 1600 calories
= 1450 calories burned

Day 2 - got a few blisters on my feet from yesterday but i managed to push through the pain again diet not happy, Happy im under 1800 calories but im aiming for 1200-1500 also not happy with the macros, im addicted to iced coffe and my mum bought me a choclate bar because it was on special lol.

Wednesday 13/4/2011
1.5 hour walk
= 500 calories burned
1x 750ml iced coffe = 380 calories
2x Choclate Royals = 150 calories
1x Chicken Schitzel (no oil) = 700 calories
= 1080 calories
= 1720 calories burned

Day 3 - Exercise wasnt to hard my legs wernt feeling that heavy pain and streching them didnt KILL like it had the past 2 days only went for a 1hour and 30min walk im just happy im keeping it up. Diet again the iced coffe.. will be the death of me i swear. Not happy about the 2 choclate Royals however the calories dont matter to much im just concerned im not hitting my macros, Good day though 1720 cals burned woohoo!

Thursday 14/4/2011
1.5 hour walk
= 500 calories burned
1x Apple = 150 calories
3 poached eggs + toast = 600 calories
1x Chicken Schitzel (no oil) + Carrot/Potatoe/Broccolli/Beans + Chicken wrap = 1200 calories
=1950 calories
=1000 calories burned

Day 4 - Another 1hour 30 min walk the pain in my legs are back however now im experiencing back pain while im walking generally my legs dont hurt until after im finished walking while the back pain hurts while im walking im jsut hoping its a sign my posture is getting better, Even though today i burned the least amount of calories im happy with my diet was a very healthy day only 1,000 calories burned though.

Friday 15/4/2011
3.75 hour walk
= 1300 calories burned.
1x 750 ml Farmers Union Iced Coffee = 550 calories
1x Chicken Kiev + Carrots/Broccoli/Beans = 1,000 calories
= 2200 calories burned

Day 5 - Went way to hard today and over exerted myself, went for a 3 hour 45min walk and alot of it was on a incline, 2 hours in i felt dizzy, 3 hours in i wanted die and wasn't sure if i would make it home! final 45mins i just used mental strengh to push through. Ended up getting home and felt sick as drunk about a litre of water in one sitting layed in bed for 30mins with my legs up as soon as i got out of bed i vomitted, then i felt good again for 10-15mins then i vomitted again, not sure if it was dehydration (didnt take any water) or if i just over exerted myself or if it was a bit of both?. Diet wasn't really hungry the dam iced coffee got to me again and it was farmers union which has worse macros than the stuff i usually drink (iced coffe), all in all though i cant be unhappy as today i burned a huge 2,200 calories which is the best day of them all. Im really going to try harder on my dieting and eat whole foods and more fruit not sure i can give the iced coffee addiction up atm, but hopefully in a week or so itll be eliminated from my diet.
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Re: Fresh Hitting it hard Exercise/Diet diary.

Postby Fresh » Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:49 pm

Sorry guys wrong subforum, first post here got a tad confused! if a mod/admin could move it to the daily exercise diary forum that would be cool and greatly appreciated.

Also i know my maths seems off in some of those posts however i overcalculate the calories i intake i round them up just so i know if anything my calories are lower not higher.
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