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Sgids Campaign - 32KG to lose | The saga continues

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Sgids Campaign - 32KG to lose | The saga continues

Postby Sgid » Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:36 pm

On the 23rd of June 2010 I decided to commit to becoming "slim", after a lifetime of being overweight, I finally decided to put my foot down at 122 KG (269 pounds). My goal weight: 90Kg. This is my story.


- High School
- Gap Year
- The yo-yo diet
[The Proper Diet]
- The Doctors Appointment
- Duromine
- Settling in to a good food + exercise regime
[The Weight Loss] - Read from here to track my progress
- Month One
- Month Two


I'm a pretty average guy when it comes down to it, I'm 20 years old, a Uni student and living in boring old Perth, Western Australia. Since the earliest I can remember (at the age where you begin noticing yourself) I have been somewhat overweight. It's a story I'm sure you've all heard before, my parents thought I had "puppy weight" and would simply grow into my body. I don't blame my parents though, my story is one of a uncontrollable sweet tooth.

[High school]

I have always been a pretty "big" person, not just in fat but I am pretty tall and developed muscle mass fairly early and naturally, I'm the type of guy who would be asked to help lift things on a regular basis, not that I'd complain about it. So for my time during high school I was never bullied, I could almost hide my weight. Either I was doing a good job of it, people were scared of me or I just had good friends. At the end of year 12 (final year of high school for those non-Australians) I weighed about 112KG (247 pounds).

[Gap year]

I decided to take a gap year before going to university, and this is where my weight gain really began. Prior to the gap year I had never had a proper job, so any treats I came across were through my parents or through scrounging up money lying around the house. To some extent this kept my weight in check, but after getting a part-time job, I was loaded. Eating 2 or 3 chocolate bars became a normal part of my day, for lunch I would treat myself to whatever I wanted, thick shakes, burgers, cookies, whatever I could think of. For a time I almost became dependent on these things to make myself happy, or to give myself energy.

[The yo-yo diet]

By the end of the gap year I peaked at 128KG. When the haze of trying to convince myself I looked fine wore off, I realized just how fat I had gotten. I would wear my belt on the last notch, clothes that I previously loved made me look big and were shoved to the back of the cupboard and replaced by baggy shirts and jeans. I decided that I would try to lose about 10kg before university started, over the course of a month I went up and down on a poorly planned yo-yo diet. By the end I weighed 123KG and felt more miserable than ever. I was so frustrated, partially because I wasn't loosing much weight and partially because I had to abandon all the foods I craved. At the time I had thoughts about going for weight loss surgery like lap-banding or even plastic surgery. In retrospect both ideas seem like an overreaction.

[The Proper Diet]

I decided the best thing to do would be to talk to someone about my weight problems, so I told my mum how I felt and she was very supportive. I told her about my yo-yo diet and how I felt I needed proper help, that I couldn't do it all on my own. So we decided to go see the doctor.

[The Doctors Appointment]

For anyone who is considering seeing a doctor about your weight, I highly recommend it. It's probably the first big step I took, and I don't regret it. Seeing a doctor puts things in perspective, when a person who is trained to know everything about your body tells you it's time for a change, you take it on board. It wasn't embarrassing and the doctor was very supportive. I told him how I had been overweight my whole life, about my attempt at a diet and about how I felt I couldn't do it alone. He gave me some advice, weighed me in at 122KG and asked me what I wanted to do about it. My first question was about pills.

There are three options when it comes to pills. Appetite suppressant, Mild Appetite suppressant + metabolism booster or a fat absorber. He explained how each worked and after some discussion with my parents I decided to go with the appetite suppressant. The usual prescription for this 3 months of Duromine. He explained the side effects of the drug and how it can only be used over a short period of time. I decided I would try 1 month first and then come back.


Duromine affects everyone differently, in no way am I claiming everyone should use it. At the end of the day we are talking about a mild form of speed, it's not a safe drug, but I knew I needed something to kick start my diet. In the long run for me, I felt the side affects would be worth the weight loss in terms of my health. For me, Duromine worked perfectly. I had literally no negative side affects, no heart palpitations, no excessive sweating and no restless nights. And boy did it suppress my appetite. I nearly went a whole day without eating, not because it's a good idea, but because I completely forgot about food.

[Settling in to a good food + exercise regime]

After a while I got into a really good eating pattern, high-fiber cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and meat + veggies for dinner. Small servings with a few snacks in between on carrots or biltong (beef jerky with spices). I made it my goal to never feel full but never feel hungry. Since begining the diet I have only touched unhealthy food twice, once on my birthday (gourmet pizza for birthday dinner) and once in a moment of weakness (a chocolate bar at the movies). The main thing was making sure after those splurges I'd hop right back on the diet the next day. I made the decision I would treat myself twice a month, if I could maintain steady weight loss.

I also began exercising for the first time in years, my initial exercise was 30 minutes of slow paced walking on the treadmill each day, It hurt for a while, but after a few weeks I got used to it. I decided to exercise 6 days a week, and give myself a break on Sundays. I slowly built up to faster pace walking and finally mixed in with spurts of jogging. My goal by the end will be to jog for 30mins a day. I still will never understand the exercise junkies or the people who say exercise relieves stress. Even after a month and a half of daily exercise I find it to be somewhat of a chore, one I do none the less.

[The weight loss]

Well the part you've all been waiting for. I weigh myself everyday, although being recommended numerous times to only do it weekly, I feel this keeps me on track. I also keep a small chart of my daily weigh ins on the side of my computer, mainly because I spend heaps of time on the computer, and feel having it there keeps me motivated.

[Month One - 30mg Duromine prescription]
28th of June - 27th of July 2010

01. 122.0 KG 16. 112.9 KG
02. 119.6 KG 17. 112.8 KG
03. 118.7 KG 18. 112.3 KG
04. 117.3 KG 19. 111.7 KG
05. 117.4 KG 20. 112.7 KG
06. 116.3 KG 21. 112.0 KG
07. 115.6 KG 22. 111.6 KG
08. 115.6 KG 23. 112.4 KG
09. 115.3 KG 24. 111.0 KG
10. 115.1 KG 25. 111.0 KG
11. 114.6 KG 26. 110.6 KG
12. 113.9 KG 27. 110.6 KG
13. 113.3 KG 28. 110.9 KG
14. 113.3 KG 29. 111.1 KG
15. 113,4 KG 30. 110.6 KG

Total Weight Loss: 11.4 KG

[Month Two - Duromine 20mg prescription]
28th of July - 26th of August 2010

After one month on Duromine I returned the doctor, he weighed me in and was very pleased with my weight loss. He said faster weight loss is to be expected early on. He did some tests to see how the Duromine was affecting me, my heart rate was slightly elevated but he said it was to be expected and only a short term problem. He asked about my symptoms and then decided it was safe to proceed. He wrote me a prescription for 1 more month of Duromine but on a lower dosage, saying it will be better if I can rely on myself rather than the drugs. Initially the difference was pretty noticeable, I was more hungry than the first month, but after a week I felt back on track.

01. 109.7 KG 16.
02. 109.4 KG 17.
03. 108.8 KG 18.
04. 108.1 KG 19.
05. 108.5 KG 20.
06. 108.3 KG 21.
07. 107.9 KG 22.
08. 107.7 KG 23.
09. 107.4 KG 24.
10. 107.1 KG 25.
11. 106.9 KG 26.
12. 106.7 KG 27.
13. 106.8 KG 28.
14. 107.3 KG 29.
15. 106.7 KG 30.

So there it is, everything about my weight loss, I'll update this every week or so until I reach my target of 90Kg!

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Sgids Campaign - 32KG to lose | The saga continues

Postby Mum_of_4 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:12 pm

Goodluck in reaching your goal
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Re: Sgids Campaign - 32KG to lose | The saga continues

Postby annaham » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:17 pm

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading it :) I wish I had spoken to my doctor about weight loss, and the possibility of Duromine... I am breastfeeding now so that is of course a big no-no! But I could have been less fat for my wedding last year... oh well.

Week 1 to 10: -5.6kg

Week 11: -0.2kg
Week 12: -0.1kg
Week 13: -0.6kg
Week 14: -0.5kg
Week 15: +0.1kg
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