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Conflicting advice - someone please help me!

Anything and everything concerning exercise.

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Conflicting advice - someone please help me!

Postby J.Spears » Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:11 pm

Ok so I'm starting to get really disheartened and confused about what type/s of training I should be doing in order to get the results I want.

First, I guess it would help to explain my goals and a bit about where I'm at right now. I started training and watching what I eat about 7 or 8 weeks ago now. I'm 21 and a guy. When I started, I weighed 74kgs (I'm 174cm tall, so I was in the upper spectrum of 'normal' according to me BMI, but just want to get rid of the pudgy bits!). Over the past 6 weeks I've gotten down to 68.5kgs - I still have a bit more fat that I'd like to get rid of, most of which sits on my lower gut (hot right?). I've had a few sessions with a personal trainer, he absolutely pushes me to my limit which is great. My goal is to lose the extra bits of fat and build lean muscle in my chest, arms, shoulders and abs.

So I have basically been doing cardio 5 days a week (burning between 500 and 800 calories each time) and doing free weights and ab work with my trainer 1 day a week. He has told me I need to be using weight machines throughout the week, and cut down on cardio except for the treadmill.

I've read that you shouldn't train any muscle group more than once a week though, as this can be counterproductive and lead to injuries and stuff. I did a bit of weight training last week on the machines that my trainer told me to use, and my right arm still feels a little sore though so I'm not thinking I should do any more today. I also don't want to do too much cardio, because I know this can compromise the muscle growth. I just need some advice about how to find a good balance between cardio (and how much cardio) and weights (how frequently). It's at the point now where I am just not going to the gym tonight because I'm too confused.

I guess I'm just getting frustrated with all the conflicting advice on the internet: to burn fat you have to do lots of cardio, but make sure you do strength training too, but not too much, but not too much cardio either. Do weight training 3 times a week, but don't ever work a muscle group more than once a week, if you're sore you have to rest, but only have one rest day a week, bla bla bla.

Sorry about the novel, btw.
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Re: Conflicting advice - someone please help me!

Postby Grapefruit » Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:07 pm

Are there any cross fit classes near you? These are amazing, extremely hard but amazing. It is very high intensity but is a good combo of cardio, strength and some weights. It is a full body workout. I have been doing these twice a week as well as other cardio through the week and I have lost body fat and can see toning differences in just 3 weeks of doing it. It is also a lot of fun but oh so exhausting!

The other thing to remember is that unfortunately you cannot choose where you want to lose weight from, only your body can decide that.

Also, are you eating enough? For your height, you don't seem to weigh much (being male). Not eating enough can cause your body to store fat so this is also a possibility. A book I have recommended on here before is 'sly moves' by sylvester stallone, excellent book and he gives meal plans and exercise regimes and well, you only have to look at him to be inspired :D
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Re: Conflicting advice - someone please help me!

Postby SydneyPT » Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:42 pm

I would say stick to free weights. There is no contraindication as to why you have to go back to machine weights like your trainer is telling you to.
Cut down cardio? why? What is his reasoning? If you fuel your body well enough and you can do both cardio and weights, why not do both?
You can train muscle groups more than once a week.
I am guessing the soreness is from the muscles being worked. DOMS occurs when you are doing an exercise/exercising at an intensity your body is not used to. It will eventually go away as your body adapts. This is no reason to stop working out. DOMS will not compromise muscle growth.
It seems like you are moderate to advanced in your exercise regime. Do as much as you want, providing you are eating enough. Only you can tell if you are exhausting your body.
To say you are doing too much is nonsense.
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